Carezza lake

Il Carezza lake it is located in the South Tyrolean valley known as Val d'Ega, more precisely in the municipality of Nova Levante at 1534m above sea level, in the province of Bolzano (Alto Adige).

To reach it, take the state road 241 (Val d'Ega state road), which in summer is very busy and leads to Val di Fassa crossing the Costalunga pass, which is located practically in correspondence with the lake.

Lake Carezza is one of the most beautiful of The Dolomites: all around there are splendid fir woods and in his crystalline waters the Latemar massif is reflected, giving the surrounding environment a touch of magic.

Lake Carezza in summer Reflection

The lake feeds itself from underground springs, therefore its depth and the extent of its waters change according to the season: in spring when the snow melts and the underground rivers are in full it reaches its maximum expansion, reaching almost 300 meters in width.

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In winter, on the other hand, the flow of groundwater drops considerably, which leads to a consequent decrease in size and depth, causing it to become completely frozen.

Early in the morning and late in the evening, with the colors of sunrise and sunset, the contrast between the grandeur of the Latemar, the green of the trees and the water of the lake creates a magnificent panorama.

The lake represents one of the most famous and appreciated tourist destinations of all of South Tyrol, thanks to the beauty of its deep green waters and the splendid panorama that can be admired along the path that surrounds the lake: however, it is kept at a distance from its shores, which makes the non-bathing lake, also because its waters are very cold - the maximum temperature is recorded in August and is only 13 degrees.

But if you love sports and a walk along the lake is not enough for you, a few kilometers away you will find the golf course “Golf club Carezza”, you can play surrounded by a breathtaking view.

Sunset on Lake Carezza Sunset on Lake Carezza

What to see

Despite its small size, the Lake Carezza holds many surprises and various ideas that invite you to discover every corner of this mountain destination. The body of water that enchants with colors ranging from turquoise to emerald green is the protagonist of numerous legends such as that of "Ninfa del Lago".

The nymph of the lake

From a distance it might look like a girl bathing in the emerald waters instead it is the statue of the nymph (or siren) of the lake that emerges from the waters of the lake, below a photo taken with the zoom.

nymph lake caress

even the Carezza lake like many other alpine lakes it is at the center of a curious one legend, which tells of the beautiful Ondina, a nymph living in the area.

The Latemar sorcerer fell in love with her and tried to kidnap her by making her appear over the lake a beautiful rainbow to lure her, but when she came out of the waters she saw the sorcerer, she fled frightened. The sorcerer then, very angry, destroyed the rainbow into a thousand pieces and threw it into the lake, which is why even today the color of its waters is so beautiful and shining.

Panoramic points

A simple path allows you to walk around the lake with the particularity that in various places panoramic points have been obtained where you can stop and enjoy the landscape comfortably sitting in the wooden benches or, if you are passionate, take your camera and capture the magnificent landscape from various angles.

At the beginning of the path there is a large wooden balcony where you can admire the lake from a magnificent position. The balcony has been recently restored and the fresh wood contrasts with the blue waters of Lake Carezza.


What to do

A day at Lake Carezza can be dedicated to relaxation or sports or trekking.

Trails and excursions

From here they depart numerous hiking trails all well marked by the signs scattered around. A light walk or a demanding trek, no matter what your goal is, you will surely find what is right for you.

Panorama from the path that goes around Lake Carezza
Paths start from the lake towards another lake called Middle Lake, a body of water less than half an hour of light walking that leads to a clearing where in a few months this further body of water forms.

Another popular destination is the Stadlalm mountain hut, easily reachable on foot, allows you to reach a typical South Tyrolean mountain pasture where you can rest in the midst of greenery and savor South Tyrolean specialties.

The Latemar it is reflected on the crystal clear waters but can be reached by the most intrepid hikers who may want to embark on a more demanding day of hiking than the classic routes.

There are many paths and the available variants allow you to explore the whole surrounding area up to the foot of the stone giant.

Mountain Bike and ski lifts

If you are passionate about the two wheels you can start from here for the numerous dedicated routes that allow you to explore the whole Val d'Ega far and wide, and beyond.
In fact, in the summer period the impianti di risalita that allow you to climb to the top and enjoy a landscape that is still different from that of departure.

It is good to keep in mind that it is not possible to ride around Lake Carezza by mountain bike, therefore it is necessary to leave the vehicles parked and take them back later. The reason is given by the delicacy of this area and the very narrow paths that do not allow easy circulation.

Just above the lake, however, there are paths that are also open to mountains and available for other destinations, especially to reach the slopes of Latemar (the mountain overlooking Lake Carezza).


If you want to visit Lake Carezza as soon as possible, we still want to give you some further information to better organize your outing:

How to reach us

Lake Carezza is reachable from 2 different sides the Trentino and South Tyrolean ones. In the first case, go up from Val di Fassa and follow the road that connects Vigo di Fassa to Val d'Ega. The preferred route is certainly the state road 241 (“Strada della Val d'Ega"Or" Strada delle Dolomiti ").
If you want to set the navigator you can connect to the google map dedicated to Lake Carezza>

Where to park

Lake Carezza is very popular especially in summer, this means that parking is a hot topic for everyone. There is a car park accessible from the main road and clearly visible as it corresponds to the visitor center (a large wood-paneled building).

Il parcheggio it has a limited number of places and in high season access is paid.
The alternatives are to park in the dedicated areas (pay attention to parking restrictions) along the road leading to the lake, or (recommended) park in the villages of the valley and reach the lake through the paths.
Although this last solution may seem uncomfortable, it offers the possibility of approaching the lake by crossing the magnificent woods of the valley, substantially changing (for the better) the naturalistic experience.

When to visit

It seems a non-existent question but it is not. Unlike other Alpine lakes, the Carezza lake does not always look the same throughout the year.
Unlike other lakes such as that of Braies or Molveno, Lake Carezza is fed by a resurgence that varies its size and depth according to various factors, among these we find the thaw, the rainfall of the season, the snow at high altitude, etc.

lake of carezza panorama after vaia

panorama of Lake Carezza

The best months to visit Lake Carezza are May, June and July. This is because in recent months the thaw has been able to bring water to the lake, furthermore the spring precipitations have supplied the lake with further water and the summer heat has not yet affected.

And in the other months?
In the other months (usually) the body of water decreases at times even significantly, leaving most of the visitors disappointed.
One of the criticisms that are often read online are of the type "The lake is disappearing ... it has now become a pond" this is often related to the factors mentioned above.
However, if you understand the (natural) reason, Lake Carezza will always offer an excellent landscape and an excellent day in the presence of the Dolomites.

Carezza lake in summer

Where to stay

For those who want to visit Lake Carezza, the possibilities of staying are wide as the Lake can be reached through various paths scattered throughout the Val d'Ega.

The recommended options are therefore different from Nova Levante a Caress, from Nova Ponente ad Obereggen but for those who want to visit the Dolomites at a wider range, one of the localities of the Val di Fassa such as Vigo di Fassa o Pool of Fassa which allows you to reach the lake via the road that quickly connects the Trentino valley with the Altoatesina one (Val d'Ega).

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