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Garmisch-Partenkirchen is located in the southern area of ​​Bavaria on the border with Austria at an altitude of 709 meters above sea level, the town has 26.800 inhabitants. Its birth dates back to 1935 with the unification of the two villages: Garmisch and Partenkirchen. Famous for being the home of the Winter Olympics in 1936 and the Alpine Skiing World Championships in 1978 and 2011, it reveals itself in summer under a completely new aspect in terms of landscape and mountain-related sporting activities.

A trip to this splendid Alpine town is therefore not reserved only for snow lovers: in the summer months a visit to Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a winning choice both for the peroxide and sparkling air and for the enchanting places. The favorite destination for outdoor lovers but also perfect for a social life, a city that offers opportunities for fun for all tastes a stone's throw from the Alps.

Although the city has an urban atmosphere, the two localities retain the natural charm of the ancient mountain villages, especially Partenkirchen where you can still find farmers who dress in traditional costumes and meet herds of cattle in the streets of the city. they head to the pastures.

Things to see and do in Gramisch-Partenkirchen

In Bavaria, hiking is one of the most popular sports activities as the locals are firmly convinced of the benefits that can be gained from a walk in the open air. Excursions find great space between the hills and the 300 km of paths which in summer are now free from snow.

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Among the excursion destinations we recommend the suggestive Partnach gorge (Prtnachklamm). To reach it you have to walk along a path that lasts about 25 minutes starting from the Olympic Stadium. Once you reach the place there is a ridiculously expensive ticket to pay, which allows you to cross the cave via the Prtnachtloof path. along the way you can enjoy extraordinary views and evocative passages passing through dark and narrow tunnels admiring the power of nature that shows itself in all its strength in the rapids that run through the rocks. Beyond this path you reach an open space where the mountain watercourse finds its peace, allowing you to dip your feet to cool off or stop on the shore, resting or refreshing yourself to regain energy after the short but intense adventure.

Going up Mount Wank at 1780 meters with the cable car you can enjoy a breathtaking view. in the middle of the route you can decide to go down and walk up to the top, if you are in the company of children or you do not have adequate training, it is better to continue by cable car and take the path downhill. From the top the landscape is 360 ° and photography lovers will find here numerous material for their reportages.
You can also take long walks among the pastures and the surrounding ridges, easy to reach through the well-marked paths that pass through the woods and then descend choosing between a more panoramic route but with a greater length, or make a direct descent that crosses the forest. The latter is a somewhat narrow path especially in certain points but not dangerous, you also find yourself crossing streams, small waterfalls and some bridges. The duration of the walk without running is about 1 hour until you reach the intermediate station where there is a shelter in which to stop before choosing whether to continue using the cable car or continue with the trek for the marked path which includes yet another hour of I walk. A day of trekking to be faced uphill only by experienced and trained people while downhill is also suitable for people with average training and good physical shape and health.

Alpispitz is also worth mentioning. It can be reached by taking a cable car that quickly takes you to the top, the view from here is spectacular. For refreshment there is a refuge where you can taste the typical dishes of Bavaria. There are also two bridges suspended in the void for the more adventurous of visitors, extremely suggestive but to be avoided by those who suffer from vertigo. The descent can be done on foot for trekking lovers who find in the panoramic path an excellent opportunity to admire the surrounding landscape and experience nature to the full. Along the way there are several shelters where you can taste the typical local products and take some home, without weighing down the backpack too much for the descent on foot.

The city, which stands out for its worldly appearance, is also important on a historical-cultural level. Among the important monuments, the old church of St. Martin, built in the 1730th century in Gothic style and featuring splendid stained glass windows, is worth visiting. and the frescoes depicting the passion of Christ. Also noteworthy is the new church of St. Martin built in 1700 by the architect Joseph Schmuzer, near the center there is the baroque sanctuary of St. Anton dating back to the early XNUMXs.

The main streets of the center are very characteristic, where it is pleasant and interesting to admire the frescoed houses with a religious and agricultural theme. The balconies are filled with pots and tubs of brightly colored flowers, especially geraniums that they choose from the terraces by covering them and creating a postcard landscape. Don't miss the Hauptstraße and Bahnhofstraße. Also noteworthy is the Ludwigstraße that crosses the city center and where the old Post Inn was located, which today has been transformed into a Hotel. In the then inn King Ludwig II used to stop to allow the horses to rest before tackling a steep long climb to his chalet located at 1.866 meters high.

In Garmisch-Partenkirchen many sporting events and competitions take place, in particular this kind of events take place in the well-known springboard restored in 2007 and in the vicinity of the Olympic Stadium dating back to 1936 and which still maintains the original structure. Garmicsch is also very popular during the Music Festival which is dedicated to the composer and conductor richard Strauss who died in this city in 1949.

Lake Staffelsee is a beautiful lake belonging to the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district of Bavaria. On its banks are the settlements of Murnau, Seehausen and Uffing. Its area includes seven islands of which only the largest is inhabited or Worth where the Staffelsee abbey is located, a Carolingian monastery dating back to the eighth century. The lake is a quiet and romantic place, here you can play various water sports but also take a delightful rowing boat trip. Young people love the calm waters of the lake are much appreciated by young people who cross it with a canoe or with a surf. While the divers carry out dives on the seabed.

In Garmisch Partenkirchen you can carry out all kinds of sporting activities such as: mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, canyoning, hydrospeed, paragliding, rafting, archery, badminton, basketball, volleyball, canoeing, cycling at different levels, diving, fishing, horse riding, kayaking, Nordic wlaking, scenic flights and boating. Sports equipment can be rented on site to allow everyone to try new sports without the need to purchase or carry the necessary material with them. A holiday full of movement and culture in Garmisch Partenkirchen!

Holidays in Garmisch Partenkirchen

Bavaria is known for the beauty of its mountain places, Garmisch Partenkirchen are no exception. The hotels are equipped with every comfort but are above all characteristic environments in which to live immersed in local tradition. Some huts or chalets may lack the most modern equipment but beauty is the only thing that interests those looking for a relaxing holiday in contact with the unspoiled nature of the Bavarian Alps.

For your stay in this town you can therefore choose to stay in a B&B, a hotel or prefer camping or rent an entire apartment to have more privacy, prepare your own meals and become a more complete part of the community. The apartment is also the ideal solution for families with children and dogs, as they can find the space they need.

The food and wine holiday in Garmisch Partenkirchen holds many surprises to discover. The cheeses from the malghe are absolutely worth trying as well as the soups including Zwiebeln Suppe and Frittaten Suppe; the Dampfnudeln or delicious sweet dumplings to be enjoyed with cabbage, salad, potato soup or with mushrooms in white sauce for savory dishes while as a dessert they can be served with vanilla cream, fruit or jam. You can also taste the Frankweins and the wine specialties of the area.

Garmisch Partenkirchen summer holidays

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