Kandersteg in summer


In the heart of Switzerland lies the Canton Bern, among the most beautiful of those that make up Switzerland, thanks to its clear lakes and emerald valleys surrounded by high peaks, often dotted on top by snow even during the hottest summer season, such as the Mönch, the Eigher and the Jungfrau.

Many artists and painters have found inspiration precisely in the Canton of Bern, which is very rich in places and places of unspeakable beauty, starting from Kandersteg.

It is a small typically alpine village which, if in winter it is considered a paradise for cross-country skiing in the light of 50 km of slopes, during the summer it becomes the ideal starting point for discovering the area, between lakes , gorges, Alpine passes and historic via ferratas.

Discovering the beauties of Kandersteg

Kandersteg excursions

Kandersteg is a beautiful tourist resort located in 1200 m. of height, in the heart of the Canton of Berne and is surrounded by mountains exceeding 2000 m. high as the Doldenhorn, the Alpschelehubel, the Bundersplitz, the Lohner, the Balmhorn and the Blümlisalp massif. Kandesteg is a very picturesque village, with those wooden chalets that are so reminiscent of the fairy tales that are told in these northern latitudes.

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Experiencing Kandersteg in the summer means spending a holiday surrounded by nature in its maximum expression, between walks in the clear and clean air and sports activities. Young people and families will find in Kandersteg all kinds of entertainment more congenial to them: for example, the little ones can run around and test their skills at the Kandersteg Adventure Park, where there are 3 routes, suitable for age and difficulty levels, full of Tibetan bridges, lianas and ropes.

In the heart of the town, which is also located on the section covered by the Trenino Verde delle Alpi (which connects Domodossola to Bern), there is the Hau Der Museum, i.e. the local Kandersteg museum, managed by the Association of Local Culture and History. The museum is housed in an old military pharmacy and is dedicated to the history of Kandersteg, its craftsmanship, local tourism and the communication routes on the Lötschen and Gemmi passes.

The little one is worth a visit Church of Santa Maria: if tourists are looking for a glimpse of Kandersteg to immortalize, there is nothing better than this cult building immersed in the middle of a very green meadow, with the peaks of the Bernese Alps in the background. The church of Santa Maria was built in dark stone and has a low bell tower topped with an elegant spire.

Among the stages to absolutely include during a walk in Kandersteg is the one that leads to the Landgasthof Ruedihus, a real Swiss monument that boasts a history spanning almost 3 centuries. It is an ancient hotel restaurant, whose facade is a real marvel, with the wood worked and artfully decorated by the skilled craftsmen of the past. The furnishings inside recall the past and there is no better place to taste the dishes linked to the local tradition, from the cured farm ham to the roast Suure Mocke.

The Bunderspitz, First and Clyne Lohner peaks divide Kandersteg from another town in the canton of Bern, namely adelboden: is essentially one the reason why reach this location and is the presence of a big swing in wood, on which you can gently swing while enjoying an uncontaminated and wild panorama at the same time. This installation is located at the top of the Tschentenalp plateau, which can be easily reached by cable car.

What to do and what to see

Oeschinensee Kandersteg Switzerland in summer

Kandersteg can be considered the perfect starting point for organizing excursions in the surrounding area, starting from Oeschinen lake located at 1578 m. high: what is striking about this splendid lake mirror is its being surrounded by high rock walls that seem to dive directly into the crystal clear waters of the Oeschinen.

In reality there is a path that allows you to take a walk around the lake and also a small beach, from which you can enter the water to take a nice refreshing swim: although it is to all intents and purposes an alpine lake, the waters of the Oeschinen in summer they can also reach a temperature of 20°.

The lake can be reached via an 8-seater gondola lift or on foot via an easy path: once you reach the destination, the view from the lake sweeps over the entire underlying Kandersteg, Lohner and Wildstrubel.

Right next to Lake Oeschinen is one of Kandersteg's most entertaining attractions, namely the Mountain Coasters. It is a slide about 750 m long. which, between hairpin bends and breathtaking curves, offers pure fun for young and old, as if they were a small roller coaster. The slide takes advantage of the mechanical structure that composes it, allows you to adjust the speed and allows you to descend in almost total silence, literally immersed in nature.

Another lake that is absolutely recommended to visit starting from Kandersteg is that of blausee, located in the enchanting setting of the Bernese Alps: what strikes the lake are its waters, so blue and clear that you can perfectly see the seabed, among splashing trout and fallen tree trunks.

The path that surrounds the Lake Blausee it is unpaved and totally immersed in the woods, in a bucolic environment that has few equals in the world: tourists can also use a rowing boat to furrow the lake surface, thus treating themselves to some romantic moments perhaps with their sweetheart.

There is also another thing that can be seen on the surface of the water and it is the statue created by Raphael Fuchs, depicting the girl who is the protagonist of the legend and hovers over the lake.

In fact, it is said of the existence in the past of a beautiful girl with blue eyes, in love with a shepherd boy: both loved to walk on the shores of the lake at night, in the moonlight. One sad day however, while the boy was reaping hay in the mountains, tired and without strength he leaned against a steep rock face but it so happened that he fell, thus losing his life. The blue-eyed girl waited in vain for her love, going alone to the lake every day looking for him and crying many and endless tears: one day she never returned home and her poor body was found in the same waters of the lake, which from that moment assumed the same color as his blue eyes.

Also worth seeing is the Chluse Gorge, which leads directly to the Gasterntal Valley: it was excavated in the past by muleteers, to allow the men of the time to climb to the top of the Lötschenpass.

Crossing the gorge you walk among dry stone walls, curbs, brick parapets, tunnels and arched bridges, reminders of very advanced engineering works in relation to the time in which they were built. The route then leads past the beautiful Kander waterfalls to then reach Gasterntal, a wild and enchanting valley formed by the glacier, with a view of the wonderful surrounding alpine landscape.

Just in the summer the unmissable is open Via Ferrata leading to Allmenalp, considered the most spectacular of the via ferratas in Switzerland, offering a magnificent panorama of the Aletsch and Jungfrau region, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by no coincidence.

The via ferrata winds between pillars and gorges, overlooking the Allmibach and its four thunderous waterfalls. This is an equipped route created in the 18th century by the Köppel brothers, who were also responsible for the construction of the other via ferrata in Leukerbad.

Those who decide to follow it will find themselves overcoming exposed stretches, Tibetan walkways suspended in the void and above all 3 Tyrolliene: hikers will find themselves flying like a bird, suspended from a rope, from one side to the other, living a truly adrenaline-pumping experience unforgettable.

A nice excursion that can be done in Kandersteg is the one that literally runs along the railway section between Kandersteg itself and Frutigen, encountering picnic areas and bivouacs here and there where you can stop for a bite to eat, while enjoying the view of the Lötschberg and the Kander Valley at the same time.

Along the way, there are 46 educational panels which explain the history of the local railway to hikers, including information on the spiral tunnel at Mitholz and the spiral tunnel near Kandersteg.

Kandersteg stands at the foot of the Lötschen Pass, one of the ancient passages that connected the Canton of Bern with the Canton of Valais. The hike starts in Kandersteg and follows the course of the Kander river: it climbs towards the Eggeschward and then over the pass and the Chluse gorge.

The path continues towards the Gastereholz plain, between steep rock faces, birch woods and flowery meadows dotted with slipper of Venus e alpine clematis. Continue to the top of the Sackhorn mountain and then, between panoramic hairpin bends with a view of the Mischabel massif and the Bietschhorn, you arrive at the alpine settlement of Selden.

Among the various excursions to do in Kandersteg, it is recommended to take the path that leads to the Gasterntal Valley: you start from the village station and, after a short underpass, you reach Bütschels. The excursion continues along the Kander river and then reaches Filfalle.

From Eggeschwand you walk through the woods, passing waterfalls and reaching the beautiful protected area of ​​Gasternholz, where streams gush out in the shadow of the Tatelischorn. Passing another dense forest and passing Staldi, you arrive at the destination which also in this case corresponds to the alpine village of Selden.

Holidays in Kandersteg

cow hiking in nature in Kandersteg

Kandersteg is certainly a small alpine village, perfect for relaxing and fully enjoying the mountain atmosphere. However, the surrounding area is full of hiking trails that lead to unmissable places such as lakes, valleys and Alpine passes: these routes usually take the whole day and not just a few hours.

Often then you can choose to postpone a visit to a place to enjoy one of the institutional events, that enliven the summer in Kandersteg: in fact, during the summer, unmissable parties are held such as the Kandertal Country Festival, the Alphorntage during which you can hear the famous alphorns and the Open Air Cinema in Balusee.

In summer, excursions are also organized in Kandersteg which lead tourists to discover the local gastronomy: among the dishes to be tasted absolutely there are the say, the fondue, the berner platte, squeegee, the spatzle and the inevitable Swiss chocolate.

Speaking of gastronomic excursions, among these the one that leads to a visit to one of the Ricola Gardens cannot be missing: here you find yourself walking among as many as 13 alpine herbs, the same ones used to prepare famous Swiss candies.

There are many i restaurants and mountain inns where you can savor the typical cuisine of Kandersteg, some of which are certified with the Swiss Guild of chefs-restaurateurs.

In and around Kandersteg there is no shortage of accommodation, including luxury hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, mountain huts and family-run hotels: every type of tourist, from families with children to sporty young people, will find the most suitable structure for them in this corner of Switzerland.

In Kandersteg there is also the International Center of Explorers, where young scouts are trained: the structure is open to young people from all over the world, but also to other guests, who can stay here in a lively and lively atmosphere.

Kandersteg summer holidays

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