Grindelwald in the summer


In recent years, it has become increasingly important and indispensable to enjoy a nice period of vacation and relaxation, especially during the summer months, and what better choice than to spend it in the exceptional and enchanting Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is definitely the perfect destination to spend your summer holidays pleasantly, as it is completely immersed in a enchanting, verdant and almost unreal alpine landscape at an altitude of 1034 meters, showing to embody an unmissable and delightful place in many respects.

Where exactly is Grindelwald?

Grindelwald is a small Swiss municipality, whose official language is German, and is located in the canton of Bern, precisely in the region ofupland, at the foot of the Alpine peaks of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn and near the Bernese river Lutschine, generally indicating the largest ski resort in the region and the Jungfrau peak.

What are the characteristics of Grindelwald?

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In general, Grindelwald indicates a postcard mountainous location, as it is mainly characterized by a breathtaking mountain and alpine landscape, so much so that it becomes part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and to be considered as one of the most romantic and fascinating valleys in the whole of Switzerland, becoming more and more appreciated and preferred by many tourists and hikers from all over the world.

In fact, Grindelwald is not only made up of countless and extraordinary panoramic points to be appreciated and contemplated, but it is also equipped with excellent and varied accommodation facilities, distributed in various areas of the Swiss city.

There are many hotels, chalets, holiday homes and bed and breakfasts, present in comfortable and functional geographical positions and capable of making your holiday even more enjoyable.

Grindelwald it is also a destination for tourism and wellness holidays: luxurious spas, which are enclosed in fantastic wellness centers to make your holiday even more relaxing, huge and warm indoor and outdoor pools, with incredible and spectacular views.

There are also many restaurants where you can taste and enjoy the culinary wonders of Switzerland in complete tranquility, such as the famous cheese fondue or the tasty pasta from the mountain dweller "Alplermagronen".

Trails and excursions

Around Grindelwald a vast network of mountainous itineraries developed and concentrated, which are of about 300 km and which have been specially designed to carry out comfortable and interesting group walks and excursions, where you can admire the Swiss mountain panorama step by step, dotted with numerous and fantastic lakes and peaks, or even practice an optimal and healthy sport completely en plein air.

A Grindelwald there are suitable and safe paths and paths both for families with children and for lovers and enthusiasts of trekking and trails at high altitude.

In addition to trekking and mountain biking a Grindelwald you can also practice bungy jumping, canyon jumping, paragliding, zip rider, tyrolienne, jogging and climbing.

Therefore, Grindelwald undoubtedly represents the ideal summer destination for couples, families and lovers of outdoor sports and mountain walks, whether it is a short stay of a simple weekend or whether it is a holiday of a whole week, as it offers a very vast and unparalleled landscape, particular itineraries, excellent food and fabulous accommodations, all enclosed in a mountainous Swiss town purely fairytale and characteristic.

What to do and what to see

In general, Grindelwald represents a mountain resort with multiple opportunities, as it is equipped with many nature trails suitable for anyone who wants to spend and relax with an excellent and sunny summer day outdoors or even for those who want to keep fit by practicing healthy sport.

This Swiss town belongs to a region rich in very particular alpine, rural and peasant customs and traditions, all to be discovered and savored completely during your stay in the city.
Indeed, during your stay in Grindelwald, you can fully test and understand the traditions and Swiss peasant life through carrying out some unique and characteristic activities, such as the interesting visit to a local dairy or farm, where you can milk a cow and then taste its milk and savor the famous and healthy alpine herbs.

Furthermore, Grindelwald's most popular and recommended mountain hikes they are indicated by the suggestive high-altitude hikes that start from Grindelwald-First and cross the nearby Bachalpsee lake up to the Schynigen Platte, as they are considered to be one of the most fascinating mountain tours in the region and as they are really suitable for everyone.

In addition to that, you certainly cannot miss the light e on your summer holiday in Grindelwald short walk between Mannlichen and Piccolo Scheidegg, which is to be recommended to everyone as it allows you to fully admire and contemplate the fantastic, enchanting and famous mountainous triad of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch peaks, giving a breathtaking show.

Instead, the Eiger trail represents a phenomenal hike at high altitude, which is certainly recommended and indicated for experienced sportsmen and mountaineers and which starts from the Eigergletscher station, then descends to Alpiglen and subsequently arrives at the foot of the famous north face of the Eiger, which in turn indicates one of the most exceptional and most complex rock and climbing walls in the world.

Suspended bridge

The Grindelwald-First serves as a starting point for numerous mountain hikes and as many dynamic and lively activities, as amply testified by the new and modern First Cliff Walk by Tissot, which represents a practical suspension bridge, in steel and with a wonderful structure, as it allows you to admire the north face of the Eiger at a height of about 50 m.

Swing suspended

The 800 meters of the First aviator and the characteristic and traditional swing suspended they allow the most fearless and courageous to experiment and try strong ones adrenaline rushes at electrifying speeds of around 84 km / h, darting through the air hanging from a strong rope; children can play and have fun in the nearby large playground, located at the intermediate station of Bort.

Panoramic point

Pfingstegg essentially indicates the Grindelwald viewpoint, as it offers a wonderful and unmissable view of the entire valley and also allows you to get great fun and satisfaction with very little effort, since it can be reached comfortably with the help of a characteristic and punctual cable car.

Grass sledding

At Pfingstegg there is a fun summer run (grass toboggan), which can be done individually or in pairs. A day of pure relaxation and fun in close contact with nature and proving to be an ideal activity for both young people and adults and at any time of day.

Bachalpsee lake

On the other hand, it is almost useless to state the famous and amazing beauty emanating from Lake Bachalpsee, which, with the presence of the lively and verdant mountains in the background, is able to offer a beautiful and unmissable postcard view, where you can relax and fully enjoy of a beautiful sunny day.

Jungfraujoch red train

Another activity to carry out and to recommend during your stay in Grindelwald is undoubtedly indicated by the visit and the trip on the very famous Jungfraujoch railway, which represents the highest railway station in Europe and which is located under the summit of Mount Jungfrau, offering an incredible and breathtaking panorama, including the observation of the main peaks that surround the Swiss city and the great the Athletesch glacier. Around the station you can also find numerous souvenir shops, the well-known Sphinx science observatory and the highest post office in Europe.

Mountain Spring Festival

However, we must certainly also mention the fantastic and characteristic local festival, indicated by the Mountain Spring Festival, where, towards the middle of June, it is possible to participate and witness the tradition of the alpine horn and the typical singing of the Jodel, thus listening to numerous folkloristic and costumed groups of singers and musicians, who compete in folk dances and songs characteristic of the place, significantly brightening the atmosphere, thanks also to the participation of skilled yawners in costume.

This festival is celebrated annually in Mannlichen, which can be easily reached from Grindelwald using the comfortable and efficient gondola lift.

How to Get There:

Grindelwald can be reached comfortably by air, landing in theZurich, Bern or Basel airport and subsequently taking the relative and punctual buses.

In addition, this town can also be reached by car, along the cantonal road and connected to Interlaken, or with the help of the train to its namesake station, with the routes on the Bernese Oberland railways or on the Jungfrau railway.

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