Coldai Lake

Coldai Lake

Nestled between the Belluno Dolomites, the Pale di San Martino and the Vette Feltrine, stands one of the most beautiful naturalistic places in the whole of Veneto: it is the Coldai Lake, a typically alpine lake located in the shadow of the Tower of Coldai a 2143 meters high, one of the unmissable destinations for those who decide to spend their summer holidays in Alleghe.

The village, located at the foot of Monte Civetta, has even been included as a stop on the famous Grand Tour, the 800th century tourist guide that was so crazy among the lords of that time: the beauties of Alleghe are precisely the naturalistic jewels that surround it and Lake Coldai is certainly one of these.

High mountain lake

Lake Coldai is a wonderful body of water located more than 2000 meters high, enclosed between steep rocky walls, the mass of the Monte Civetta to dominate it and, on one side, an overhang with a view of the underlying Alleghe and its lake. Lake Coldai has glacial origins and its waters are truly extraordinary, crystal clear and sparkling under the sky that dominates this wonderful corner of Veneto, with the profile of Monte Civetta which is reflected in it.

Una legend he says that a dragon with a long black tongue, fiery eyes and very large wings lives here: it seems that he rarely leaves this place, but that when he decides to do so, flying over the green Agordine valleys, he instills and transmits fear and bad omens. It seems that the last time this dragon left Lake Coldai was on the occasion of the devastating landslide from Monte Piz which, years and years ago, gave life to Lake Alleghe, blocking the Cordevole stream.

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How to Get There:

The main way to reach Lake Coldai it is via the ski lifts from Alleghe which, in about half an hour, allow you to reach the 1920 m height of Col dei Baldi.

After following a mule track towards Malga Pioda, take path no. 556 with Monte Pelmo always in the background. After about 1 hour of walking you reach the Sonino al Coldai refuge and the nearby lake: walking around it you reach that panoramic ridge almost 1000 meters high with a view of Alleghe.

What to do and what to see

One of the most beautiful excursions to reach Lake Coldai starts from Palafavera, right where there is a campsite and a refuge (you arrive from Val di Zoldo).

The route continues towards the ancient hut of Casera Pioda, used in summer as a pasture and starting point for reaching Col dei Baldi. You pass on path n.564, in a fairly steep and steep up and down, to then pass on path n.556 which leads straight to the Coldai Hut: passing the Forcella of the same name you arrive at the destination, with the Dolomite body of water appearing like a mirage.

From Lake Coldai it is possible to organize many excursions at a time, for example del Tissi Refuge, the Vazzoler Refuge and above all of the Torrano refuge located at an altitude of 2984 meters: in the latter case the route is indicated only to expert hikers and can be reached via the Tivan Path.

Those who decide to visit Lake Coldai cannot fail to visit the village of Alleghe, a real pearl located at the foot of Monte Civetta and on the shores of a lake with emerald waters, navigable by boat, pedal boat and kayak.

From Alleghe you can also reach other natural beauties such as the Mascarè waterfall and Colle Saint Lucia, on top of which there is a small church complete with a panoramic cemetery with a view of the Civetta and Pelmo mountains.

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