Serraia lake

Serraia lake

The Serraia lake is located in the municipality of Baselga di Pinè, not very far from Trento (Trentino - Alto Adige). Located at 974m above sea level, it boasts an extension of 0,6kmq and is one of the few navigable and bathing lakes.

Lake Serraia is located on the Piné plateau, on a natural basin of glacial origin created about 15 years ago. It reaches a maximum width of 000 x 1250 meters, and has a teardrop shape. It is located in the extreme north-west of the town of Baselga di Pinè, along the Provincial Road 525 which a little further on runs along another body of water, the Lago delle Piazze, in a wide plain surrounded by woods, meadows and reeds, the latter together with the lake are part of the Paludi di Sternigo biotope which is anatural oasis protected by the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Spending a nice day on the shores of the lake is extremely simple: they are there large parking lots and spaces equipped for lunch and relaxation, moreover, the lake has a ring-shaped cycle-pedestrian path that surrounds it, for a nice walk immersed in the surrounding nature; its extension allows you to reach Lake delle Piazze in absolute ease, passing next to a large horse farm up to Fabbrica along the eastern shore of the lake. From here you return to the lake of Serraia along the north shore of the lake of Piazze with a circular route, in a walk suitable for everyone lasting about two hours.

The Serraia lake is equipped with equipped and safe bathing facilities, with the possibility of renting equipment to spend a day on its banks in peace with the whole family. It is an environment purely dedicated to rest and detachment from the frenzy of everyday life, spending a day on the shores of the lake will help you recharge and face the difficulties of life. Those who love strong sensations can devote themselves to the dragon boat, while in winter the lake freezes regularly and on its surface you can skate or go cross-country skiing.

Unfortunately, the lake has been suffering from eutrophication for some time now: it means that its water is poor in oxygen, and this favors the appearance of algae. To combat this problem, an oxygenation system was installed in 2006, which should bring good results in the coming years.

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