Engelberg in summer


The Canton of Obwalden is certainly, among all the cantons of Switzerland, the least known and perhaps the most frequented by the most common tourist routes: and it is precisely this aspect that has allowed this corner of Switzerland to preserve its authentic and uncontaminated beauty, made up of natural gems such as Pilatus massif, the beautiful Glaubenberg mountain pass and Lake Lungern, not forgetting the Pilatusbahn rack railway.

Then there is Mount Titlis which, together with the village of Engelberg, forms an extremely engaging ski area, with approximately 82 km of ski slopes and 25 facilities.

However, the snow hides from the eyes what spring and especially summer reveal about the location Engelberg Titlis, that is, green valleys, thunderous waterfalls, crystalline lakes and mountain passes that can be explored during exciting excursions.

Scorprie Engelberg-Titlis in summer

What is a ski area in the summer becomes a true naturalistic paradise loved by hikers and those who simply love spending their days outdoors in contact with nature. With the Titlis Rotair cable car you go up to Mount Titlis, on fantastic cabins that rotate on themselves showing a 360° view of the surrounding panorama. At the Trübsee middle station there is no shortage of entertainment opportunities for children and adults: for example, you can rent a rowing boat and relax on the Trübsee lake or take part, with the children, in a treasure hunt on the trail of ancient muleteers and smugglers.

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At the Titlis Trübsee station there are also fun attractions such as the bouncy castle, the Slackline which allows you to walk balancing on a rope, the Bag Jum Tower where you jump onto an inflatable platform (from heights of 3, 4 or 6 m.) and finally the adrenaline rush Zip-line Trübsee Flyer: attached to a steel cable, you travel a distance of 500 m. height from the lake to the Trübsee Alpine Lodge.

Trübsee it is possible to walk a 3,5 km path in the woods on board the scooter bikes, arriving at the Titlis Rotair valley station or opting for the simple one mountain bike and dedicate yourself to the many routes that start from this station, with the same bicycles that can be transported thanks to the ski lifts. For example, there is the Engelberg–Untertrübsee–Trübsee Trail, dedicated to more expert bikers as is the Trudy Trail, named in memory of the ancient guardian of the Jochpass refuge. Definitely more accessible are the Hell's Bells Trail which connects Engelberg to the Jochpass and the 4 Lakes Trail, which can also be explored on foot.

Among the most evocative and adrenaline-filled attractions of the entire Engelberg-Titlis area there is undoubtedly the Titlis Cliff Walk: it is a suspension bridge at a general height of 3041 m. and 500 m away from the ground: crossing it gives you chills but also offers an incredible Alpine panorama, just as the road to get there is magnificent, which passes through the Glacier Cave. It is a tunnel dug for 150 m. below the glacier, with the temperature hovering around 1,5° and the blue frozen vault, with the presence of ice sculptures that make this gallery even more beautiful and unmissable.

In the Brunni area, however, the little ones will find their delight in the Ristis Alpine Playground, complete with a 660 m long toboggan run. equipped with 12 curves (the speed reached is almost 50 km/h), a path that the little ones can also walk barefoot and the Globi treasure hunt.
Also to Engelberg there's a Parco Avventura with 6 different skill courses, interspersed with suspension bridges and with a 90 m high zip line.

They can also be practiced in the Engelberg-Titlis area sports such as climbing, mountaineering, golf on an 18-hole course located 100 m away. high or go rafting among the rapids and currents of the Reuss river.

In the heart of Engelberg stands the Tal Museum, inside the Wappenhaus (the House of Coats of Arms) dating back to the end of the 700th century: it is an unmissable stop for all those who want to delve deeper into local history and culture and understand how they lived in Engelberg in the XNUMXth century, among everyday objects like nailed wooden clogs and blankets padded with only leaves.

The undisputed symbol of Engelberg, however, is the Monastery, among the oldest in all of Europe: it was built in 1120, although subsequently rebuilt several times after numerous fires. Still inhabited today by around thirty monks, the Engelberg Monastery dominates the town from the top of a small hill, with its imposing and majestic structure which also includes the Collegiate Church. You can visit the Library with its manuscripts (it seems there is one written by Martin Luther), the Valley Museum, the vine from which an excellent wine is still produced today, the dairy, the carpentry shop and the Herrenhaus where in the past the monks loved to rest.

A visit to the church cloister and its gardens is also unmissable, environments that invite you to spend a few moments of reflection and peace between very ancient walls. The baroque church preserves a rather curious rococo style inside, with frescoed walls to be admired: the best time to visit the Church of Engelberg is at the time of vespers, when the monks sing liturgical verses in a gentle atmosphere, accompanied by the precious organ Kuhn.

Various paths start from the Engelberg Monastery, including the Street of San Benedetto which reaches up to the Maria-Rickenbach Convent, winding along the eastern side of the Aa river valley.

What to do and what to see

The most beautiful way to discover an area in summer is undoubtedly to organize walks and excursions, reaching places more or less distant from the great landscape and naturalistic value.
La via ferrata Graustock it is suitable for expert walkers and starts from Trübsee, from which you then take the Jochpass chairlift: you walk towards the Graustock peak between some climbing sections and steep paths, with the north face of the same mountain looming from a height of 700 m In the background, the view of the Engelberg Valley. From the top of Graustock, at 2662 m. high, you can approach the cross and admire the view of the Rigi, the Titlis, the Spannort and the Pilatus, with the possibility of also seeing the Bernese Alps on the clearest and clearest days.

Then there is one of the most beautiful excursions the Engelberg–Untertrübsee–Trübsee: in the first part of the route you pass through Stumpfmatt and then continue towards the OberTrübsee, and then continue along the Flower Trail thus returning to the starting point of the route.

The 4 lakes excursion it is certainly the most beautiful experience you can have in Engelberg-Titlis, among lakes, refuges and views of the Bernese Oberland. Part of the Via Alpina, 400 km long in total, this stretch is shorter and connects Engelberg and Melctal in approximately 15 km.

During this beautiful excursion you will encounter, in addition to the Trübsee lake at the beginning of the route, also the Engstlensee lake, very scenic with its turquoise waters. The route crosses the green Tannalp Valley, dotted with small wooden huts and the picturesque Tannalpkapelle: here there is also a dairy farm where a stop is a must to taste its products prepared on site, from yoghurt to butter to Sbrinz.

The excursion continues towards Lake Melchsee, enchanting with the Fruttkapellee located on a peninsula over the water, with the surrounding meadows colored by flowers that persist throughout the summer. From the Melch Valley, which also houses the Convent of San Nicolao della Flüe, you reach Lake Tannense, the last stop on this magnificent excursion.

The circular ring that leads to the Trübsee station starts from the playground located at the Trübsee station Stäubi waterfall, where the water that flows comes from the waters resulting from the melting of the Steinberg glacier. You can admire the waterfall and enjoy the healthy air that surrounds it sitting on wooden benches placed at its feet or at the top, with a spectacular view of the Trübsee and surrounded by a colorful and fragrant Alpine flora.

Il Alpine cheese trail it is the perfect solution for those who love walking but also satisfy their palate: this route connects eight mountain huts scattered in the Engelberg area and around Mount Titlis, it is approximately 40 km long and can also be done in stages. The starting point is the Engelberg Monastery and its dairy which, despite being located within a precious historical site, produces cheeses with modern technologies. From the monastery you go up towards Untertrübsee, then reaching the Gershnialp mountain pasture, where it is even possible to take a beneficial bath in tubs filled with whey.

You continue like this in the woods, along the Engelberger until you reach the Stäfeli hut. Going beyond the Surenen pass, you will reach the Blacknalp mountain hut, and then go up towards the Surenene dairy farm and the scenic Fürenalp mountain hut, which is located at the highest point of the entire route. The hike ends at the Langenboden and Hüttismatt dairies.

Not to be missed is the Marmot Trail, a circular route that starts and arrives at Trübsee passing through the Jochpass and the Schafftal, walking almost constantly enjoying a wonderful panorama of the Engstlensee lake with its cobalt blue waters.

Equally exciting is the Grotzli Trail on the Fürenalp: the circular path is 3,4 km long and winds through bubbling streams, young spruce trees (called grotzli) sinkholes, a biotope and lakes populated by frogs, tadpoles and salamanders.

Finally, the route departs from the Trübsee mountain station Trübsee Geological Trail -Stand: in addition to allowing hikers to enjoy spectacular views of the glacier, you walk in an area of ​​great geological value, with many information panels that clarify the origins of this mountain and its main characteristics.

Holidays in Engelberg

Engelberg is essentially a small town in the Canton of Grisons and, although there is no shortage of things to see in its centre, there are more naturalistic attractions in its surroundings.

The excursions that can be done starting from the top of Mount Titlis are many and beautiful, not to mention those routes that combine the love of nature with the passion for local delicacies (such as the cheeses produced by the mountain huts).

It is therefore clear that there must be a lot of time to fully enjoy Engelberg-Titlis a couple of weeks: in this way you can dedicate yourself to discovering the entire territory without having to give up some significant experience.

Having time also means organizing an excursion and, for once, avoiding quick picnics, even if these prove unforgettable in light of the Alpine landscapes that frame them.

You can therefore also treat yourself to some longer stops at one of the many mountain refuges, tasting typical gastronomic delicacies such as the focaccia Chäs-Schnitte topped with onion, melted cheese, mushrooms and lard. Then they are very good the Alplermagronen (first course based on potatoes, pasta, stewed onions and cheese, with an apple sauce to season everything), the Rosti and fried potatoes (very spicy roasted potatoes). Among the desserts that can energize all hikers ready to explore Engelberg-Titlis far and wide, the Nidelkuchen, a tasty cake made with apricot jam.

Those who decide to stay in the Engelberg-Titlis area will have a wide choice at their disposal, with structures suitable for younger people, athletes or families (Engelberg enjoys the mark, like many other places in Switzerland Families Welcome, with a series of ad-hoc services for parents and their children).

There are camping areas for those who love to maintain constant contact with nature, hotels, B&Bs, family-run guesthouses or the always fascinating mountain chalets, where you sleep in a heavenly setting, surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Swiss Alps.

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