Alleghe Lake

Alleghe Lake

The lake of Alleghe is a small lake of natural origin extremely suggestive for its peculiarities located at the foot of the The Dolomites Belluno.

Although this magnificent alpine lake is of natural origin, it is curious to know that until 1770 this did not exist and in the territory of Alleghe (BL) there was no lake.

In 1771 an imposing landslide created a barrier to the cordevole river, forming what today is a magnificent body of water, the destination of many tourists in summer.

Getting to Lake Alleghe is not complex, as it is located exactly in correspondence with the village of Alleghe in the Belluno area, nearby there are parking lots where you can leave your car and continue on foot along the perimeter or towards the numerous local itineraries.

What to do at Lake Alleghe and its surroundings

The Alleghe lake allows you to spend a beautiful day in the mountains choosing between hiking, cycling or boat trips.

Boat trip

To visit the heart of the lake and admire the surrounding landscapes from a privileged perspective, you can rent a rowboat or a pedal boat and sail in the lake. From the center of the lake it is possible to admire in all its grandeur the summit of Monte Civetta which overlooks the town of alleghe with its immense wall.

Around Lake Alleghe on foot

A great classic is the Alleghe Lake Tour on foot, a simple walk that runs along the entire perimeter of Lake Alleghe, allowing you to admire the surrounding landscapes from various points.

The tour of Lake Alleghe starts from the village of Alleghe, park your car in the dedicated areas and start walking along the lakefront along the sidewalk. You can do it in both directions but if you go up north (classic tour) you will walk a piece of the route on the asphalt until you reach a beautiful Tibetan bridge that crosses a stream and leads directly into the wooded area.

It is certainly the most fascinating stretch of the wooded area around Lake Alleghe as, in addition to being surrounded by nature, it offers a view of Mount Civetta, the most beautiful point to photograph.

The Alleghe Lake tour is particularly suitable for families as the route is easily accessible, suitable for all ages and above all offers here and there play and relaxation areas where you can stop along the shore. The whole walk is also full of information tables that explain the territory, useful for highlighting the beauties of the place and instructive.

Bicycle lane

Along the Alleghe lake there is a cycle / pedestrian path that leads to the town of Caprile. This is only a first stretch of what is in fact the great cycling area of ​​the Agordino.

Along this cycle path you can admire the different landscapes of the area and find several refreshment points where you can stop and taste the typical products of the Belluno area.

This route is suitable for both those who love cycling and families.

What to see at Lake Alleghe

The mountains surrounding the lake are truly wonderful, and being able to see them is a great opportunity not to be missed for anything in the world. In fact, if you go to visit Lake Alleghe we can only advise you to take an excursion and immerse yourself in a well-manicured territory.The excursions are really very beautiful, and there are all types, so they are perfectly suited to that. what you want to do.

Among the most interesting are those that start from the village of Alleghe and go up to high altitude, perhaps helped by the cable car that allows you to save a bit of effort and go to higher altitudes.

With the cableways you can get to Col dei Baldi which is a large high-altitude space nestled in the woods, here in addition to finding several huts and shelters (where you can eat very well) you can leave for various excursions whose views leave you breathless. and amply repay the effort.

The first place to visit is certainly the terrace of the La Ciasela Refuge where you can admire the magnificent panorama of Mount Pelmo which stands out among the meadows of the underlying Val di Zoldo. It is one of the most evocative and characteristic views of the place, this route takes about 3 hours in total between there and back.

The second itinerary that we would like to recommend is the one that leads to Lake Coldai, an alpine lake that can be reached on foot, always starting from Col dei Baldi in about 1 hour and 30 minutes (round trip requires 3 hours of walking).

The Coldai lake is located 2172 m of altitude and reflects the imposing wall of Monte Civetta, in the path that leads us to the lake we can also admire Monte Pelmo and once we arrive at our destination the panorama opens up also on other peaks of the Belluno area.

If you walk along the shore of the lake you can reach a ridge where you can admire the splendid panorama over the town of Alleghe and its magnificent lake.

Holidays at Lake Alleghe

The description made in this small guide is certainly only a part of the numerous hiking opportunities offered by Lake Alleghe. The whole surrounding area allows you to admire unique landscapes and places of the Dolomites.

Surely the destinations are so numerous that a few days' holiday can be justified in which to plan a visit to the valley and excursions at high altitude to the panoramic points of the area.

Alleghe and its lake offer a wide choice of hotels, bed and breakfasts and apartments where to stay, there are numerous refuges and restaurants where you can eat very well thanks to a rich mountain culinary culture.

In fact, it is also a highly recommended place for families, due to the simplicity of the walks along the valley and the possibility of reducing fatigue at high altitude thanks to the ski lifts. An absolutely recommended destination for those who love nature.

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