Mayrhofen in the summer


Excursions, alpine climbing, mountain biking, gliding on a glider, paragliding and relaxation, there are many proposals offered by Mayrhofen in Austria during the summer season.

La Tyrolean town located at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level occupies an area of ​​178,9 km² and is the third largest municipality in Tyrol.

Mayrhofen is embraced by many mountains that exceed 3 thousand meters in height, among these there are the Grosser Löffler which reaches 3.380 meters and establishes the border with the Aurina Valley in Alto Adige. The name of the Tyrolean municipality originates from an ancient bishop's house from the 1200s.

Le green valleys they guide the gaze that flies up on the top of the mountains by sliding the steep walls until you reach the glaciers of the Alps della Sillertal and the Tux Alps.

In the Alpine region to which Mayrhofen belongs there are cable cars that allow you to reach the mountain tops and uncontaminated nature, while for those who love walking trekking, Nordic walking or jogging there are many paths to follow in addition to the specially created Run & Walk Park for walks at different levels of difficulty.

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To see the Zillertal Valley without getting tired even in the company of children, a trip aboard the Dampfbummelzug train is recommended, a fantastic journey full of emotions leaving behind the stress of everyday life.

The train can also be connected to the connection in Jensbach with the normal railway leading to Innsbruck, Bregenz, Vienna or Salzburg.

Tyrol, and in particular Mayrhofen, is the ideal place for summer holidays thanks to its infinite facets. In addition to the many sporting activities, you can enrich yourself thanks to the art and culture museums, the various events, the music and the Tyrolean lifestyle.

What to do and what to see

Mayrhofen Tibetan suspension bridge

Mayrhofen offers a wide choice of things to do in the summer season. Wake up in the morning and have breakfast on the terrace surrounded by unspoiled nature with the Alps as a backdrop, just the beginning of a day that promises to be fascinating and engaging in the Tyrolean atmosphere.

The Mayrhofen Hippach region in the upper Zillertal includes the two municipalities from which it takes its name as well as Brandberg, Finkenberg, hainzenberg, Ramsau im Sillertal and Schwendau.

In this vast area they open up many trails that allow you to spend unforgettable days in the mountains and valleys.

One idea is to reach the Natural Park of the Sillertal Alps in which they are available beyond 200 km of trails perfectly maintained and divided into levels so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their fitness and age. Here you can do them relaxing walks or more demanding trekking routes up to face real climbs to the top for the most trained people. Not to be missed is the Berlin Alta Via and the 4 stages covered by the path of the eagle.

The Run & Walk Park also includes various routes including the Harakiri Hill with a dizzying ascent dedicated only to the most experienced as well as the 5 via ferratas of Mayrhofen for real climbs with different degrees of difficulty between A and E.

The Zillertal also offers a number of mountain bike itineraries which extend to over 850 km and among which you can choose your favorites according to the level of physical preparation or the taste of each cyclist. On the Penken there are cross country routes including the legendary Himmelfahrt which literally means ascent to the sky, the name already says it all.

Summer in Mayrhofen is surprisingly varied and satisfies even those who love to ski, it is indeed possible wearing skis even in summer. On the Hintertux glacier the slopes are open 365 days a year and therefore also in the summer months.

If skiing is not what you are looking for but you love to fly, then you can take a "leap into the void" with the parachute or the paragliding to soar like eagles spreading their wings in the skies above Tyrol.

The high-rope park of Mayrhofen Hippach, one of the highest areas in the area that leaves you breathless for the scenic beauty while for the little ones, children aged 6 to 12, a particularly varied and fun program has been created at the Actionclub Zillertal.

The summer days also come alive with theater shows, festivals dedicated to local gastronomy and lots of music with live concerts by local bands and groups of different genres and musical styles. Mayrhofen truly offers a wide choice of sports, recreation and relaxation activities that never cease to amaze.

Holidays in Mayrhofen

Holidays in the mountains are a real breath of fresh air, in Tyrol you can only breathe the fresh air of the mountains full of breath and fully experience the nature that is the protagonist of these wonderful places.

But this atmosphere wouldn't be complete if there weren't typical mountain huts, the refuges and chalets where hikers, mountaineers, skiers or simple mountain lovers find adequate and welcoming shelter.

A holiday in Mayrhofen can be represented by a single day, a weekend or a longer period thanks to the diversity of activities that can be carried out in these places.

The rustic style of the wooden houses, the chalets of the Tyrolean huts and the mountain slopes are so varied and different from each other in the details even if similar. Just seeing them fill the heart and soul and it is natural to breathe deeply, introducing the healthy air of the place and expelling the stress accumulated in the city and at work.

The variety of the homes reflect the diversity of their guests with only one constant: the attachment to the region which is also expressed in the use of local timber to create the structures and furnishings with a typical design. Even the fabrics that decorate the interiors represent the history, traditions and love for their land.

Spend the night at one of the huts present in the region means delving into local life by living a unique and unforgettable experience of a holiday in Tyrol.

in huts the chalets are enriched with green areas equipped with i games where children can have fun and climb in complete freedom and safety while the adults sunbathe or enjoy a drink on the deck chairs or at the table placed on the lawn among the thousand flowers that grow wild in Tyrol.

The cabins are a perfect combination of local tradition and modernity especially as regards the conveniences and comforts offered to their guests such as the Jacuzzi, the common areas and the large rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities to make their stay pleasant without giving up. to nothing.

Restaurants and clubs are equipped with menus with typical Tyrolean specialties as well as many food varieties to satisfy the tastes of young and old.

The Tyroleans are gourmets and love good food, this detail is already a guarantee of finding a well-prepared cuisine accompanied by mountain spring water, one of the most precious resources of Tyrol.

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