Lake Weissensee

Lake Weissensee

Lake Weissensee is located in the Austrian region of Carinthia and can be visited at any time of the year, especially during the summer season. There really is a lot to know about a place featuring a pure nature.

Lake Weissensee is nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps and offers landscapes of all kinds. Right away, you can notice the beauty of a body of water with variegated colors.

The area can be explored by electric bicycle, mountain bike or simply on foot. The carriage is also a useful means of transport in these parts, without forgetting possible crossings by boat or canoe. Each choice can prove to be right for a visitor who intends to live a very different experience from the routine.

Taking a look at the geographical aspect, Lake Weissensee is located in the central area of ​​the area ofAlpe-Adria.

It is found at 930 meters of altitude is appreciated for its extremely clean waters, considered the clearest in all of Austria. It is no coincidence that 22 species of fish reside inside the lake without any risk of extinction. The golden rays of the sun help to improve the atmosphere, guaranteeing it the right lightness to spend some moments of relaxation.

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Bathing lake

The contrast between sun and water makes the area propitious to visit and experience during the summer season. The naturalistic scenario includes a bathing lake, whose waters are often compared to those of the Caribbean islands.

The territory that constellates the body of water is immersed in a large area nature reserve, thanks to which the area is still today surrounded by unspoiled nature.

Since 2006, the area has become a Natural Park thanks to the contribution of local citizens, ready to safeguard its environmental integrity. Flora and fauna are luxuriant and accompany pure and crystalline waters, finding fertile ground within them.

At the same time, Weissensee is an Alpine destination dedicated to sustainable mobility. Visitors have the opportunity to reach the place by train and public transport, minimizing the environmental impact. From zero-emission boats to scooters, obviously passing through electric bikes, there is no shortage of opportunities to live an experience in the name of maximum ecology.

The natural lake offers water with a temperature of around 22 degrees, thanks to which it is one of the warmest Alpine basins in the absolute sense.

What to do

A raft trip can allow you to discover the best of the local gastronomic dishes, as well as admire a landscape to be contemplated in complete serenity. There are all the ingredients to spend moments together with your loved ones.

A trip like this can be experienced in an almost totally silent way, perhaps tasting the fresh fish caught directly inside the lake. Each dish can be paired with fruity wines, in order to create culinary combinations that appeal to a transversal audience.

Near Lake Weissensee, there is a lot to see. Firstly, it is possible to undertake an excursion along the panoramic trail, starting from Neusach and arriving up to the Dolomitenblick.

It is a path with a length of approx 12 kilometers, to be experienced all in one go for those with passion and physical preparation. Then, after stopping at the bars and restaurants located in the area, you can take a small rowing boat and explore the area, with the white clouds serving as a good reflection on the water.

So, just move a little from the lake to get to know the Naggleral Alm, where you can taste the local kasnudel. Don't miss the either town center of Techendorf, an authentic example of how much the mountain is able to maintain its original essence.

Il Kohlroshutte refuge allows you to reach the Naggler Alm area with the help of a chair lift, and then walk through the woods to the Hinterm Brunn Alm. Wherever you choose to go, the panorama offers various points of interest and knows how to inspire tourists.

A nice boat ride allows you to take a quick cruise on the lake, or perhaps stop when you want to continue on foot.

At the same time, the lake offers many experiences in bicycle, with the prospect of reaching even the narrowest and most distant points and knowing the Bodenalm Alm. Among other things, here it is possible to taste a typical local cheese much appreciated by the citizens.

There are 13 mountain bike trails to know, for a total of 150 kilometres.

At this point, the hypothesis of taking a dip in Lake Weissensee cannot be left in the background. Despite the considerable altitude, temperatures above 22 degrees enhance the overall experience. There is no shortage of equipped beaches perfect for moments of relaxation, without forgetting the opportunity to rent a boat.

Each village allows you to fully understand the simplicity of the lake landscape, between flowered balconies and visual contrasts. The day ends with a relaxing sunset, best captured with your own camera.

Holidays with children

It flies, i children can play in a dedicated entertainment area. The little ones can savor the beauty of the park and nature, perhaps taking part in a fish-watching session. Thanks to this last opportunity, they have the prospect of getting to know the peculiarities of the lake water and enter into symbiosis with it.

The lake Weissensee is one of ideal holiday destinations for children, there are areas and services of Baby sitting on the lakeshore. Children can play safely, while parents spend the day relaxing along the shores of the lake or discover the surrounding area on some pleasant excursions.

There are all the credentials, therefore, to experience an interesting summer thanks to Lake Weissensee in Carinthia. The strengths of a similar experience are many and to be taken into the utmost consideration, to live moments that are very different from everyday life.

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