Verney Lake

Verney Lake

Lake Verney is located in the municipality of La Thuile in the Aosta Valley, and it is precisely from this that it takes its second name.

The place is among the most evocative of the entire region and is very popular thanks to its proximity to the Piccolo San Bernando pass, the high mountain pass that divides Italy from France.

In this article we will delve into all the details about this lake, and find out everything there is to know when visiting it during the summer season.

How to get to Lake Verney?

Getting to Verney Lake is very easy as it is within walking distance of the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo. You can park directly at the pass and then go down towards the lake, or you can opt for the lakeside car park which is located after the short stretch of a small road on the right going up from La Thuile.

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What to do and what to see at Verney Lake and its surroundings

At first glance, the Verney lake may seem just a simple alpine lake placed in an all too “simple” context, but it is not so.

Its proximity to the Piccolo San Bernando pass makes it a popular destination where you can easily spend the whole day without ever getting bored. In the network of paths that surround it you can take peaceful walks surrounded by high mountain flowers (here the flowering begins in summer) or reach the nearby peaks and admire the view from above.

Tour of the lake

Walking along the perimeter of the lake allows you to observe it from different points and admire the changing landscape, the surrounding peaks are reflected on its waters offering a different spectacle based on the sunlight.

Botanical Garden

Following the paths that start from the lake you reach the nearby hill of the little San Bernardo and from here you can reach the botanical garden which is located in French territory. A great place to admire the local flora and take great photos.


Lancebranlette, the viewpoint

Lancebranlette is a 2900-meter peak that sits just above Lake Verney. The hike that leads to the top starts from the Little St. Bernard pass and in about 2 hours and 15 minutes allows you to reach a spectacular panoramic point.

It is not a difficult excursion but reserves some challenging sections as it is necessary to pay attention as you walk on the crest of the mountain, furthermore in case of fog or bad weather the climb must be carefully evaluated as there are not many reference points ( area without trees).

On a day of good weather it is certainly a recommended destination for those who want to discover the surrounding mountains and climb to a beautiful natural panoramic terrace that reserves great satisfactions.

Lac sans fond

If Lake Verney is not enough for you, you can visit another nearby lake, Lac sans fond (bottomless lake).

It is a small alpine lake located at high altitude where it is not difficult to find some snowfields even in the height of summer. It can be visited on the way back from the Lancebranlette peak or the main destination for those who want a simpler excursion.

From the little St. Bernard pass it can be reached in about 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking and the path does not present particular difficulties. The difference in height from the starting point to the arrival point is about 300 meters.

Where to eat at Verney Lake

Lake Verney does not have a large variety of restaurants nearby, quite the opposite. If you want to stay nearby, you have to opt for the 2 bars located on the Little St. Bernard pass. Two small taverns where you can have lunch or simply buy sandwiches.

As they are not large structures, seats are limited and it is advisable to book in order not to risk running out of seats.

If, on the other hand, you want to try the local delicacies, you should go down a little towards the town of La Thuile and stop at the Lo Riondet Restaurant, a reference point for those who love good food. Here you can taste all the flavors of the Aosta Valley!

Other excellent restaurants can be found in the center of the village in La Thuile.

Useful tips for visiting Lake Verney

If you are not familiar with the zones, it is good to read these tips that we would like to give you.

Lake Verney is located at a "medium-high" altitude and located in an Alpine pass. This means that temperatures can be cool even in the height of summer, there is always a bit of wind and above all weather conditions can change quickly. A day that started with good weather could become rainy or simply cloudy.

This is why it is right to have proper clothing, to have mountain boots if you want to go hiking and all theright equipment for the mountain.

Places to stay to visit Lake Verney

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