The 5 most beautiful waterfalls in South Tyrol to visit in the summer

The 5 most beautiful waterfalls in South Tyrol to visit in the summer

South Tyrol is one of the main destinations to consider for those who love mountain waterfalls, the numerous streams combined with important differences in height generate numerous natural waterfalls of great charm.

Many of the Alto Adige waterfalls are located in the heart of the woods and natural parks, often to reach them you have to reach them with more or less demanding hikes, this makes the destination even more fascinating.

Riva waterfalls

The Riva waterfalls are also known in Italian by the name of Cascate di Campo Tures, as they are located near the homonymous locality. In Germany they have two names: Reinbachfälle or Reinbach-Wasserfälle and are located in the heart of Sudtirol.

These waterfalls can be found very simply, as they rise directly at the beginning of the Riva Valley, near the Garber farm. The whole waterfall is divided into 3 parts: the medium waterfall, the low one and the high waterfall.

Each of these parts includes its own specifics and is beautiful to look at in its own right. The useful path to reach the Riva waterfalls begins at an altitude of 864 meters above sea level and in turn hosts a large range of unique places of their kind. Near the Riva waterfalls you can also find many other particular paths, such as the Via Crucis dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. Also in the area you can also admire several sculptures carved in wood, all in reference to the patron saint of animals. The Riva waterfalls were formed thanks to the water coming from the special stream, called Riva (in German Reibach). This torrent has the particularity of swelling in the periods of the year when the Reis glacier thaws.

The beauty of all the Riva waterfalls is subjective, but according to the opinion of many visitors, the most beautiful is the high waterfall. The latter has a drop of 42 meters and is one of the largest waterfalls in the area. In its vicinity you can also find one of the figures that refer to the Canticle of the Creatures.

The Stanghe waterfalls

The Stanghe waterfalls are certainly among the most famous in the whole area. Beautiful, tall, lively… They allow travelers to take a dip in a history that is as distant as it is particular. Nowadays the Stanghe waterfalls can be considered to all intents and purposes the symbol of the Rio Racines (near Vipiteno).

Reaching the Stanghe waterfalls to be able to admire them in all their beauty can be considered a real adventure. You have to walk up incredibly steep stairs and narrow bridges. In the end, however, you are rewarded with a noteworthy natural wonder. All around you can see the white marble, which adds to the green shades of the water.

The Stanghe waterfalls are not only very high, but can in effect be considered among the most beautiful in Italy and Europe. Admiring them all, then, is a real spectacle: the wild waters of the Racines stream are able to literally enchant anyone.

The atmosphere that can be perceived around is one of the unique, suggestive ones. In addition to understanding the antiquity that reigns in the places near the Stanghe waterfalls, it is also worth paying attention to the nearby gorges.

You feel the magic of the place, that factor that from year to year pushes more and more people to visit the Stanghe waterfalls. It is advisable to come here only with a good reserve of time, so that you can admire everything at your leisure.

After all, the adventure is one for the whole family, but to fully enjoy the charm of the Stanghe waterfalls you have to make this journey with calm and tranquility.

Pisciadù waterfalls

Speaking of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sudtirol, one cannot certainly forget the famous Pisciadù waterfalls located in Alta Badia, descend from the slopes of the Sella group at 3000 meters.

Over time they have become somewhat of the symbol of the area and are visited mainly because of the beauty of the surrounding environment. Although they are not extremely spectacular or very large waterfalls, they still manage to offer the possibility of admiring a breathtaking view.

You can get to the area to see the beauties of these waterfalls in various ways, but it is advisable to take the path from Colfosco. In less than 1 hour you can see many places of incomparable beauty, all of which rise in the immediate vicinity of the Pisciadù waterfalls.

Parcines waterfall

Partschinser Wasserfall waterfall (known in German as Partschinser Wasserfall). As you can guess, this waterfall takes its name from the locality of the same name, Parcines. It is also known for being one of the highest waterfalls in the area (98 meters).

Rising near the city of Merano, the Parcines waterfall is distinguished by a magnificent panorama that highlights its beauty. Without forgetting the majestic Tessa peak that surmounts the whole territory a few kilometers away. In addition, the Parcines waterfall is also characterized by one of the largest nature parks in South Tyrol.

We are talking about the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park. There are numerous hiking trails near the waterfall in question. It is no coincidence that they come here not only to admire all the beauties of the waterfall in question, but also to treat themselves to the pleasure of a calm and silent walk in the midst of the surrounding nature. The park with the waterfall does not take up too much space and at the same time offers all visitors the opportunity to admire a primeval and wild nature.

Barbiano waterfalls

Finally, the Barbiano waterfalls (called Barbianer Wasserfälle in German) stand out: a series of waterfalls located just above the village of Barbiano. The Barbiano waterfalls they originate from Rio Ganda (also known as Ganderbach), at an altitude of more than 2000 meters.

The Barbiano waterfalls complex consists of over 3 waterfalls that fall from a rock step from the height of 200 meters. The whole territory is formed purely by rock, more precisely quartz porphyry, formed more than 300 million years ago.

The upper waterfall is located at 1215 meters above sea level and has a drop of over 45 meters. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area due to the visual impression it provides. Added to this is the intermediate waterfall, which includes a wide range of intermediate falls. They are not as tall as the upper waterfall, but they still have immense appeal.

Finally, the lower waterfall, the highest, stands out: it has a jump of over 85 meters and can be easily reached from Barbiano. It is one of the best known and most popular waterfalls of all.

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