Macugnaga in summer


Macugnana is a locality made up of a few hamlets, of which Staffa is the most important, located in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola at the foot of the eastern slope of Monte Rosa.

Its territory is inserted in an alpine territory that starts from the 946 meters up to the 4618 of the Cima Grenzgipfel between the Val Anzasca and the Val d'Ossola, in Piemonte.

It turns out to be, due to its territorial and landscape characteristics, an ideal destination for a stay both in summer and in winter, having the opportunity to offer tourists many places of interest.

What to do and what to see in Macugnaga

In summer, the main attraction is represented by the possibility of trekking and climbing at various levels. In fact there are routes of various difficulties capable of satisfying both the tourist in search of relaxing walks that wind through green pastures and alpine lakes, as for the expert sportsman looking for challenging mountaineering routes.

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The presence of some ski lifts allows everyone to reach high altitudes from where they can enjoy a spectacular landscape.

Even two-wheel enthusiasts can find in Macugnaga what is right for them thanks to stupendous itineraries to be covered by bike or interesting uphill routes specially addressed to mountain bike lovers.

Sport is well present in this locality, which expands the opportunities for those who want to try their hand at paragliding or hang gliding to live an experience full of adrenaline and enjoy a priceless view from above.

It is also possible to practice mountaineering and free climbing courses at all levels and to go canyoning which allows you to explore the mountain.

During the summer, Macugnaga transforms into an ideal location that hosts cultural events such as shows, concerts, food and wine appointments such as the historic San Bernardo craft fair which has always taken place on the first Sunday of July.

This destination is not without cultural interests which can be represented by some interesting visits such as the one to Walser Borca Museum, which summarizes the lifestyle of the Walser ethnic group, who arrived in Macugnaga from Switzerland crossing the Alps.

Stimulating is also the Mountain and Smuggling Museum, where historical testimonies on mountaineers are collected such as the rudimentary skis and boots used in the past, the origin of the paths created by the bravest Alpine troops and information dating back to the era of rice smuggling that was transported from Italy to nearby Switzerland.

Do not miss the Guia Gold Mine, which tells the story and the steps of the nugget seekers who sought their fortune at this latitude.

Surely the village of Pecetto will also arouse curiosity, where Walser traditions are jealously guarded, as well as offering peaceful excursions in the midst of nature and, for lovers of good food, the local gnocchi with Edelweiss as well as other specialties of the local cuisine that relies only on genuine flavors and an absolute respect for Walser traditions always present.

Holidays in Macugnana

We have already noted that Macugnaga during the summer is a place where you can walk or go on excursions at high altitudes, they are a reason of interest for all nature lovers who, obviously, must not miss a visit to the famous Lake of the Fairies, reachable from Isella with a walk of about an hour to admire emerald water and a fairytale vision.

A curious story has it that some dwarfs made an agreement with a fairy to whom they gave the jams they made with the berries picked in the area in exchange for the gold they dug in a nearby mine.

Also worth visiting is the Belvedere, a spectacular one glacier reachable through some paths of different characteristics such as the 3 ½ hour one that leads to the Capanna Eugenio Sella, with a difference in height of over one thousand meters for expert hikers; the one with destination Capanna Marinelli always lasting 3 ½ hours of walking with a difference in altitude of over one thousand one hundred metres; or even the one for Bivacco Belloni, which takes 2 ½ hours of walking with a difference in altitude of about six hundred meters, also intended for experts.

Alternatives or other routes with which to implement the holidays are that of the Monte Rosa nature trail (about three hours); that of Rifugio Zamboni (two hours).

Why choose Macugnaga

Macugnaga's strengths are tranquillity, cost and authenticity. Macugnaga is not a very famous destination and it is not yet a mass tourism destination, this offers the possibility of spending an affordable holiday within everyone's reach. Of course you can't expect to find unbridled luxury or trendy clubs, but perhaps for this very reason, there is still the possibility of enjoying alpine authenticity here.

The landscapes offered by this Macugnaga are unique because you find yourself in direct contact with Monte Rosa and once at the top, magnificent panoramas open up to your eyes. It is therefore a recommended destination for mountain purists looking for challenging itineraries or for those who want to experience a peaceful holiday in a real alpine village.

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