Lagorai lake

Lagorai lake

The Lagorai mountain range occupies one of the most beautiful territories of Trentino Alto Adige: it is located between the Primiero Valley, the Cembra Valley, the Vanoi and the wonderful Fiemme Valley, flowing in its north-eastern part into the Paneveggio Natural Park and Pale di San Martino.

In the shadow of these beautiful mountains south of the Trentino village of Predazzo, there are spectacular lakes among which one cannot fail to mention the Lagorai lake, a real jewel located about 1870 meters high.

Uncontaminated lake of the Val di Fiemme

lagorai lake

Lake Lagorai is one of the largest lakes in the Lagorai chain and its crystal clear waters reflect the peaks that embrace it like a naturalistic jewel, namely the Cima Formion and the Cima di Cadinello.

The lake is the ideal place to spend a pleasant summer day lying on its banks to contemplate the alpine landscape, perhaps dedicating yourself to fishing, as its waters are populated by Salmerini di Fonte and Troote Fraio.

A stone's throw from Lake Lagorai there is the homonymous hut, used in summer as a pasture for cows coming from the valley floor.

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Observing the lake comes to mind a legend that has always accompanied this place and concerning the young Dina: it is said that in the past the valley where Lake Lagorai stands today was covered with blue flowers, which were none other than the souls of all dead soldiers.

Dina began to water them with the hope of reviving the love that she believed had perished in battle. An old woman with a green cloak told her that the man was not actually dead but only away with another woman.

From that moment on Dina was caught in the course of her short life by illnesses, which only the water of a spring was able to appease: one day, however, when she was the prey of one of her attacks, she was unable to bathe in the stream and not even the the child with whom she formed a strong friendship managed to save her, due to her father's distrust. Dina died and thousands of soldiers with helmets decorated with blue flowers descended from the mountain and took her with them to the highest peak in the valley.

What to do and what to see

In addition to admiring the beauty of Lagorai Lake, the most beautiful thing is also represented by the roads to reach it, real hiking trails also suitable for those who are not particularly trained.

The first path starts from Doss dei Lavaresi, reachable both by car and by cable car from the Fiemme valley floor or from Cavalese. Once you reach a hut at 1250 meters above sea level, you begin the journey on path L06 which, through dense bushland, reaches Val Lagorai.

Crossing the latter thanks to path n.316 on roads that are very reminiscent of military dirt roads, you reach Lake Lagorai, set in a harsh but extremely fascinating landscape. If you wish, you can continue to the Bombasel Lakes and the Cermis station a little further upstream.

The alternative to reach Lake Lagorai is basically the reverse route: from Cavalese, through the same Cermis chairlift, you get to It seems and from here you walk towards the lake, first passing the Bombasel lakes and then the suggestive Forcella del Macaco.

Lake Lagorai can also be reached from Val Cavelonte, located just south of the municipality of Ziano di Fiemme: once you have traveled by car a beautiful forest road, continue on foot along path 354 until you reach Malga Toazzo located at 1468 meters above sea level.

From here, continue along trail n.319, which leads up the steep ridges of the Mandre di Muro to a ruined hut. The path leads hikers to cross the panoramic Forcella di Cadinello located at 2124 meters above sea level, and then descend quite easily towards Lake Lagorai.

Whichever road you choose to reach it, the lake will give visitors one of the most beautiful landscape views of the entire Val di Fiemme and the overlying Lagorai chain.

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