Engadin St Moritz in summer

Engadine St Moritz

The Upper Engadine is one of the valleys of the Canton of Grisons and is famous for its appreciable climate and for the tourist resorts of great international appeal, starting from St.Moritz e Pontresin.

A trip to the Upper Engadine offers one emotion after another, given that there is the possibility of discovering the area aboard historic means of transport, starting with the Bernina Red Train, also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Glacier Express.

Lakes, mountain passes and green alpine pastures make the Upper Engadine an unmissable place to visit. a stone's throw from Italy.

Upper Engadine

upper engadine

The Upper Engadine is one of the most enchanting valleys in Switzerland, located in the Canton of Grisons and largely occupied by “Swiss National Park”.

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It represents one of the highest inhabited valleys in all of Europe, extending between 1600m and 1800m high and dotted with many villages with a fairytale charm, some of which are also much loved by the international jet-set.

The Upper Engadine is one of the best-known winter holiday destinations thanks to the 350 km of ski slopes, but it is in the summer that it shows all the charm of the valley: its territory, mainly flat, becomes a real explosion of life in the summer , with lush flora and stunningly turquoise alpine lakes.

The climate of the Upper Engadine is very sunny and pleasant, especially in summer: this setting has been appreciated by everyone, since the past, even by personalities such as Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche and Giovanni Segantini.

Le excursions in the Upper Engadine they are a must in such a beautiful valley, connected to the neighboring Valle Bregaglia and Val Poschiavo via the Maloja Pass and the famous Bernina Pass.

However, in this valley in the canton of Grisons there are many activities that can be carried out in the open air, starting from golf, also thanks to the presence of historic golf courses in Engadin and St. Moritz.

Lovers of bicycle instead they will have at their disposal 400 km of routes, on paths that wind through lakes, green meadows kissed by the sun and dense woods of larch, stone pine and pine. Very famous in this sense is the Königs Tour, i.e. the Tour of the King, through which you cycle on a mountain bike towards Davos via the Abula Pass and the Flüela Pass.

The presence of lakes in the Upper Engadine also allows the practice of the more typical ones sports aquatics, from windsurfing, kite-surfing, sailing, stand-up, fishing and canoeing.

Bernina red train

bernina train st moritz engadine

An alternative, but absolutely unmissable way to discover the Upper Engadine is to board the B, the famous train with red wagons part of the Rhaetian Railway: the stretch that the Bernina crosses connects Tirano, in Lombardy (Italy) to St. Moritz, through 196 viaducts and 55 tunnels, offering passengers the most beautiful panoramas of the Swiss valley.

The journey aboard the Bernina Red Train runs alongside the Inn River, passes the long Chamadura tunnel and arrives in Celerina located at 1716 m. of height. It continues towards the Ospizio Bernina at 2353 m. high, located on the shores of the beautiful Lago Bianco, with Piz Palu and Piz Bernina in the background.

The route continues towards Poschiavo and Cavaglia, where the Giardino dei Ghiacciai stands, where it is possible to admire the Marmitte dei Giganti, monumental wells dug over the centuries by the erosive force of the water coming from the glaciers.

The Brusio Viaduct is one of the most beautiful panoramic points that can be seen from the Bernina Express: it is circular and allows the train to make a complete 360° turn to reduce the obvious height difference.

Equally astonishing are the Zügen Gorge, the Landwasser Viaduct and the Alp Grüm station at 2091m. high, where the view sweeps over the Bergamo Alps, the Bernina massif and the Palù Glacier.

Summer in St. Moritz

In summer St. Moritz acquires a different guise from the winter one, more lively and colorful: it has become a renowned tourist destination thanks to an amusing bet made in 1864 by the hotelier Johannes Badrutt, thanks to which the fame of the Swiss village has grown considerably.

St. Morits is located at 1856m. high, in the heart of the Upper Engadine and on the shores of the homonymous lake of St. Moritz, on whose waters the nineteenth-century Church of San Carlo Borromeo.

The town is divided into two parts: St Moritz village it stands on a sunny terrace and is full of hotels and accommodation facilities; there St Moritz Bad instead it has its focal point in the spa which exploits particularly ferruginous waters.

Not far from the very central Piazza della Posta Veglia are the 900s Mauritiusbrunnen fountain, the Rathaus town hall and the Protestantische Kirche, a beautiful church dating back to 1787 flanked by a soaring bell tower.

The Schieferturm is also very suggestive, a tower that in the past was part of the now lost church of San Maurizio, 33° high and slightly sloping. In St.Moritz there is no shortage of museums, starting with the Engadiner Museum, dedicated to the culture and history of the valley and then the Segantini Museum: here the most beautiful works of one of the most important exponents of Divisionism are kept.


It is located 5 km from St. Moritz then Pontresin, whose historic center revolves around a beautiful pentagonal tower in Moorish style and the Chapel of Santa Maria, rich in valuable frescoes dating back to the XIII-XV century. Pontresina hosts the must-see Alpin Museum, a visit to which allows everyone to get to know the traditions of the Upper Engadine and also the architecture of its buildings, usually decorated with graffiti from the 700th century.


Also Celerina is one of the villages that deserve a visit during a summer holiday in the valley: it stands right on the banks of the river Inn and 1750 m. tall and what perhaps makes it different from all the others is that it has kept its appearance of an ancient Engadine village almost intact. What stands out here is the 1669th-century Church of San Gian, later restored in 1478: it stands on a small hill and preserves XNUMXth-century frescoes and a wonderful painted wooden ceiling dating back to XNUMX.


Also zuoz it shows itself as the typical Romanesque village, full of Baroque and Renaissance patrician houses, embellished with the typical scratched decorations. Walking through the streets of Zuoz, where an inviting coffee scent is released (in the light of the ancient roasting tradition), you arrive at the Chesa Planta, one of the symbolic buildings of the village.

It is worth organizing trips to discover others too villages in the Upper Engadine, from Sils, much loved by T.Mann and H.Hesse, a Samedan, where the Mÿsamus Palace stands: the building dates back to the XNUMXth century and houses ancient furniture in scented pine wood.

What to do and what to see in the Upper Engadine

The excursions they are the best way to discover the beauties of the Upper Engadine, starting with its lakes, true blue gems immersed in the verdant nature of the area: the characteristic that unites them is the presence of the maloggia, a pleasant breeze that allows sportsmen to experience the lakes of the valley between windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing regattas.

For this reason the lakes of St. Moritz need  Silvaplana they are particularly popular in summer with water sports enthusiasts.


lake sils

Il Chamfer lake instead, it is the favorite destination for angling enthusiasts, while the Lake Sils offers tourists the highest navigation service in Europe.

The lake rises in fact to 1800 m. high and the boat of the Segl-Maria company crosses the lake waters 4 times a day, connecting Sils Maria to the western shore where Maloja rises.

Among the many excursions that can be done in the Upper Engadine is the one that leads to Cavloc lake, which can be reached starting from the Maloja Pass and crosses the verdant woods of the Val di Forno.

Then there are the Tour of the Surlej lakes, a circular route that winds at the foot of the Corvatsch and the high-altitude route that leads to 2211 m. of height of Alp Suvretta and the nearby El Paradiso refuge.

Panoramic excursions

The most panoramic point in the Upper Engadine is the Muottas Muragl at 2456 m. high: it can be reached on board a cogwheel train or on foot, enjoying at the same time wonderful views of the Maloja Pass (from which, moreover, the Segantini Path dedicated to the well-known painter of Trentino origins starts).

If you wish, once you reach Muottas Muragl, you can continue towards the Chamanna Segantini, a cabin with the unmistakable profile of the Bernina massif as a backdrop.

Trails for everyone

La Ibex walk it is an excursion to do in family, because there is the possibility of seeing not only the ibex but also some nice marmots: you start from the Church of Santa Maria in Pontresina and walk towards the Piz d'Albris, among educational panels that explain every little curiosities about the ibex.

Speaking of holidays with children, it is good to know that the Fairy Path which, amidst imposing wooden sculptures in the shape of Engadin fairy tale books, arrives at the Heidi's Hut, the famous cartoon character who saw his adventures in a landscape very similar to that of the Upper Engadine.

The unmissable starts from the hut Path of Flowers, which allows everyone to walk through meadows dotted with more than 200 different species of flowers.

Among the most beautiful and panoramic hikes in the Upper Engadine is the one that leads to Chamanna Paradise, refuge located at 2540 m. high: the route starts from Pontresina, crosses woods, pastures and stony ground, up to the destination, from which the panorama extends over the Bernina Massif, the Morteratsch Glacier and Piz Languard.

More expert hikers can also continue towards the same peak of Piz Languarda at 3262 m. high, reaching the Chamanna Georgy.

Very beautiful are finally the hike in Val Roseg and the one that leads to Chamanna Bovala at 2495 m. high, reachable along the path of the Morteratsch glacier, with a view of Pizzo Bernina, Cresta Guzza and Piz Zupò.

Holiday in the Upper Engadine

As you can easily imagine, if you decide to take a summer holiday in a mountain resort such as the Upper Engadine, you are perfectly aware that it is not a question of visiting a city of art with monuments enclosed within a precise perimeter.

The Upper Engadine is a large valley full of places to visit, often very distant from each other: for this reason the excursions take a lot of time and not just a couple of hours.

The villages in the valley are many and picturesque, each deserving to be visited with dedication and interest. Nor can we forget the gastronomic heritage of the valley, made for example of buckwheat pizzoccheri, dried meat that is so similar to bresaola, maluns, dark bread and the capuns, tasty meat rolls.

To taste the typical dishes of the Upper Engadine, therefore, it is not enough to nibble something in a picnic during a walk: instead you need to relax at the table of the restaurants and chalets of the valley, some of which are even starred. It is therefore clear that to enjoy a satisfying holiday in the Alta

Le accommodation in the valley are many and satisfy the needs of families, sportsmen and even younger tourists. There is no shortage of luxury hotels, B&Bs, family-run pensions and huts where you can sleep literally surrounded by the Alps.

You can sleep away from inhabited centers or in the heart of the historic centers of villages such as Celerina, Pontresina and the worldly St. Moritz, without giving up comfort, ease and leisure.

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