Predil Lake

Predil Lake

Il Predil lake is located in the municipality of Tarvisio, in the province of Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia), at an altitude of 959m offers clear, bathing waters and navigable by rowing boats, canoes and pedal boats.

The lake of Predil, also called Raibl, is located about 10km from Tarvisio, in an idyllic valley that was once a glacier, which ends in the south with the Cima del Lago and in the north-east with the Cinque Punte. It is a rather large lake, the second largest in Friuli-Venezia Giulia after Lake Cavazzo.
The water of the Predil lake is clear and transparent, of a green-blue color but it is very cold, a fact that does not prevent the intrepid from taking a nice dip. In the middle of its waters a characteristic islet emerges, which paints an enchanted landscape.

Like many Alpine lakes, Predil is also at the center of a legend, which tells that before the lake there was a village whose inhabitants were cold and insensitive. During a harsh winter a woman and a child arrived, and the locals refused to take them in; all except a poor family, who welcomed the two travelers, looked after them and warmed them with good food. The next day the town was submerged by the waters that today form the lake, except for the house of the host family, which remained intact on what is now the small island in the center of the water.

Nowadays the Predil lake is a important tourist center of the region thanks to the beauty of its waters and the wildlife that orbits the lake. One is active in the summer Bathhouse which provides visitors with a beach area and nautical equipment with which to have fun and spend beautiful days on the lake such as boats, pedal boats or canoes, as well as games for children and a windsurfing school.

Un very simple hiking route it is the one that runs along Lake Predil and leads to Cave del Predil. It lasts about 2 and a half hours and is suitable for the whole family. You pass along a mule track and cross beech and fir forests, descending a scree from which you can admire the Cinque Punte group from afar. At a certain point along the route you can admire a splendid waterfall, which roars out in summer while freezes in winter and becomes a natural ice climbing gym.

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