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Marmolada in summer (Rocca Pietore, Malga Ciapela, Sottoguda) La Marmolada, otherwise known as the Queen of the Dolomites, is a mountain group that winds along the eastern Alps, on the border between Trento and Belluno, and with the 3.343 m of altitude of the peak of Punta Penia, boasts the highest peak of all the Dolomites and a wonderful perennial glacier.

Its territory extends for over 2.208 hectares and thanks to its particular and varied natural landscape it has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is the ideal destination for all those who love mountain holidays and in particular hikingtrekking the climb, but its guided tours are also suitable for the less experienced.

What to do and what to see

The Marmolada massif is certainly famous for its winter ski routes, but also in the summer season it offers engaging and exciting experiences suitable for both sporty people and family holidays.

La Marmolada On The Top, the ultra-modern cable car equipped with every comfort, offers breathtaking views and allows you to easily reach the renowned town of Rocca Pietore, elected Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club and recognized since 2016 as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The cable car reaches 3.265 meters in height and once you reach your destination you can enjoy a wonderful view from the characteristic panoramic terrace located at the top of the path. From here it is also possible to use comfortable lifts to reach the famous perennial glacier of the Marmolada, the largest of all the Dolomites.

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In addition to the splendid panorama given by the glacier, it is possible to explore the tunnels built by the Austro-Hungarian engineers during the First World War, used as a shelter from the attacks of the Italian militia, stationed among the caves of the Crest of Serauta.

Visiting the Marmolada you can also immerse yourself in the glorious past of this locality, marked by unrepeatable historical events. In fact, during the First World War, the massif played a leading role in military strategies, as witnessed by the various walkways e via ferrata routes still existing today. For example, the Monumental area of ​​Serauta, reachable by cable car and historic fort inhabited by Italian soldiers from 1916 to 1917. These routes have been entirely redeveloped and made safe and are almost all open to visitors and comfortably walkable. Following the main street you can see all the caves used as shelters by the Italian militia during the world war and, for the most eager to know, free admission to the Marmolada Great War Museum, located at the remarkable height of 3.000 meters.

Continuing to climb you can reach the grotto of the Madonna delle Nevi, an ancient religious site whose legend tells that the building was built at the request of the Virgin Mary herself, who appeared in a dream to a Roman patrician. In the cave you can admire a splendid statue dedicated to the Madonna, consecrated in 1979 by Pope John Paul II. Near the structure you can choose to follow walkingby bike o on horseback the panoramic guided tours.

Climbing lovers will surely have heard of the famous one Silver wall of the Marmolada. It is a limestone wall that extends for 3 km and reaches 1.000 meters in height, it is in fact one of the most popular and sought-after destinations in the world of climbers. It can be reached by following different routes, all equipped with safe ropes, choosing the most suitable route based on one's experience in trekking and hiking.

The Silver Wall is only an hour away from the car park in Malga Ciapela, a fraction of Rocca Pietore and the starting point of one of the most evocative trekking routes of the entire Marmolada. At the foot of the massif extends the delightful Val Ombretta, enclosed between the south face of the Queen of the Dolomites and the Pale del Monte Fop. The path, surrounded by unspoiled nature and to be followed on foot or by mountain bike, leads to the historic one Onorio Falier all'Ombretta refuge, considered a real open-air museum due to the many historical evidences dating back to the war, as well as a primary point of reference for hikers and expert mountaineers who intend to climb over 180 vie of the Silver Wall.

Another site of historical and tourist interest is the characteristic Borgo Sottoguda, a sought-after and well-known destination for all mountain sports lovers. In fact, this hamlet of Rocca Pretore offers different types of adrenaline-pumping experiences, among which splendid routes of trekking nordic walkingvia ferratas and paths equipped for climbing. Do not miss the fascinating ones too mountain bike tour, designed to be able to surprise even the most experienced cyclists.

Holidays on the Marmolada

Choosing to organize your summer holidays on the Marmolada is a guarantee of relaxation and well-being, as well as an unmissable opportunity to spend your days immersed in the beauty of breathtaking natural landscapes and full of fun, given the wide choice of activities and sports routes. suitable for everyone, including the elderly and children. The many accommodation facilities in the area of Rocca Pietore allow you to choose between different options for both travel and accommodation.

The idea of ​​a hit and run, lasting just one weekend, is certainly the simplest solution to manage, since various facilities equipped for reception are always available at the various points and places of historical and tourist interest. Of pairsfamilies o single travelers. In fact, you can enjoy a wide choice of hotels, b & bs, farmhouses, refuges or holiday homes and book the one that best suits your needs.

By planning a one-week trip, you can instead choose whether to stop at a single structure, visiting the nearby itineraries and exploring the activities offered by the area, or whether to move every two or three days for an overnight stay. A good idea might be to explore some of the neighboring hamlets in Rocca Pietore, such as Bosco Verde - Col di RoccaSoraruPezzeRonch and the historic citadels of Carcoi Cimai Carcoi Agoin.

Those who have more time (two weeks or more) could instead inquire about the suggested tours or itineraries and organize a trip that allows you to visit neighboring places, deciding in advance what to see and which activities to try, passing from stage to stage.

Among the hamlets in the northern area of ​​Rocca Pietore there are the municipalities of Children'sLaste above Bottom plates, whose characteristic is being immersed in nature, surrounded by pristine meadows and woods. In particular, a Saviner of Laste (only one kilometer away from Rocca Pietore) it is still possible to admire the ruins of the courthouse El Banque de la Reson and visit the feature source of sulphurous water.

Moving slightly southwards, another point of interest is the municipality of Masare, as a starting point for pleasant excursions, suitable for all ages, near the renowned Alleghe Lake and Masarè waterfalls.

For each type of trip, however, you can be sure that there will be no dead days or days without the possibility of trying different types of experiences. Fans of trekkingmountain bike e climbing they will certainly appreciate the vast choice of activities and paths, diversified on the basis of the difficulties they present and the experience necessary to face them.

Families and all those who simply intend to relax while enjoying the sublime views of the Dolomites, can instead be sure to find, at the suggested locations, facilities equipped with every comfort and organize your days between fascinating walks in nature, visit splendid natural parks, fairy-tale villages and take riding lessons, without forgetting to savor the local culinary delights by booking guided gastronomic tours or exploring the most characteristic places on your own.

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