Leukerbad in summer


leukerbad is located in Leuk district and represents one of the largest and most important spas not only from Switzerland but from all over Europe.

However, Leukerbad is not only a renowned spa resort, but also a starting point for exploring the surrounding area, including lakes, mountain passes and gorges dug by the Dala river.

Mountain Spa in Leukerbad

Leukerbad is a municipality located in 1400m high, in the heart of the Canton of Valais and the Dala Valley, just 15 km from Leuk: it is surrounded by dense woods and from the monumental 900 m high rock face of the Gemmi, from which the paths lead straight to the Gemmi pass or to the Torrenthorn wooded area.

The main reason for planning a summer holiday in Leukerbad is to enjoy the beneficial thermal waters that have interested the area since time immemorial: in Leukerbad tourists are lucky enough to pamper themselves with treatments worthy of the best SPA in the world, surrounded by verdant landscapes that are nothing short of enchanting.

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The first time the springs of Leukerbad are mentioned dates back to 1315, while the first spa buildings were built two centuries later, in 1556: this development, also from an architectural point of view, also brought many famous figures from the international scene to Leukerbad , from Winston Churchill to Goethe, who visits the spa town in 1779.

Le thermal springs in Leukerbad are about 65 and the most important are the Saint Laurent spring which gushes out at one temperature of almost 51°, the Heilbad, the Fussbad, the Blisch, the Regina and the Bristol spring. They all spring from the Torrenthorn mountain region and supply Leukerbad with a monstrous water flow of 4 million liters per day.

There are many thermal centers in Leukerbad, not counting those present within the hotels that populate the area and simple wellness centres.

Le Leukerbad thermal baths they exploit springs that have a temperature between 28° and 43°: these are gaseous waters very rich in minerals such as sodium, sulphate, calcium and iron, which also give them a vaguely reddish colour.

I benefits of these thermal waters they have a positive effect on the rheumatic and bone system, with also laxative, diuretic and relaxing effects for the body and mind. The waters are conveyed into tanks and used to make mineral water cures, treatments, massages and pleasant jet showers available to guests.

There are also the Sportarena, a swimming pool where children can have fun on 100 m long slides. and refreshment points where you can taste some typical dishes while enjoying the panorama of Leukerbad.

Equally satisfactory are the facilities Burgerbad,  Lindner Alpentherme Walliser Alpentherme & SPA Leukerbad, slightly smaller but very elegant: here it is possible to participate in a Roman-Irish bath and enjoy the Valaisan Village of Saunas complete with chalets transformed into saunas and tubs arranged in fountains and in ancient mills.

At Walliser Alpentherme & SPA Leukerbad it is also possible to participate in themed evenings with guests enjoying the Leukerbad spa treatments dressed in the togas of the ancient Romans.

In addition to thermal springs, Leukerbad is a village pleasant to visit, even just for a relaxing walk through the streets of this town of Roman origin: the houses are made of wood and have slate roofs, while the streets are paved, increasing the rustic atmosphere of Leukerbad, then embellished by the profile of the mountains of the Valle della Dala.

25 km from Leukerbad then rises the small town of Sierre, literally surrounded by vineyards and located right between Lower and Upper Valais. The Romans considered Sierre “the city of 100 hills” and even today, on the hills surrounding the village, there are still the remains of farmhouses, villages, castles and fortresses.

Walking through the historic center of Sierre you will come across buildings such as the elegant Town Hall, the XNUMXth century Church of Saint Catherine in Rue du Bourg and then the XNUMXth century Château des Vidomnes, of which an imposing tower stands out. We also recommend a visit to the Valais Museum of Vineyards and Wine, made up of two buildings connected to each other by a picturesque wine path.

What to do and what to see

Gorges of the Dala

Leukerbad is surrounded by lush countryside and criss-crossed by numerous paths, one of which leads to Gorges of the Dala. In this case the route starts from the center of Leukerbad and reaches the heart of this natural wonder, which can be visited through a steel walkway about 600 m long: tourists therefore find themselves walking over the Dala stream, between high rocky walls with reddish hues, to reveal the presence of thermal springs rich in iron exploited in the locality of Leukerbad.

Going through a suspension bridge at 21 m. of height leads to still cross the entire gorge until you reach the presence of a thunderous waterfall which flows from 35 m. of height. Leaving the bridge, via two steel ladders, you can climb to the upper part of the waterfall, then continuing on paths that wind through the heart of the woods, to then return to the village.

Gemmi pass

with gems

Alternatively you can reach the Gemmi-Bahnen cable car, thanks to which we arrive at the historical Gemmi pass, which connects Kanderstag and Leukerbad: the path, once you get off the cabin, leads to viewing platform literally suspended in the void at 250 m. high, with a magnificent view of Monte Rosa, the underlying town of Leukerbad, the Matterhorn and the Weisshorn.

The more trained and experienced can venture onto the via ferratas and reach the Gemmi Lodge restaurant located at 2350 m. of height.

If you wish, you can reach the Gemmi Pass on foot, without using the cable car: the path is in any case excellently traced and offers a unique view of Lake Dauben. If you wish, you can also go as far as Sunnbühl, and then return to Kunderstag by cable car.

Lake Dauben

Another recommended excursion to do is the one to Lake Dauben, site at 2200 metres. of height. The starting point is the Gemmi Lodge and is 7 km long. The lake, among the highest in Switzerland and in Europe in general, it is fed by the waters of the glaciers and those deriving from the melting of the snow.

It is clear that summer is the best time to visit Lake Dauben. Then during the same season hikers can attend and perhaps participate in the Feast of Shepherds, during which the shores of the lake are populated by sheep, thus celebrating the friendship between the canton of Valais and the Bernese Oberland.

A cable car takes you back to the Passo della Gemmi and then again to Leukerbad.

Albinen scales

[For experienced hikers] Another place that can be reached in just 20 minutes from Leukerbad is the Albinen scales: the path basically retraces the oldest via ferrata in the Alps and of Switzerland, representing the old connection route used until 1781 by the merchants who moved from the village of Albinen and Leukerbad.

There are 8 wooden stairs, well anchored to the rock, which you meet along the path, which also sees the presence of exposed traits and others literally plunged into the forest undergrowth.

In this way you arrive at the top of the cliff, from which you can also reach the Torrent mountain peak with the Flaschen cable car. To return to Leukerbad you can use the cable car, the mountain bike or the monster-trottinette, a sort of scooter equipped with large tyres.

Street of the Romans

It's definitely easier Street of the Romans, which begins behind the sports center: the path leads to the village of Birchen and then to Bodmen, where the beautiful Bodmen Zen chapel stands.

The more experienced can instead venture onto the exciting track of the old railway station of Leukerbad, which leads along the Leuk river: along the way you find yourself reaching the Russengraben stop and then Inden, until you cross, like a last-minute Indiana Jones, a dark tunnel with the help of a lamp. He proceeds towards the village of St. Barbara, and then descends towards Leuk crossing a metal bridge.

Sunrise from the Peak

Among the things to do absolutely in Leukerbad is to see the sunrise from a height of 3000 m.: this is probably the experience that will make a summer holiday in Leukerbad truly one to remember.

You take a cable car to get to the Rinderhütte at 2350 m. in height, then proceeding on foot other than the Torrenthorn. We set off very late at night, in order to wait for dawn at the summit, enjoying the sun's rays that caress the Rhone Valley and the Valais Alps in a remote and rarefied atmosphere.

Holidays in Leukerbad

Leukerbad is the perfect place to spend a wellness holidays full of experiences to do: in fact, here the days are necessarily spent inside the spas, taking advantage of every possible treatment to relax and enjoy the psycho-physical benefits of spring waters.

However, the fact remains that you cannot also dedicate your days to exploring the surrounding area, including walks and excursions around the Valle della Dala.

Relaxing at the table in the restaurants of Leukerbad or in the mountain huts at high altitudes: in this regard, it is a must to taste delicacies such as dried meat from the Valais, Raclette, cholera, saffron from Mund and rye bread, washed down with cornaline wine, pear brandy or apricot Abricotine.

With regard to accommodation, the offer in Leukerbad is very wide, in the light of its tourist vocation: the hotels in the town meet all needs, from the most luxurious to the cheapest ones.

In any case, most of the facilities present have small spas. However, those who prefer to stay in quieter areas will have many solutions at their disposal, given for example the presence of a hotel restaurant a stone's throw from the Gemmi Pass or at the top of the Torrent mountain peak.

Summer holidays Leukerbad

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