Almsee lake

Almsee lake

It is located in the region ofUpper Austria, more precisely in the Salzkammergut area. It is a small Austrian natural jewel, where you can enjoy unique and spectacular panoramas that you are rarely used to seeing.

It is not far from the city of Salzburg, which is, in fact, reachable in about an hour by car. A few kilometers after the lake, on the other hand, you reach the village of Grunau, a small municipality located in the district of Gmunden.

It is advisable to visit this lake in the summer months, as it allows you to undertake various activities and certainly satisfies both the little ones and mountain and nature lovers, but also professional hikers and those who want to go to these splendid places to take long walks surrounded by mountains and forests.

What to do

In fact, among the many activities that can be carried out in the months from June to the end of September, it is possible to take long walks, hikes, bike rides, rent small boats to cross the lake, if the water is warm enough even a regenerating bath and dedicate the time to a few swims in these splendid waters, closely observe the flora and fauna that the forests surrounding the lake offer and much more.

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Furthermore, once visited and having spent a few hours in the vicinity and on the shores of the lake, it is possible to move and visit the surroundings and the towns that develop a few kilometers from this jewel of nature.

Places to visit

A few kilometers from the Almsee lake is the small village of Grünau im Almtal and in the surroundings of this town it is possible to engage in various activities.

Here is the Cumberland Wildpark Grunau, natural Park wonderful that guarantees unique walks and excursions, and for the little ones it allows you to be in contact with different types of animals, it is, in fact, in some way also a small zoo, which continuously entertains and fascinates all those who visit it.

There are also some small kiosks where it is allowed to stop and refresh for snacks in the middle of nature and greenery.

Nearby is also Pferdehof Mangstl where you can make some rides on beautiful horses made available by the facility. In addition to the exciting experience of being able to ride on the back of a horse, the magic lies in the fact that you travel along unique and incredible paths in the middle of nature surrounded by extraordinary vegetation and on the banks of small lakes and streams.

It is a perfect outdoor activity to do in the summer months for even the little ones that they will surely enjoy and have a lot of fun.

What to See

According to some, there are five main attractions to visit when you are in Grünau im Almtal: the Almsee lake, described in the previous paragraph; the nature park, also already mentioned, Cumberland Wildpark Grünau; the lake Grosser und Kleiner Ödsee located in a splendid position where it is possible to make a wonderful excursion at the end of which you can cool off in the lake.

It can also be accessed by car and some parking spaces are guaranteed where you can leave your car to continue on foot later, there are two lakes, the small Ödsee and the large Ödsee.

For an out-of-town trip, this location is perfect for spending a day in the midst of nature's greenery and immersing yourself in the beautiful paths and panoramas on offer; the Rundweg Almsee suitable for those wishing to undertake some trekking and hiking trails. However, they are also suitable paths for the little ones, since they do not present great difficulties to follow them.

Nature offers beautiful corners and the possibility of spotting different types of animals that live in their natural environment.

Due to the large influx of tourists, it is advisable to go, if possible, on days during the week which are certainly less crowded; finally, among the main attractions to visit near Grünau im Almtal there is certainly recommended Kasberg, a perfect ski resort for families even with small children. Here, during the summer months you can go hiking, walking, exploring trails on foot or by bike.

In all these places it is also possible to enjoy the typical Austrian cuisine thanks to the inns and refreshment points present in the various points described above.

In the surroundings of Grünau im Almtal there are several points where it is possible to stay during the summer holidays. Usually they are typical structures that offer a welcoming, warm climate and a typical cuisine with strong and tasty flavours.


Lake Almsee, therefore, as can be seen from this article, is one perfect destination for holidays during the summer months, since the activities that can be carried out and the places to visit are numerous.

For mountain and nature lovers in general, these places are perfect, even for bringing your own small children who will surely enjoy themselves in the midst of the nature of these places.

It is advisable to book well in advance the structures in which you want to stay as they are typical places in Austria and generally in great demand, which see, for this reason, every year and especially every summer, a large influx of tourists.

Places to stay to visit Almsee Lake

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