Fusine lakes

The Fusine lakes are located in the municipality of Tarvisio, in the province of Udine, a few kilometers from the border with Slovenia at the base of the mountain range of the Mangart mountain group.
Their extension varies from 0,09 to 0,135 square km, with a depth of 10-25 m, they are located at an altitude of 930m above sea level.

The Fusine lakes are two lakes of glacial origin respectively named Lake Superior e Lower Lake. They are located in a protected area, the Natural Park of the Fusine Lakes, in a valley that runs parallel to the border between Italy and Slovenia.

The lakes are a few hundred meters away from each other, but the Fusine lakes complex also includes two other smaller bodies of water (called small lakes), located near Lake Inferiore. The two lakes are connected underground: it is the Upper lake that feeds the Lower lake, the latter being located at an altitude of five meters lower than the first.

The Valle dei Laghi, which begins near the town of Fusine in Valromana, the last Italian outpost of the State Road 54 before the border with Slovenia, is one of the coldest places in Italy, the minimum temperatures recorded are even lower than the highlands of Asiago and Livigno. The lakes are therefore frozen in winter and the enchanting panorama of the snow-capped valley on a sunny day takes your breath away. Precisely because the valley is very cold, a meteorological station is being built with the aim of studying the microclimate of the area.

A day at the Fusine lakes will make the whole family happy: in summer each of the two lakes can be traveled along the perimeter with an easy path, the Upper and Lower lakes are also connected with a short walk in the woods. Lovers of more demanding excursions will instead have the opportunity to set off until they reach the Zacchi refuge and up to Ponza hut, from which you can admire the whole valley with the two lakes that shine from above. Reaching the lakes is very simple, you reach your destination directly by car, which can be left in a ample parking in correspondence with which there are also well-kept public toilets, but it should be emphasized that the narrow road in summer is passable only for tolls.

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The lakes of Fusine finally became famous in Italy as its shores were the setting for some scenes of the film La ragazza del lago, directed by Andrea Molaioli in 2007.

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