Falcade in the summer


falcade it is defined as the largest inhabited center in the Biois Valley, we are at analtitude of 1100 in the heart of the Dolomites between Focobon, Pale di S. Martino, Marmolada and Civetta.

Spending your holidays in this village of just over 1926 inhabitants will allow you to disconnect from busy life of the city to enjoy healthy and regenerating air for your lungs and your mind.

The mountains are known to be suitable for everyone, for those who love sports and the outdoors and for those who want to dedicate themselves to complete relaxation in the beautiful setting of the Dolomites, perhaps sipping a hot herbal tea in some spa overlooking the Dolomites.

What to do and what to see in Falcade

The mountain in summer offers a wide range of activities suitable for all ages. There Falcade - Le Buse cable car will allow you to reach the town of Molino where there are different mountain huts, refuges, restaurants to taste the local products of this wonderful land.

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From here you can start a path dedicated to the family with walks in the middle of nature or paths dedicated to mountain biking. Le Buse has a recently built gondola lift that will allow you to reach one of the most evocative places in this area.

The frame that lends itself in front of you sees the peaks of the Marmolada, Civetta and Pelmo. From this wonderful panorama you will be able to enjoy a splendid day of relaxation taking some sun, perhaps enjoying the typical products that the mountain huts prepare for their guests.

Summer is the best time of the year to take advantage of the access to the Garden of the Ants, a path created specifically for families whose theme proposes the life of the ant Ruffa, a small inhabitant of this wonderful land. The tour includes an intriguing journey through the anthills that these tiny animals manage to create.

Another attraction is the Wood of the Artists, in 2018 all the works that local artists had created gathered along this path. The scenery is so bewitching that the location is used for beautiful classical music concerts immersed in the greenery and silence of the Dolomites.

Le Buse can be easily reached either on foot through the paths or by using the aforementioned cable car.
falcade it is not only malghe, paths and breathtaking views but also enjoys an important architectural, historical and cultural heritage of which visitors are fascinated. A unique opportunity to enjoy precious finds of local history and naturalistic images that can be seen firsthand in a place where nature, silence and respect for what surrounds us are strongly rooted in the soul of local people. Of great tourist attraction are the tabia, of the common barns of which Falcade enjoys many examples. They are very rare, the number is around 300 barns, in this locality it seems that there is a greater presence than in the neighboring municipalities.

The tabià were of fundamental importance for the inhabitants of the Dolomites, placed in conjunction with the house, its function was that of a barn, stable or sometimes a warehouse for the storage of animal feed, cereals, legumes, corn, construction wood and firewood, manure to fertilize the fields. The structure allowed inside to have the necessary space to house a stable for the animals. The farmer could use it as a deposit for all the equipment necessary for the work he had to carry out. Nobody built his tabià autonomously but it was the community itself that helped his fellow citizen. It was a kind of endless help because everyone helped everyone without having anything in return, indeed, what they received in return was mutual help. The structure is very simple with interlocking beams inside which the owner engraved the year of construction and his name on one.

Falcade also enjoys historical frescoes called Santi alle Finestre. These are some sacred stage works most likely from the XNUMXth century. Our ancestors were very devoted to the Saints to ask for favors or graces. If you are interested in finding out more about all these scenes, a map is available at the IAT.

Holidays in Falcade

Falcade offers the possibility to satisfy your every need for a dream stay that you will hardly forget. You will have at your disposal the opportunity to do trekking, climbing, via ferratas among the most beautiful mountains and breathtaking landscapes.

The Falcade area combines both semi-flat parts and steep slopes at the foot of the Dolomites, this variety makes this Belluno town suitable for all sports enthusiasts, from trekking to road cycling or mountain biking.

It is important to point out that Falcade is a well-known stop in the Alta Via number 2 starting in Bressanone to reach Feltre. There is also the possibility to cross theHigh way of the shepherds and the Alta via Tilman very important because during the Second World War it was crossed by partisans.

For those who are lovers of mountain bike the nature trails will allow you to reach the lake of Cavia where a magnificent panorama opens up over the Venetian mountains.

Holidays with Children

Falcade is also ideal for families even with very little children, in the country there is a very large playground always free to be able to have fun in an unparalleled panorama, inside the park there are many games, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, for all tastes and all without the slightest effort because it was created specifically on land flat.

Local hiking guides they organize walks in the mountains dedicated to children, lead them to discover nature, the animals of the mountain pastures and teach the history of these territories where the mountain culture has remained impressed without being distorted by modernity.

An example above all is the Bosco degli Artisti and the Ant Garden where children can discover nature immersed in the woods among nice and beautiful sculptures.

Falcade can have an extensive list of things to do for families, from simple hiking in the valley to walks at high altitudes facilitated by the ski lifts which are active even in the summer.

It is in fact one of the most complete mountain destinations because it allows you to discover both the naturalistic aspect (alpine villages, huts, authentic nature) and the historical aspects of both mountain culture and the great war.

What to do and what to see in Falcade

There are many wonderful places to visit in Falcade both in the valley and at high altitude, here are some of the most interesting:

Forest of the artists and Garden of the Ants

Il Wood of the Artists and Ant Garden of Falcade are two unique places that deserve a visit. The Giardino delle Formiche, located in Le Buse, can be easily reached by taking the 8-seater gondola lift that leaves from Piazzale Molino in Falcade.

The thematic itinerary offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an evocative landscape, with signs and captions that tell the life of Formica Rufa and the possibility of admiring the great ones anthills which are real masterpieces of the industriousness of these animals.

The trail is simple and ideal for children and also offers the opportunity to admire other animals and learn about the local flora.

Nearby is also located the Forest of Artists it is an open-air exhibition of the works of some of the greatest sculptors and painters of the Val del Biois, which can be admired while walking in search of the Formica Rufa in the Ant Garden.

The combination of these two attractions makes a visit to Le Buse an unforgettable experience, where it is possible to enjoy the sun, the greenery and the tranquility of the area and taste some local specialties at the Le Buse Refuge or in the nearby huts.

Cold Valley

It is a small side valley located at an altitude of 2000 meters at the foot of the Dolomites. The characteristic of this very small valley is that of conversing the appearance of the past with the typical mountain farmsteads and meadows full of colorful and fragrant flowers.

The contrast of the flowery meadows with the peaks of the Dolomites and the crystal clear water stream offer a postcard view.

Malga Le Buse

With the cable car that goes up from Falcade you enter the locality of Le Buse at an altitude 1900 meters of altitude. From here, in addition to the Giardino delle Formiche and Bosco degli Artisti, you can also access the Malga le Buse. With 53 hectares of pasture, it is the right place to discover the tradition of alpine pastures and taste zero-km dairy products.

Le Buse is also the main starting point for numerous excursions (both on foot and by bike) in the Falcade excursion area. From here begins the itinerary that leads to Malga Zingari Alti (today pastures for magnificent horses), the Laresei Refuge (with a panoramic view of the Pale di San Martino and the Veneto Dolomites) and Lake Cavia.

Cavia lake

Il Cavia lake it is an artificial lake at high altitude where the Dolomites are reflected. It can be reached from both Passo San Pellegrino and Passo Valles. From Passo Valles, follow the wide dirt road that leads to the Laresei refuge and you will reach Lake Cavia in about 1 hour on foot.

Near the lake is the Laresei refuge at 2260 meters altitude where you can stop for a break with a view of the Dolomites and cool off at high altitude. The refuge is also open for lunch and dinner, here you can taste the typical dishes of the Belluno mountain cuisine.

With Margherita

It is the panoramic point par excellence in the Falcade area, from a height of 2500 meters it offers a complete view of the Dolomites such as Monte Mulaz, Cimon della Pala, Civetta, Marmolada and the Pale di San Martino group.

It can be reached on foot with itineraries that start from Le Buse or from Passo Valles but the easiest way to reach it is with the Passo San Pellegrino cable car which quickly takes you from an altitude of 2000 to an altitude of 2500m.

The Col Margherita arrival station has been recently renovated and now houses a gourmet restaurant where you can taste the flavors of the area and a panoramic bar with solarium where you can admire the magnificent panorama in complete relaxation.

Various high-altitude itineraries start from Col Margherita which also lead to the discovery of the trenches of the Great War. The ideal is to visit them with local guides who will be able to guarantee the right safety and will be able to tell the story of this fantastic place.

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