Mosigo lake

Mosigo lake

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Lake Mosigo is a picturesque lake just outside San Vito di Cadore and is ideal for a relaxing walk in the mountains or for a holiday immersed in the green woods of the Dolomites.

What to do and what to see at Mosigo Lake

Lake Mosigo, also known as Lake San Vito like the nearby town of the same name, is located a few minutes walk from the center of Cadore itself, which is a renowned town not far from the more famous Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The naturalistic scenery that presents itself to the eyes of visitors is very similar to that of Lake Braies, with the difference that this is a smaller and shallower lake, at least on the banks.
It is not a bathing lake as it was artificially created in 1929 following the reclamation of a marshy area. A dam was also built downstream to contain and regulate the waters.

In the same period, the suggestive chalet overlooking the lake was also built, which is also a restaurant, pizzeria and hotel and which has undergone several reinterpretations over the years. The rooms are very large therefore also ideal for large groups or groups of families. The terrace overlooking the lake is a privileged point of view to admire the waters and also the sedentary or migratory birds that come here to winter.

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The scenic beauty of Lake Mosigo is enhanced even more, if possible, by the mountains that are reflected in its waters such as Sorapiss, Antelao and Mount Croda Marcora.

It is the best place for pleasant people walks along the lake and to also cross over into the dense nearby woods.

Many are the families even with very little children who choose to spend their summer afternoons along its banks, also due to the presence of a lovely playground made entirely of wood.

Children have fun and feel at ease between swings, slides and other games because they feel free to run around on the fresh grass and among the coolness of the trees. Adults consider it the place par excellence to relax, perhaps reading a book or simply admiring the view around, comfortably seated on one of the many benches around the Mosigo lake itself.

Among the things to do there are various sports, as the park around the lake has been equipped with facilities where you can play football, tennis, mini golf. A multipurpose platform is also available. The banks are equipped with wooden platforms for sport fishing and rowing boats for those who want to move around the lake.

How to get there

If you arrive by car, the road to follow is different from the pedestrian one and you only have to travel 600 meters to enter the crossroads of the state road that connects San Vito di Cadore. There is also a convenient and large parking area near the chalet.

The park of the lake is also equipped with picnic areas also equipped with practical barbecues for cooking on the grill. This is why in summer it becomes the favorite place to spend happy hours in the company of friends and relatives, perhaps roasting freshly caught fish.

San Vito di Cadore is the choice of summer holidays for those who want to get away from the destinations of mass tourism, such as that of nearby Cortina d'Ampezzo.

In reality, the naturalistic scenario is not very different and also the activities that can be carried out are similar, in consideration of the fact that the centers of Cadore are connected by a network of paths and cycle paths for those who love trekking and cycling.

Bicycle lane

From Lake Mosigo itself you can set off to discover the famous "Lunga via delle Dolomiti". It's about a suggestive cycle path about 33 km long that divide Cortina d'Ampezzo itself from Calalzo di Cadore, passing through the same municipality of San Vito. The landscapes that can be admired along this route are breathtaking because it is the old seat of the railway that developed along bridges that overlook deep gorges, tunnels, old stations.

The slope is constant and the terrain is partly asphalted, but it is also suitable for non-expert cyclists who want to admire unique woods and mountain views.


Other possible excursions not far from Lake Mosigo are those to Mondeval, a town that became famous in 1987 for the discovery of the skeleton of a prehistoric man who lived at least 7500 years ago. For this reason he was called "Mondeval's man" and today he can be admired at the Museum located in Selva di Cadore.

Fans do not give up in the summer to try their hand at mountaineering right on the mountains that surround Lake Mosigo and it is not uncommon for them to be able to admire this little mountain jewel from various altitudes.

The views of these places never tire, on the contrary they invite you to discover new views from different angles, such as those from a chairlift.

It is the latter that leads to the San Marco refuge, from which you can admire Mount Pelmo in all its grandeur.

Ru de Assola waterfall

A few kilometers from San Vito di Cadore you can admire a spectacle of nature such as the Ru de Assola waterfall, reachable with about an hour's walk at an altitude of 1100 meters. In summer, here you can cool off with the spray of the same waterfall, whose water falls so violently that it nebulizes the rocks around it. With another 30 minutes' walk you reach the picturesque Malga Ciauta, where between June and September you can taste fresh cheeses and other typical products of Alto Cadore.

Ethnographic Museum

Not far from Lake Mosigo you can visit the same center of San Vito di Cadore where you can find the Ethnographic Museum of history and popular traditions and the beautiful church dedicated to the Madonna della Difesa of the fifteenth century.


A visit to Lake Mosigo is ideal for spending a few hours but also for a weekend or a relaxing holiday by staying in the many hotels also available in San Vito di Cadore.

Places to stay to visit Mosigo Lake

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