Fanes lakes

Fanes lakes

The Fanes lakes are located on the mountain pasture of the same name, theFanes Alp. This is located in South Tyrol, within the municipality of Marebbe. The landscape is made particular by karst phenomena and hydrology, which make it a valid summer destination for hikers but also for less experienced tourists.

The area is part of the Val Pusteria area, in the Dolomites, and is divided into two mountain pastures by the Limo pass.

THEFanes Alp Grande is located to the east and has a minimum altitude of 2069 m, while the maximum is 2157. It is classified as a plateau and has two large valleys starting from the Passo dell'Acqua. In the western part of the Limo pass, the Alpe di Fanes takes the name of Alpe di Fanes Piccolo. It has an altitude between 2020 m asl and 2413 m, thus resulting in some points higher than Alpe Grande. It is crossed by the Rio di San Vigilio (main tributary of the Rio Gadera).

The whole area is part of the Fanes - Sennes - Braies Natural Park since 1980. The name of the Alpe comes from the homonymous Ladin people of Fanes. According to legend, this group was settled right on the mountain pasture, and in fact some places are linked to mythical tales of this community.

Among the main lakes of the area we find the Lago di Limo, Lago Verde and Lago di Fanes (the latter is part of the Val di Fanes, in the Ampezzo Dolomites).

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Fanes lakes - hiking

Reaching the two portions of Alpe di Fanes is simple and can be done via two paths. The first is the path 10 starting from Cortina d'Ampezzo, the alternative is located at San Cassiano, with path 11.

There are many itineraries to the lakes. Starting from Longega, the first place you can come across in Val Badia, you continue towards Plan de Mareo (San Vigilio di Marebbe) along the Val from Tamersc to Pederü. Taking the parallel path 7 you reach a first lake (the lé Piciodél lake, located at an altitude of 1819 m).

The second lake is the so-called lé Vërt, the Green Lake (2042 m) near which there are two refuges. At this point the time traveled is 2 hours. Walking for another half hour you arrive at the Ju de Limo pass, where there is a third lake. To return, simply take path 12 from Fanes and then continue on the path taken on the outward journey. The total duration of this itinerary is 5 hours, the altitude difference of 950 meters. The distance covered is 20 km, and during this excursion it will be possible to admire unique landscapes, thanks also to the presence of lakes.

Via Ferrata towards the waterfalls

Another interesting type of itinerary concerns the visit to the falls. This path is characterized by points that present difficulties. The itinerary allows you to admire wonderful landscapes and live a unique experience. Starting from Felizon (Cortina d'Ampezzo), and more precisely from its visitor center, the crossing of the Boite stream is planned. The Ru de Fanes is skirted on foot, and then there is an uphill part (direction: Cascate di Fanes and Ponte Outo).

A panoramic point allows you to admire the canyon formed by the Rio Travenanzes, from which a fixed (but not difficult) path starts to reach the waterfalls. Of course, you need to be equipped with a helmet and carabiners to deal with it. The peculiarity is the possibility to pass just behind the waterfall, and it is in fact the strong point of the entire excursion. The itinerary then continues parallel to the Rio di Fanes, before leading to a second waterfall. You can see the Fanes Lake, and finally proceed until you reach the border between the Ampezzo Dolomites Park (where this track is immersed) with the Fanes - Sennes - Braies Park.

From here, if you wish, you have the possibility to continue along the path to get to the Limo lake and at the Passo di Limo, as well as other suggestive locations such as the Malga Fanes Grande.

Lake Limo has the particularity of its green color making it very popular with tourists. Instead, if you want to stop your excursion once you reach the border between the two parks, you will still have walked for about 13 km. For the first part, a travel time of about 2 and a half hours is estimated. The difference in height is 300 meters and there are no refreshment points along the route.


Among the itineraries proposed for Mountan Bike lovers, the "Tour of Fanes" it is definitely not to be missed. The entire route is immersed in the Faines - Sennes - Briaes Natural Park.

The departure is scheduled at the locality of San Vigilio and allows you to reach Lake Limo, passing through some shelters, and then descend towards the Capanna Alpina. The route lasts about 6 hours, with a difference in height of 1900 meters. Its total length is 58 km.

It is a very long itinerary and has some challenging parts as far as the descent is concerned, but offers breathtaking landscapesor. Suitable for the summer season, it is very popular in August, so it is advisable to walk it in quieter and less crowded periods, such as June, July or September.

An itinerary that is more easily practicable even for the less experienced, without straying too far from the area, is the one that goes from Val Badia to Plan de Corones. The departure is located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, near the car park of the Miara cable car.

It is sufficient to go up the road for a few meters and take a lane with the indication "La Miara". From here, follow the signs for Passo della Furcia. Initially the route is asphalted and then becomes a dirt road.

Continuing keeping to the left and then climbing along the ski slope, take path 1 which is already provided as part of the excursion and allows you to reach the Pass.

At this point you continue towards Plan de Corones, from where you can enjoy a very wide view of the Sarentine Alps, which allows you to admire the landscape up to the Sesto Dolomites.

For the way back, follow the signs for Oland-Valdaora, then join path number 1. The duration is about 2 hours, with a distance of 23 km, a difference in height of about 1000 m and a refreshment point near the seniero .

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