Obernbergersee lake

Obernbergersee lake

On the border between Italy and Austria, stands the Obernberger See lake. It is a lesser known tourist destination than many others, but no less suggestive for this. Such an opportunity should be seized upon, with the opportunity to discover the beauties of an enchanted landscape.

There is nothing left to do but know what to do on Lake Obernberger See during the long summer season, with many excursions from which to choose the most suitable and numerous suggestions to keep in your memory.

The Obernberger See lake it is located in the Wipptal area, located in the Austrian region of Tyrol. As already mentioned above, a lake landscape of this type does not receive the right publicity, but must be told in a careful and meticulous way.

Those who have had the privilege of visiting the lake consider it as a real one unexplored treasure, one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire Alpine area. Such a title is never given by chance, given the marvelous landscapes to be discovered in these parts.

The lake is located approx 1590 meters high and rises in the town of Obernberg am Brenner, near the Brenner pass. Taking a look at the historical and geological aspect, the fall of prehistoric rocks from the Obernberger Tribulaun caused the ancient lake to be divided into two distinct and separate parts.

During the spring and summer season, there is a significant rise in the water level, with the two portions that connect and give life to a single lake. At the edge of the rocks, in 1935, the suggestive was built chapel of Maria am See. A curtain of algae causes the water to become muddy at a depth of around 13 metres. On the surface, the lake mirror acquires a clean and crystalline appearance.

Either way, there is a total prohibition of bathing, so that the quality of the water does not suffer any kind of setback. Thanks to a similar measure, it is possible to find the presence of numerous species of fish, among which trout dominate.


Below, here is a walk through places suitable for the whole family, with the chance to discover truly memorable natural beauties.

In the first place, it is possible to find the presence of a comfortable paved road, within which you can leave your car guarded. Therefore, there is nothing left to do but walk towards the chosen route, which is the wide and flat local forest road. The indicated itinerary lasts about half an hour. It is, therefore, a fairly easy path to take even for less experienced visitors, especially in the presence of small children aboard a stroller.

Right from the start, the route is very pleasant. The surrounding trees allow you to better shelter from the sun's rays, with the prospect of taking a semi-flat road. It is not uncommon to see squirrels ready to play on the branches of the trees in the forest, creating an exciting excursion for the whole family.

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Gradually, the initial trees can give way to an unusual clearing, well indicated by a special crossroads. So, you can head left or right. In the first case, you find yourself among meadows and pastures, with the prospect of admiring an electrifying panorama.

In the second one, however, you walk along the forest path, ideal if you are in the company of your wife and small children and on a hotter and more sultry day. In principle, therefore, it is better to start by following the second path and going back along the first. The main road is full of street lamps capable of improving visibility.

Before reaching the end of your route, you can see the blue reflections of other lakes located below the Obernberger See. When the heat begins to excel, the lake tends to dry up to form two distinct and separate portions, with their union in case the flow increases. Such a combination can give shape to authentic natural spectacles, immersing tourists in a dream sensation.

Now you have to cross an old refuge, which is currently in a state of abandonment. Continue the walk on the plain until you pass both lakes. A little further on, here is another natural spectacle to be admired. Each visitor can decide to stop on the shores of the lake, in order to savor lunch in a very charming place. Thus, you can relax for a few minutes, and then approach the next shores and fully enjoy an exciting show. The lake nature literally leaves you speechless.

maria am see church lake Obernberger See

At this point, it is possible to admire a wooden bridge which leads to the already mentioned shrine of Maria am See. The initial path is quite wide and offers numerous spaces, until it narrows and becomes the classic mountain road.

The route offers numerous suggestions and allows you to admire the Obernberger lake from different points of view. Who is passionate about magical world of photography can take advantage of an opportunity to be taken into the utmost consideration.

The Obernberger See lake takes about an hour to cross, the hike takes 2 hours in all counting the tour of the lake and the itinerary to get there. The prospect of admiring a boundless panorama can seem quite tempting even for those who do not have an unconditional passion for the mountains.

There is nothing left to do but organize your gear and luggage and hit the road to discover a mountain lake of timeless beauty. With a few simple steps, no goal is thus precluded.

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