Isola 2000 in the summer

Insulated 2000

Insulated 2000, located in the French municipality of the same name, is one of the most important ski resorts south of the Alps, which is located a few kilometers from the Italian border. It is part of the Val di Ciastiglione, fifteen kilometers away from the French commune of Isola, in the Alpes-Maritimes department.

The Val di Ciastiglione was part of the Italian territory until the Treaty of Paris in 1947: this locality is in fact only 63 kilometers from Cuneo. Until then it was the favorite hunting area of ​​the Savoy.

The construction of Isola 2000 began in 1971. Its extension exceeds two thousand hectares and includes fifteen peaks that start from a minimum altitude of 2450 meters to a maximum of 2974 meters; the addition of the number "2000" next to the denomination signifies the altitude on which this locality is located.
Its geographical location is excellent: it allows you to enjoy the snow in winter, but especially the sun in summer!

Staying in this location in the summer allows you to fully enjoy it beautiful and relaxing landscapes. The peaks rise majestically and dominate the green and luxuriant valley.

For sports lovers there are many itineraries to follow, by mountain bike or on foot, which allow you to reach wonderful places. Lovers of hiking and mountain walks will be spoiled for choice regarding the routes to take. For those who want to relax, in addition to being greatly facilitated by the pleasant environment, they can go to the numerous receptive structures, many of which include, within them, the thermal baths.

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What to do and what to see

The holiday in Isola 2000 offers all its visitors: from the most experienced hikers, to families who want to enjoy the mountains in summer, to visit wonderful places.
The Maritime Alps, on the border between Italy and France, offer unique scenarios for lovers of mountain holidays in the summer.
In this place immersed in the Maritime Alps you can undertake eighteen hiking trails, of various lengths and of every difficulty, each of which allows you to find unmissable corners, naturalistically speaking.

It is possible to do excursions with any type of difficulty: from walks in the company of the whole family, including children, to longer routes for which a sporting preparation is required. The paths dedicated to sports are especially those that end on the peaks of the hills.

Excursions and places to visit

The territory of Isola 2000 is included in the Mercantour National Park. The park extends from the Maritime Alps to the Alpes de Haute Provence, was established in 1979 and in 1993 was awarded the European diploma of protected areas.

The Park boasts a very rich vegetation and a varied flora: in the walks, starting from Isola 2000, you can easily meet deer, roe deer, ibex, marmots, chamois, mouflons, wild boars and other species of animals that populate the mountainous areas.

The members of a pack of wolves, naturally arrived from Abruzzo, are also welcome guests of the Park. Looking towards the sky you can observe the flight of rare species of birds, such as the bearded vulture, the golden eagle, the black grouse, the partridge. Climbing in altitude, the alpine chough and the coral chough will appear.

Starting from the Isola 2000 station you can go and visit the Vens lakes: a place much loved by experts, botanists and photographers!

The variety of plants encountered during the journey are truly numerous and many of them can only be observed in these territories, in fact only here do they find the ideal conditions to live in the most luxuriant way. Among these are some species of beautiful orchids and saxifragaceous plants.

Near the lakes of Vens there are shelters where you can refresh yourself: you can taste the tasty local sweets to be enjoyed overlooking the lake.
The walk to the Vens lakes is suitable for the whole family!

For the more sporty, a very interesting destination is the Rabuons lake, in the Alto Tinée region. To reach it you will need to prepare for a real excursion that will lead you to reach the altitude of ben 2500 meters above sea level. It will be very intriguing to observe the mineral varieties that characterized the area.

also the Villars-sur-Var waterfalls they are located a few kilometers from Isola 2000 and can be reached via one pleasant walk, without difficulty, suitable for the whole family. Starting from the village of Villar-sur-Var, following the course of the river, in a magnificent landscape, you will reach the waterfalls. For the bravest, it will also be possible to cross the river.

Another very satisfying walk, to be enjoyed with the whole family, is the one that leads from the village of Saint Martin d'Entraunes to the plateau of Saint Barnabè. It is a walk that allows you to live the experience of immersing yourself with all five senses in one of the most beautiful woods in the area.

A very interesting excursion of medium difficulty, to face which you do not need to be professional sportsmen, but it will be enough to be trained to walk in the high mountains, it is the one that allows you to go around the lakes.

This walk culminates with a view of the Alios lake, one of the most beautiful in the area. In this excursion it will be very likely that there will be the possibility of meeting marmots and chamois.

Receptive and attractive structures

In addition to the numerous natural paths that a place like Isola 2000 offers, immersed in the Maritime Alps, there are numerous attractions created by man, in these places, which make the most of the natural characteristics of the place.

Children are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature through paths prepared specifically for them, in complete safety, assisted by expert guides.

Climbing with ropes, on trees or on slopes, children can experience the thrill of practicing sports while being in constant contact with nature.

There are also many organized groups that you can contact to do mountain bike excursions. Mountain biking will allow you to visit many beautiful places in less time.


Near Isola 2000 there are numerous hotels able to satisfy every need of visitors. Many of these boast within them of wellness facilities state-of-the-art, which exploit mud from the earth, to offer their customers high quality treatments.

However, there are also hotels and Bed and Breakfast suitable for all budgets.


The accommodation facilities that are located along the hiking trails, both for sportsmen and for families, are very welcoming. The experience of the inhabitants of the Alps is felt with all its warmth. In each refuge you will find hot drinks, hot meals, sweets and savory savory dishes, suitable for all tastes!

The shelters, especially those located at high altitudes, also offer the possibility of a warm bed or large spaces in which to rest for the night using their sleeping equipment.

In every place of major tourist interest there are characteristic restaurants and of a good standard. In every village, including that of Isola, there are all the services a visitor may need in the summer: from the medical guard, to mountain rescue, from shops, fully stocked with equipment for life in the mountains, to refreshment points and of aggregation.

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