Antholz lake

Antholz lake

Lake Anterselva is located in the municipality of Rasun-Anterselva, in South Tyrol (province of Bolzano), a few kilometers from the Austrian border.

This beautiful blue-green water mirror at high altitude (1642m asl) is surrounded by coniferous forests and is located within the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park, about 100 km from Bolzano. The formation of the lake originated after a landslide obstructed the path of the Anterselva river, which, unable to continue further, filled the natural reservoir giving life to the beauty of nature that we can admire today.

The lake is located directly on Provincial Road 44 which leads to Austria through the Stalle pass: the road is narrow and there is a one-way alternating between the lake and the pass, such that access in each of the two directions is active only for 15 minutes an hour. The Italian-Austrian border brings to mind several sad memories of the Second World War, which in the surroundings of the lake materialize through bunkers built to defend the newly Italian territory from German troops (an invasion that never happened) during the war.

Like many Alpine lakes, Lake Anterselva is also at the center of a legend: it tells that a beggar asked for alms from three wealthy farmers in the valley, who categorically refused any help. The poor gentleman then threatened the three wealthy landowners saying that after three days behind their houses a fountain would rise that would sweep them away. So it was: on the third day behind the houses of the three farmers a fountain was formed which became bigger and bigger until it filled the entire valley, thus becoming Lake Anterselva.

Lake Anterselva in summer is very popular with tourists, and since 2003 it also offers an educational path that provides a lot of information on the trees in the area and on the stones and rocks that can be found in the surroundings.
The itinerary is simple and suitable for the whole family, it lasts about 90 minutes and can be easily covered on foot. The tour around the lake will give you an inner peace without equal, the place is idyllic and the colors that can be seen on beautiful sunny days are truly unique.

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Sports lovers will find in Lake Anterselva a noteworthy destination: near the lake there is in fact an important biathlon center, home to international competitions and championships.

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