Lake Welsperg

Lake Welsperg

Il Welsperg lake, nestled in the splendid Val Canali, in eastern Trentino, is a particularly suggestive valley of Dolomite origin.

located 1030 meters high and a few kilometers away, today Lake Welsperg can be reached and visited by anyone who loves to immerse themselves in greenery and enjoy a walk or a holiday in the mountains, including excursions, walks and relaxation.

Perfect both in summer and in autumn, Lake Welsperg is one of the places to see absolutely if you pass through Trentino.

How to Get There:

Lake Welsperg was created artificially in the early 30s by the homonymous family from which it takes its name, as a basin in which to breed fish.

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The lake is currently the symbol of Val Canali, as well as one of the most popular tourist resorts for hikers in search of summer adventure or families and couples waiting for a bit of relaxation.

Reaching Lake Welsperg is very simple, in fact starting from Castel Pietra, which overlooks the erratic boulder at the gates of Val Canali, just follow the indications and head towards the innermost part of the valley and the lake will be visible immediately.

Compared to the surrounding valley, the slope of Lake Welsperg is less steep, which contributes to further stagnation of the water. This is why you can admire a network of rivers that winds around the entire valley, which give the lake that postcard-like appearance that fascinates tourists.

Get inspired

The lake is surrounded by dense vegetation and is also home to many animal species. Among rushes, marsh thistles, orchids and trees of all kinds, Lake Welsperg is a natural observatory for botany lovers and for those in search of direct contact with nature.

The lake is located in the heart of Val Canali, and is surrounded by many beautiful mountain landscapes, particularly cool in summer and easily accessible. On the waters of Welsperg the woods and peaks of the Pale di San Martino are also reflected.

The charming mountain village of Primiero Fair it is located a few kilometers from the lake, it can be reached on foot, by bike or by shuttle and by car, it is one of the places to see absolutely when passing through Trentino.

The lake is also surrounded by the Cimerlo, whose peaks are reflected on the southernmost slope, and it is close to Sass Maor and Cime Canali, which at dawn and dusk offer unmissable plays of light.

What to do

The lake, whose maximum depth is almost three meters, is a living habitat rich in plants and animals, therefore both bathing and fishing are permitted on its banks, provided it is done in safety and in compliance with the rules.

The lake is surrounded by a circular path, practicable both on foot and by bike, which is part of the Tonadico-Cimerio itinerary. The path is suitable for everyone, both first-time adventurers and experienced hikers or families, and the walk takes about 20-25 minutes and leads to seeing every single perspective of the lake.

Leaving the western shore of Lake Welsperg behind, a small dam will be visible from which you can choose how to continue the excursion. From the Tonadico-Cimerio path, in fact, it is possible to reach various interesting locations, such as Villa Welsperg, Castel Pietra, the path of the Muse Fedaie or Fiera di Primiero.

The dense vegetation and the many surrounding landscapes make Lake Welsperg the perfect place to reach for couples and families wishing to spend their summer holidays in the fresh air, or for those looking for a suggestive and peaceful destination, also suitable for short and relaxing days.

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