Lake of Antermoia

Lake of Antermoia

Lake Antermoia is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites and is one of the main destinations for hikers who visit the Dolomites in summer.

It is located in Val di Fassa between the peaks of the Catinaccio, one of the main mountain groups of the Dolomites, located at 2500 meters above sea level.

The Antermoia Lake takes its name from the Antermoia peak that overlooks it and in the immediate vicinity is the Antermoia Refuge (recently renovated).

The waters of Lake Antermoia are of an intense blue color, the reason being that it is mainly fed by melt waters. The snow that falls abundantly at these altitudes during the winter season melts during the winter season and forms the mirror of water of the antermoia lake with its turquoise blue color.

Excursion to the Antermoia lake

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To get to Lake Antermoia you have to go up on foot with an excursion along the paths of Val di Fassa. The access points are different and can be tackled on the basis of difficulty or on the basis of the landscape.

To Lake Antermoia from Gardeccia

Lake Antermoia can be reached from Gardeccia, a town in the heart of the Catinaccio in Val di Fassa.

From the village of Pera di Fassa you go up with the cable car and you reach the starting point towards the locality and the Gardeccia refuge 1949m above sea level, in 15 minutes you will get there and the real excursion to Lake Antermoia begins there.

Preuss Refuge and Vajolet Refuge 2240m above sea level

From Gardeccia you go up towards the Preuss Refuge and Vajolet Refuge 2243m, from here begins the climb towards the Principe Refuge, the second stage of this excursion.

Arrived at the Principe Refuge 2600m asl, take the path on the right that leads to the Antermoia Pass 2770m asl (beware of snow and ice present on the path even in summer).

Panorama from Rifugio Passo Principe 2600m above sea level

Principe Refuge 2600m

From there begins the descent towards Lake Antermoia, always accompanied by the path tables of the sat.

You then arrive at Lake Antermoia and the nearby Antermoia Refuge 2500m above sea level.

For the return you can take the same path in the opposite direction or go down towards Val Duron and then Campitello di Fassa. From campitello return to the Pera di Fassa car park by public transport.

Antermoia Lake 2500m above sea level

Antermoia refuge 2500m above sea level

Surroundings of Lake Antermoia

To Lake Antermoia from Val Duron

Lake Antermoia can also be reached from Val Duron, a side valley that rises from Campitello di Fassa.

This excursion is less demanding than the one that climbs from the gardeccia offers a less fascinating panorama but is suitable for more people and still allows you to reach this magnificent alpine lake in the heart of the Dolomites.

From the village of Campitello di Fassa, take the shuttle bus that leads directly to the Micheluzzi Refuge 1848m. From the refuge begins the real excursion that takes us first to cross part of the Val Duron and then deviate on the paths of the left side and begin the steep climb towards the catinaccio.

This leads directly to the Antermoia Refuge and its Antermoia Lake at an altitude of 2500 meters.

The return is faced along the same path as the outward journey.

From the Micheluzzi Refuge to the Antermoia Refuge you cover a distance of 6km on foot, a height difference of 650 meters for a travel time that varies between 2 and a half hours and 3 hours (depending on the pace).

This route does not present particular difficulties or dangers and is therefore recommended for those who want to limit themselves to visiting the antermoia lake without extending the visit to the remaining refuges of the catinaccio.

Places to stay to visit Lake Antermoia

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