La Thuile in summer

La Thuile, is located in the extreme west of Val d'Aosta, if in the winter season it is known for its numerous ski slopes that descend on the border between Italy and France, in the summer it is a destination for mountaineers, hikers and lovers of outdoor life. 'open air. La Thuile offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment during the summer season, in a fairytale natural setting, at the foot of Mont Blanc and its millenary glaciers.

Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, the town of La Thuile has always been one of the starting points for high altitude itineraries. Alpinists from all over the world face every summer the paths that allow you to climb to over 4000 meters reaching the glaciers, tourists can rely on the numerous alpine guides who with their professionalism and knowledge of the territory allow them to reach panoramic points that are difficult to admire from other parts of the world, surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe, by millenary glaciers and dominated by a postcard blue sky.

Numerous paths start from the town of La Thuile surrounded by beautiful landscapes with a panorama that takes your breath away. Among the numerous excursions to undertake, it is worth mentioning the one that allows you to reach the splendid Lake Verney, in the direction of the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass: created by the glaciers this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole of the Aosta Valley, with crystal clear waters they reflect the mountain flowers that surround the banks.

lake verney

Another interesting route allows you to reach the Orgère and Chavanne valleys, at the foot of the Mont Blanc range, or reach the Deffeyes refuge located at the foot of the Rutor glacier. Along the way to get to the refuge you can discover the uncontaminated nature of the Aosta Valley with its flora that varies as the altitude rises and the incredible Rutor waterfalls that descend towards the valley, digging the rock with all the power of the water. fusion, a unique excursion for an unforgettable experience.

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La Thuile by Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike lovers can find bread for their teeth in La Thuile: they are there to welcome them 220km of itineraries, with different levels of difficulty and divided between Italy and France. The La Thuile Bike Park includes tracks obtained from ancient walkways and surrounded by woods and pastures, without ever losing sight of the Mont Blanc massif, which dominates the town from its 4810 meters high.

mountain bike itineraries

No matter the level of preparation, the quantity of routes available allows everyone to visit the fantastic mountains of La Thuile on a bicycle. Even the bravest ones will find something for them, those who love going downhill at speed will be able to count on enduro and downhill routes where they can launch themselves at full speed and fill up on adrenaline.
With the ski facilities you can quickly go up to high altitude (fast four-seater chairlift), after a look at the fairytale landscape, you can descend at full speed towards the valley and experience all the thrill of an unrestrained descent in the middle of nature!
We go up and down until exhaustion but we return home after an intense dose of adrenaline and a smile that lasts days and days.

Other excursions

Still remaining at the bottom of the valley, you can opt for the different destinations in the areas adjacent to La Thuile. Like Val Veny and Val Ferret: meadows, flowers, rivers, pastures and beautiful views, playgrounds for children and flat paths to be covered on foot or by bicycle.

hiking trails la thuile

Take the cable car up to touch the Mont Blanc glacier at an altitude of 3500m thanks to the SkyWay cable car which starts from Courmayeur.

The opportunity to take trips to the nearby town of Courmayeur, one of the destinations of international mountain tourism, and to cross over into France through the Piccolo San Bernardo pass.

the thuile summer

La Thuile at the table, food and wine specialties

If you are a lover of good food then La Thuile will not disappoint you! Valle d'Aosta can boast a highly respected culinary tradition, the result of years and years of traditions and small agricultural productions of high value.

Here you can still find the genuine flavors of the past, the cheese has a real flavor, that of milk without the industrial works that destroy its quality; a piece of fontina is enough to immediately understand what we are talking about.
Fontina is produced according to a rigorous disciplinary which, in addition to providing for a production limited to some specific valleys, requires that the milk is from red and black spotted cows from Valle d'Aosta (only 2 Italian regulations provide for the bond of bovine breed).
The milk not only gives life to fontina but also to an excellent butter, an excellent ricotta and "la Brossa", a dairy product with a similar appearance to yogurt derived from the residual whey of cheese processing; excellent to pour over hot polenta.

On the table, cheeses are always accompanied by excellent cured meats, such as mocetta or the fantastic lard (with an incredible flavor), the Aosta Valley sausage or the more particular boudin (sausage with beetroot).

The typical dishes are as diverse as the soup with black bread and cabbage, the excellent game, the desserts and the inevitable mountain herb distillate known as genepì.

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