The most beautiful lakes in Val Gardena

The most beautiful lakes in Val Gardena

Val Gardena it is an enchanting place, located in the heart of the Dolomites, in South Tyrol.

Loved by tourists for the breathtaking landscapes it offers, it is beautiful to visit especially in the spring and summer months, when the snows melt and, timidly, the first shoots sprout and everything around smacks of rebirth.

Precisely in these pleasant landscapes, you can admire the beauty of small alpine lakes, formed after the last ice age.
Let's see together some of these enchanting lakes, which deserve to be visited in the summer.

Lake of Crespeina

It is a turquoise and clear body of water that rises in the basin of the Puez-Odle Natural Park. The history of this lake is shrouded in a mysterious legend, which sees a dragon that lived underwater as the protagonist. When this animal flapped its tail, it created gigantic waves and, at night, bright with the colors of the rainbow, took off leaving behind a trail of fire, a symbol of ominous omens. The inhabitants of the place, to avoid bad luck, built many crosses around the lake, so the dragon from that moment disappeared.

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In summer, especially in the months of July, August and September, it is possible to go on excursions to get to the lake. Starting from the Plans-Frara cabin in Colfosco, in Val Badia, you can easily reach the lake and, shortly after, you come across the Puez Refuge, where you can rest, and then return to Colfosco. Along the way, you also come across Baita Jimmy, a typical place where you can have lunch. The difficulty of the route is medium-low and it takes a total of about four hours to complete.

Pisciadù lake

Located on the peak of the same name, at 2585m in the Sella Group, it can be reached from Passo Gardena, taking Path 666, climbing along the equipped rock slopes. Here is also the Franco Cavazza Refuge, managed by the CAI, where it is possible to stop and rest.
The excursion lasts half a day round trip, of which 2-3 hours are only needed for the ascent. It is a rather demanding type of excursion, which requires a minimum of preparation. It is certainly not suitable for those who are hiking for the first time!

If you arrive at the Pisciadù Refuge, you decide to continue, you will find the Boè Refuge further on.
To get there, you can easily take the road to Passo Gardena, which is quite wide and comfortable, and then leave the car in the parking lot at the beginning of the excursion. For those who decide to complete the route, it is recommended to return by bus.

Ciampedel lake

It is a lake located in the Vallunga in Selva, reachable with a walk of about 45 minutes, but also by bike or e-bike.
Taking the Vallunga and following the slightly sloping path, you will find the Chapel of San Silvestro. Continuing through woods and scree, you reach Lake Ciampedel: a gem of green water, set among the surrounding Dolomite peaks. Around there are also small beaches, which rise among the trees, where it is possible to stop to spend a few hours of relaxation, or to have a picnic while enjoying a splendid view.

Lagustel lake

This small alpine lake lies on a grassy basin, in whose waters the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto are reflected. It can be reached through many paths, which can be traveled on foot, by bike or e-bike. The most common route is the Cristauta, above Santa Cristina, in the locality of Plesdinez. It is a place suitable for the whole family, where you can have a picnic or relax along the shore, surrounded by hills.

Other lakes in Val Gardena

Other lakes in Val Gardena, which can be visited via hiking trails, are: Lake Iman and Lake Santo. Both are part of the Odle Group, and to reach them you follow the Col Caiser path up to the Grande Fermeda. The two lakes represent a suitable place to relax and rest; the routes to reach them are simple, also suitable for children.

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