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Megève is a French Alpine town of 3500 inhabitants, about 2 hours from the city of Lyon, located in the department ofUpper Savoy, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, stands on a hill that separates the Arbon and Arly rivers and is nestled between the Christomet, Mont d'Arbois, Rochebrune and Jaillet mountain ranges.

With a minimum altitude of 1027 mt and a maximum of 2485 mt above sea level, it has been recognized for several decades as one of the most sought-after and popular tourist destinations among French mountain destinations.

The many restaurants with typical Savoyard cuisine and hotels for all tastes and budgets guarantee a pleasant stay for the palate and the senses.
There are facilities dedicated to sport and culture.

We organize excursions, climbing and all kinds of activities suitable for all age groups.
For thrill-seekers there are helicopter and plane tours (thanks to the small private airport) or panoramic views with paragliding.

Megève's evening is neither monotonous nor colorless at all; several places to choose from: the wine shop, the jazz club, the casino and the disco are alternative options for those who still have some energy available at the end of the day.

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Megève is also an important winter ski resort, making it an excellent destination even in summer where, thanks to the ski lifts, you can comfortably reach the top.
Not only can you enjoy its wonderful mountain landscapes but also set off on long hiking trails through the green valleys of the area.

What to do and what to see in Megève

The first thing to do whenever you arrive in a new place is to familiarize yourself with the place itself, its landscapes, the style, discover those details that make it unique in the world.
Well, one of the first activities to engage in is undoubtedly Le Way of Calvary (The Way to Calvary - built between 1840 and 1878 to emulate the Calvary in Jerusalem).
It starts from the center of Megève and climbs up to the slopes of Mont D'Arbois. The path is smooth, not too steep, which makes it suitable for people of all ages, as well as entire families. Going up, you can enjoy a splendid summer view over the upper Arly valley and Mont Blanc.
Climbing might cause some appetite… don't worry! The path consists of restaurants and shelters suitable for refreshment and rest.

Another pearl in nature not to be missed is the Javen lake (Lac de Javen).
Easily reachable by shuttle from Megève, by car, by mountain bike or after a walk of about 1 hour and a half (round trip), this wonderful site surrounded by fir trees and mountains is ideal for spending moments of total relaxation in one heavenly scenery.
Various activities for the little ones: trampoline, archery and sport fishing for trout. A magical and invigorating place, ideal to visit in the summer.

NB: Lake Javen is not suitable for swimming.

There is no shortage of sites dedicated entirely to entertainment. Among these, to be reported The Luge 4s, a new, well-maintained amusement park, adored by children. The main attraction is a descent on a summer sled equipped with efficient safety systems, ideal for spending a fun day.
The adjoining restaurant with a welcoming terrace is ideal for families.

Another very interesting place to visit in the warm months of the year is "Le Palais", A large sports complex which offers numerous activities to do with friends or family.
Un paradise for sports lovers, includes disciplines and occupations of all kinds and for all ages: from tennis to swimming, from sewing to theatre, from dancing to climbing through fitness and yoga... and much more.
An elegant restaurant is incorporated into the building; ideal for an aperitif or a full meal, with cuisine based on local products.

Even in the center of Megève you don't get bored. History lovers will certainly appreciate a visit to the "du Haut Val D'Arly" museum, museum dedicated to the history of Megève which contains the traditions, daily life and habits of the past, allowing you to take a real dip in the past.

This museum traces the life of the old days of ancient mountain farms of Haute-Savoie and the customs of those who lived there. This visit is essential during the stay in Megève, as it allows the tourist to identify, prepare his mind and have a XNUMX degree view of the historical, cultural and social context of the fascinating reality he is about to visit, so as to fully benefit from its permanence, making it a unique and unforgettable experience.

In addition to breathing pure alpine air, in Megève you can breathe "an air of tranquility and peace", there is no shortage of opportunities to meditate on the beauty of nature, as well as places for spiritual meditation,
Not far from the Musee du Haut Val D'Arly, stands the beautiful church of Saint-Jean Baptiste. There are hints of the existence of a first church building as early as 1202. The main parts of the church refer to different periods, indicating the addition or reconstruction of some of them.

A typical day in Megève would undoubtedly be busy and full of activity. Getting bored would be impossible; too many activities and places to discover. The choice of the summer season is not at all monotonous and boring, as many might be led to think, but it is lively and full of places that could not be contemplated and lived to the fullest during the winter season.

Holidays in Megève

A good holiday is essential to allow yourself the physical and above all mental rest necessary to resume daily activities with renewed energy.
Choosing where to spend your holidays is just as important as the time you spend there.

Megève is the perfect compromise between these two factors, being full of breathtaking but also relaxing activities, it is ideal for both a short weekend and a longer holiday.

The numerous hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Chalets, holiday homes and refuges represent a wide range of options for every type of tourist, who will always have welcoming and characteristic facilities available to give that pleasant extra touch to their holiday in the French Alps.

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