Livigno in the summer


Livigno it is one of the best known tourist resorts in the Alps and with a particular charm both in the winter and in the summer months. A real paradise for those who love the mountains in every aspect.

Located in the heart of the Alps, between Italy and Switzerland, Livigno has been renamed: little Tibet. This name is due to its geographical position and the morphological characteristics that distinguish it. Situated on a vast plateau at an altitude of 1800 meters, the city is surrounded by incredible peaks that can reach over 3.000 meters. A vast environmental extension in the high mountains where the center is permanently inhabited and is the highest in Europe taking into account the hamlets that belong to Livigno, for example Trepalle reaches an altitude of 2.260 meters.

The city has about 5.000 inhabitants and has an elongated shape that extends over the valley floor of the Spol stream, a tributary of the Inn and therefore of the Danube.

The area presents spectacular landscapes which during the summer season offers many possibilities for recreation with sports and recreational activities such as trips, excursions, climbing in what appears to be one of the largest protected areas in Europe.

In fact, Livigno is located at the point where the Stelvio National Park and the Swiss National Park meet. A huge one nature reserve rich in flora and fauna including the marmot, the ibex, the deer, the chamois, the golden eagle.

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A place where nature shows itself in its maximum expression.

What to do and what to see in Livigno

Livigno is among the most famous Italian municipalities among those located at high altitude. Second only to Sestriere as a place permanently inhabited at this altitude, the municipality of Livigno also boasts the largest extension in Lombardy and is the center with the greatest number of inhabitants among the 27 Italian municipalities located at an altitude higher than 1.500 meters above sea level.

A duty free area, the municipality is included in the Alta Valtellina mountain community and is known as one of the most prestigious winter and summer tourist destinations.

Sports, recreational and cultural activities in Livigno are many and varied. The center is full of shops of all kinds to the point of being defined as a high-altitude shopping paradise. The harsh territory in which Livigno is located has allowed it since 1500 to obtain concessions that last over time. Shopping in Livigno has become a real fashion also thanks to competitive prices, especially for alcohol, tobacco, clothing and everything related to Hi-Tech.

The shops are characteristic and distributed in the main street of Livigno, particularly interesting are the handicraft products made of wood.

Il Mus Museum of Livigno and Trepalle tells the history of the place through ancient objects and tools jealously preserved in the rooms of the structure.

In the city it is also worth visiting the Dairy which is a real active dairy which also contains a museum and a diorama of the local fauna. The latter can also be observed directly crossing the Stelvio National Park where ermines, eagles and ibex live in harmony.

One thing is certain: in Livigno it is not possible to get bored. Sports enthusiasts can choose from a wide variety of disciplines such as cycling, trekking, climbing or among the various water sports that can be practiced in the area.

The entire dominated valley is available for the more active people but also for those looking for a place to relax and enjoy sun and nature. The Livigno Valley is dominated by the imposing glaciers of Bernina and Ortles, finding solitary and suggestive corners is not at all difficult for mountain lovers who can only fall in love with this magical place.

Even the most revelers can find a lively social life at high altitude that offers great shopping and entertainment possibilities at any time of day or night.

In Livigno there is room for everyone, i biker they love to run around on the marked trails that transport mountain bike enthusiasts to the heart of the Alps, in a real full immersion in nature to discover every corner of Little Tibet.

A high-altitude journey within everyone's reach and offering breathtaking landscapes, is the panoramic XC trail. This track can also be traveled by those who do not have a particularly accentuated training. Its length is 28 kilometers and who can have one duration from 3 to 4 hours.

On board the bike you cross the Livigno Valley with a continuous alternation of ups and downs, changes of speed and perspective in a panoramic super-flow trail. The landscape value found along the way is matched only by the fun and satisfaction you get during this two-wheeled adventure.

More adrenaline? For this there is the Mottolino Bikepark where you are well 12 different trails served by the cable car. The right place to get to the heart of the emotions with freeride.

The routes are divided into different difficulty levels and there are also suitable routes for beginners. Thanks to the cable car you can reach 2.400 meters to jump into exciting descents on paths with parabolic, drop and table jumps to then cross walkways and wall rides to finish at the end of the race with a maxi inflatable air bag.

Even those who have no experience but want to approach this discipline can find simple tracks in Livigno that can be used by mountain bike enthusiasts such as the new flow trails, paths that have small bumps and leaps as well as a series of curves that can be useful for beginners to learn the technique but also for the more experienced who want to train on the track.

Walking in Livigno is something else entirely. For those who want to experience nature in a peaceful way without getting too tired there are trails such as the Crap de la Parè a natural terrace located at 2.400 meters high.

Very suggestive and panoramic place from which the view opens onto the Livigno Valley and the adjacent plains. There are also more challenging routes that cross the Val Viera walking among the mountain pines or you can choose the path that climbs to the summit of Mount Breva at 3.015 meters above sea level and marks the natural border between Switzerland and Italy.

An invigorating walk immersed in nature can be done by following the Life Path in Val Federia and it was specially created for jumping, running and having fun by training the muscles.

As for relaxation, the lake offers suggestive landscapes to get rid of everyday stress. Here you can play water sports for everyone or you can choose to spend a few hours aboard a canoe or a rowboat to enjoy the sun seasoned with the crisp air of Livigno.

Other sports to enjoy in complete freedom in this surreal place are Nordic walking but also bird watching and photographic safaris hunting for local wild animals to immortalize. Climbing, via ferratas and all mountain sports are possible as well as paragliding, parachuting, gliding and much more, Livigno offers infinite possibilities for every type of tourist.

Holidays in Livigno

Choosing Livigno as a destination for a holiday or a simple weekend is a sure success, both for the scenic beauty and for the wealth of activities that can be carried out in this place.
Le hotel facilities are extremely welcoming and modern, equipped with all the necessary comforts to ensure a pleasant and unforgettable stay for guests.

You can decide to stay in one of the hotels in the valley or a Bed and Breakfast, but you can also decide to stay overnight in one of the campgrounds present in the area or choose a more comfortable solution especially for families with children such as renting an apartment complete with everything.

Restaurants and clubs are numerous and of various kinds in Livigno, satisfying the tastes of every visitor.

The gastronomic holidays in Livigno find ample space in the menus rich in typical specialties such as game and mushrooms, as well as participate in one of the gourmet evenings that are organized in summer and which see the high-level chefs put to the test with unusual but always culinary combinations. tasty.

In addition, the municipality has a rich program of events and entertainment for both adults and children.

It is advisable to purchase the Livigno Card Summer which allows access at a discounted price and various concessions to the ski lifts, public transport, the municipal swimming pool as well as all the various local initiatives.

You can also rent various kinds of sports equipment including bicycles, canoes, kayaks and everything you need for fishing in the appropriate structures.

Livigno summer holidays

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