Forni di Sopra in summer

Forni di Sopra

La Carnia it is one of the most beautiful alpine regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with its enchanting landscapes made up of alpine lakes, peaks and waterfalls, which frame picturesque villages and ancient churches.

Here, there are many places to visit, from Monte Zoncolan to the remote village of Sauris up to Forni di Sopra: this is considered not only one of Authentic villages of Italy but it is also a very popular tourist resort in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It cannot be considered to all intents and purposes a scattered municipality, even if the municipality for example, as well as the parish church, are located in two different fractions of Forni di Sopra, namely Vico and Cella.

Summer in Forni di Sopra

Forni di Sopra is a Friulian village that rises a 907 m. of height, in the heart of the splendid alpine region of Carnia: it dominates the luxuriant Tagliamento Valley and is located between the border with Veneto and the Mauria Pass.

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A large part of the municipal territory of Forni di Sopra falls within the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009: surrounding it, as if it were a gem set in a natural crown, are peaks such as Cla Savon, Monfalconi, the Cridola, the Pramaggiore, the Bivera Mountains and finally the Cla Varmost.

The latter is a real area which, thanks to the chair lifts 1 and 2, allows you to reach the Malga Varmost at 1750 m. of height, from which some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the area start.

In summer, Forni di Sopra is a destination that satisfies both nature and food lovers sports: there are many activities that can take place outdoors, from Nordic walking to climbing to paragliding.

Lovers of mountain bike then they will have many routes at their disposal, from those starting from Malga Varmost to the "Gravity Bike Park", where even Downhill and Enduro championships are held.

You can also pedal on the "Grande Tagliamento Mountain Bike Ring" where, over a length of about 30 km, dirt roads alternate with clearings that run along the course of the Tagliamento river for most of the route.

Il Old Town di Forni di Sopra is graceful and authentic, among the colorful murals created by Marino Spadavecchia and the typical barn houses that have the lower part in stone and the upper one in wood, complete with external wooden stairs and balconies.

Walking through the village you come across particularly ancient buildings such as Casa De Pauli, Casa Munic e Casa Dai Fornes dating back to the 600s and home to the “Museo Filo dei Ricordi”. This museum space, through agricultural objects and objects related to the art of weaving, tells the story of the village and the main economic activities of the time. Very beautiful is the collection of scarpéts, the typical hand-embroidered velvet shoes.

Inside the nineteenth century Casina Di Vic instead there is the "Museo Rurale Fornese", dedicated to the ethnographic and cultural heritage of Forni di Sopra. A visit to the museum allows you to observe the rural environments of the past such as the carpentry, the room with the boilers where milk was worked and the kitchen.

In the hamlet of Cella there are the two churches of the village, namely the Parish church of S. Maria Assunta and the fourteenth century Church of San Floriano, inside which is preserved a beautiful polyptych depicting San Floriano himself, the work of "Bellunello".

In the other fraction of Andrazza it is possible to visit the remains of the ancient one Sacuidic Castle: the manor, built in the 1200th century on the banks of the Tagliamento, was literally burned at the stake in XNUMX by the Savorgnani to put an end to the clandestine mint that had settled inside. Many finds made on the site refer to this illegal activity, including coins, ingots, metal and arrowheads.

A summer holiday in Forni di Sopra will not fail to satisfy even families with children, given the presence of “Fantasy Park” and “Pinewood Playground”, where every play equipment is inserted in an idyllic naturalistic context, between a lake and coniferous woods. In this case, there are also soccer fields and the "Argentovivo" path for physical and mental well-being.

What to do and what to see

Forni di Sopra is the perfect village from which to start organizing excursions and explore the lush surrounding area, starting from the Parulana Wildlife Area. It is located in the heart of the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park and the animals populate fenced areas far from human presence and other sources of disturbance, so much so that you need binoculars to be able to spot them from the walkways in the park.

A small stream crosses the entire wildlife area, in order to provide the animals with a source of natural and safe water, the quality of which is certified by the presence of crayfish.

from Malga Varmost, located at 1756 m. high, there are a series of paths such as the Path a Clap Varmost: this rocky peak, very similar to the keel of a boat, can be reached by following what are ski slopes in winter, among pastures, larch woods and clearings.

Then there is the Caposassi Trail which leads to 1813 m. height of the Casera Lavazeit. The route is well signposted and offers magnificent views of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Ampezzo and Friulian Dolomites.

Among the routes that can be taken starting from Malga Varmost is the one that leads to the mountain crest that connects the Crusicalas and Mount Simon and then the Tour of the huts of Forni.

This excursion winds its way with the Monfalconi Group and the La Suita Lakes as a constant backdrop: you arrive at the Casina Tartoi at 1711 m. high, then to Casera Tragonia at 1780 m. high: from here you can go down to Forni di Sopra via path no. 209, or continue to the vault of the Malga Montemaggiore bivouac, via CAI path no. 211.

Then there is the Path of the Gentians which starts from the Giaff Refuge, reachable with the CAI path 346 from the Mauria Pass: cross the Forcella Urtisiel, pass the Casera Valbino and arrive at the Campuros prairie, to then reach the scenic Forcella dell'Inferno, from which the view of the Dolomites is incredible.

The excursion that leads to the Pacherini refuge at 1587 m is also very beautiful. high and the more demanding one which promises to reach Monte Clapsavonf via path no. 210, from whose summit the view sweeps over the Turi Glacier, the Eastern Dolomites and even the sea, when the sky is particularly clear.

Holidays in Forni di Sopra

A holiday is synonymous with relaxation and having plenty of time available allows tourists to fully experience this location, also getting to know its culture and traditions through summer events such as the “Spring Herb Festival”.

In the past, the Habsburg Empire and the Serenissima Republic of Venice used to get their supplies from Forni di Sopra with herbs, for gastronomic or pharmaceutical purposes: this colorful festival takes place in the month of July and offers visitors the opportunity to take part in walks to discover the smallest secrets of these vegetable gems.

Having time also means being able to enjoy a hearty lunch based on goodies typical of Carnia and not just nibbling on something fleeting during excursions or travelling: among the typical specialties to be tasted absolutely are the Pitino IGP salami, the Musèt and Brovade, the Sclopit soup, the cjarsòns ravioli and the ever-present frico.

From a receptive point of view, the structures present in Forni di Sopra are many and varied, satisfying the needs of any type of tourist: in fact, you can stay in family-run pensions, hotels, wellness centers, holiday apartments or camping areas, for those who do not want to give up even a moment in contact with the uncontaminated nature of the splendid Val Tagliamento.

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