The 5 most beautiful waterfalls of the Apennines to visit in summer

The 5 most beautiful waterfalls of the Apennines to visit in summer

The Apennines are rich in sites of tourist interest, both from a cultural and environmental point of view, there are many and beautiful waterfalls, among the most spectacular phenomena existing in nature, which crowd and coexist in harmony with the luxuriant vegetation of these places and these mountains.

There are many sites to discover suitable for everyone and all ages. Here are the 5 most beautiful waterfalls of the Apennines to visit in summer.

Dardagna waterfall in Emilia Romagna

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The Corno alle Scale Regional Park, located on the border of Emilia Romagna with Tuscany, houses the beautiful Dardagna waterfalls; to keep them splendid company there is also the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Acero, the ideal point for all lovers of trekking, to set out to discover the waterfalls.

We are inUpper Bolognese Apennines and the waterfalls take their name from the stream that flows below the mountain of Corno alle Scale. By car, to get to the park you need to take the Porrettana state road from Bologna which allows you to reach the Sanctuary in about an hour and a half.

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Once you reach the waterfalls, the scenery that opens up before your eyes is nothing short of exciting: the Dardagna waterfalls flow between sandstone stones and thick wooded vegetation, recreating a truly fairytale setting.

The waterfalls they are made up of 7 jumps (a sort of huge "puddles" are formed between them, known by the locals as the "potholes of the giants“) And overall the difference in height is 200 meters, with the structure of the falls that is stepped. Even the little Indiana Joneses will not wait to walk the path of the seven waterfalls that starts from the locality of Madonna dell'Acero, a few kilometers away from the town of Lizzano in Belvedere. The route is in fact also suitable for families with children in tow.

In addition to the waterfalls, a must is the sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Acero where it is possible to see the very old maple (it has several centuries on its branches). From here, going down to the valley, you reach the great difference in height on which the Dardagna Falls descend.

Sasso waterfall in the Marche region

In the province of Pesaro-Urbino, a few km away from the village of Sant'Angelo in Vado, is the Sasso waterfall, originated from the waters of Metauro River; for this reason it is also known by the name of Balza del Metauro.

Once here, the panorama that opens up captures the attention of any adventurer: on the left bank there is an ancient mill embraced by poplar and willow trees, which only increases the beauty of the place.

To keep the children and their parents company there are the beautiful poplar and willow woods and many cute animals such as river crabs, green frogs and various molluscs.

Marmore waterfall in Umbria

It is among the highest and most famous waterfalls not only in the Apennines but in all of Europe. Thanks to its jump of 165 meters. Summer is the best time to plan a trip to the Marmore Falls, because access is also allowed at night and it is on this occasion that the magic lights up: by means of an evocative super LED lighting system at the avant-garde, a real show comes to life with light details that highlight the descent motion of the water current.

Located within the Parco del Fiume Nera, the Marmore waterfall is located near Terni, in Umbria and in its long history it has been one of the destinations of the Grand Tour visited by intellectuals and artists from all over: one of them Lord Byron, even if well before him, among others, he captured the attention of Virgil and Cicero. Arriving here also means having the opportunity to undertake fantastic excursions immersed in the surrounding nature. The waterfall is of an artificial nature and was built on the orders of the Roman consul Manio Curio Dentato in 271 BC, to reclaim what was once a marshy area. The appearance it has today derives from renovations that took place in the following centuries up to the Renaissance. The peculiarity of this waterfall is that it is not only the treasure of a beautiful Natural Park but also a source of hydroelectric energy that has been used for over 50 years by the iron and steel industries of the province of Terni. The Marmore waterfall is fed by the Velino river and when the complete release of its waters occurs it is not uncommon to come across a wonderful rainbow, especially if the days are quite sunny.

In the park, there are 2 different itineraries that lead to the immigration of the jumps of the waterfall: one is the Lower Belvedere, the other the Upper Belvedere. If you are looking for an observation point that allows you to enjoy the view of the waterfall in its entirety then the right observation point is the Lower Belvedere, if instead you want to enjoy an amazing view of the first jump of the Marmore Falls, then the Upper Belvedere is ideal; in any case the 2 observation points are connected by a splendid panoramic path and in any case in the Park you can venture along other 6 itineraries all perfectly marked that allow not only to discover landscape views of rare beauty but also the waterfall from different perspectives. Near the waterfall you can also see the remains of ancient hydraulic works as well as very well preserved industrial archeology.

For lovers of outdoor activities, the Marmore Falls offers the opportunity to literally "throw yourself" into water sports of all levels, from the softer ones open to the whole family to the more extreme ones for true daredevils: Rafting and soft rafting, canyoning and hydrospeed, kayaking or super relaxing river walking, basically a descent that takes place under the guidance of experts and can also be practiced by those who are unable to swim.
With the children you can then set off to discover the caves that crowd the subsoil of the Parco della Cascata delle Marmore: formed by the erosion of karst rocks over the millennia, they are accessible to everyone.

Rio Verde waterfalls in Abruzzo

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To reach these natural waterfalls, which are located in a vast canyon immersed in a protected area rich in extraordinary and wild vegetation, you need to arrive in the municipality of Borrello, in the province of Chieti.

Characterized by one of the most noteworthy height of the Apennine chain (3 jumps that measure a total of 200 meters in height), the Rio Verde waterfalls show themselves in their majesty throughout the year and although the flow of water is different every season, the beauty of the scenery is not affected in any way.

In summer, the show is not to be missed and the path leading to the falls is easily accessible even for families with children.

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