La basin of Fuciade is located in Val di Fassa in the heart of Dolomites of Trentino Alto Adige and it is one of the most interesting destinations for summer hiking.

Similar to a small high altitude plateau, the Fuciade basin is the place where hay was once collected for the stables of the families of Soraga, a municipality in the Val di Fassa.
Despite the altitude of almost 2000 meters it was a place of haymaking thanks to the southern exposure that gives sun throughout the summer.

Today the Fuciade still remains a place where hay is collected but tourism has transformed this place from an exclusive destination for farmers to popular tourist destination.

It is located exactly on the slopes of the Dolomite peaks of the San Pellegrino Pass and the Val del Biois, among all the Cima dell'Uomo stands out, the true reference point of the San Pellegrino Pass.

The huts

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The large lawns are full of mountain flowers and are crossed by only 2 paths that lead to some magnificent ones small huts remained exactly with the style of the past.
If in the past these huts were a shelter for hay and cows, today they are small chalets where the inhabitants of the Val di Fassa spend their weekends.

Made of wood and stone, they represent the classic alpine style of the past, preserved with jealousy, nothing has been distorted and i environmental constraints have made it possible to keep this area intact.

Fuciade Refuge

Il Fuciade refuge it is the reference point of this high altitude basin, it is a refuge that over time has also become a restaurant and "hotel".
Besides being a great one refreshment point for hikers it is also an excellent restaurant (perhaps the best in Val di Fassa), offering traditional Trentino dishes revisited with gourmet recipes.
The recent expansion of the refuge has also made it possible to improve the accommodation facility with large and nice rooms similar to those of a valley hotel.

Despite its evolution, it has managed to maintain a typical appearance alpine chalet both outside and inside. Worth a visit if only for the fairytale alpine style and décor.

What to do at the Fuciade in Summer

The Fuciade is a real destination as it is a large basin located at a medium-high altitude (from 1800 to 2000 meters above sea level) where you can find refreshment from the heat of the plain, here at Fuciade it is difficult to exceed 20 degrees of temperature even in the height of summer.

Sweet hike from Passo San Pellegrino

view from the fuciade towards san pellegrino pass

To reach the Fuciade you go up from Passo San Pellegrino with a gentle excursion that first crosses the wood and then opens up towards the pastures of the Fuciade.
Easy and suitable for everyone, with a wide and safe path, in half an hour from Passo San Pellegrino you can reach the Fuciade basin.
Arrived at the basin you can walk among the magnificent alpine chalets surrounded by greenery at the foot of the Dolomite peaks.

Photographing Mountain flowers

spring flowering at fuciade

The Fuciade could be considered as a large garden at the foot of the high mountains, here from spring to late summer hundreds of types of flowers that arise naturally and spontaneously.
This is why the Fuciade is a popular destination for the peasants of the Val di Fassa, the mountain hay that is obtained here is rich in flowers that give taste and flavor to the milk and the cheese that is obtained from it.

fuciade flower meadows

To keep this corner of paradise alive it is essential not to collect the flowers but limit yourself to photographing them, and there is also a ban on walking on the pastures just to preserve nature.
The flowers can be photographed safely along the path.

Relax with a view of the Dolomites

Fuciade in Summer

Sometimes it doesn't take much to relax, you don't need complicated excursions or high altitude itineraries to spend a relaxing day.
The Fuciade is ideal for those who want to spend a quiet day in the middle of nature of Trentino Alto Adige, immersed in greenery with fine mountain air.
At the Rifugio Fuciade there is also a solarium and an area with outdoor tables where you can stop for a break with view of the Dolomites.

From here you can admire both the Dolomites of Passo San Pellegrino, which have their slopes right here, and the Pale di San Martino seen in the distance and from an often unknown but fascinating profile.
The stone spiers soar towards the sky, the snowfields of the gullies shine under the summer sun and a magical contrast of colors is created between the green of the meadows and the blue sky above the Dolomites.

It is recommended to stay until sunset where the clouds and the peaks light up with wonderful colors and it seems to be in a fairy tale.

Perfect for families with children

marmots from Val di Fassa

If you are a family with small children on holiday in Val di Fassa and its surroundings, definitely the fuciade is a destination to be included among the places to visit.
Easy to reach, safe because there is no difference in height or exposed points and surrounded by nature are the main reasons that make it a place much loved by families with children.

Here you can spend a fantastic day in contact with nature in a breathtaking setting.

From the goats of the Refuge to cows and horses grazing in the meadows lower down to the famous and nice marmots.

The marmot has become the symbol of Fuciade and the reason is discovered from the first visit. Between the meadows and the slopes of the Dolomites they dwell lots of marmots who have chosen this place to live in absolute peace.

You can distinctly hear the whistles (their sound) with which they warn each other of possible dangers.

Just a pair of binoculars and a little patience for see them wandering around quietly around. Certainly a great experience for introduce children to mountain nature.

Marmot coming out of the den in Val di Fassa

Places to stay to visit Fuciade

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