Il D+ Trail 5.6 – Dolomiti Trail Running is a new itinerary located in the Eastern Dolomites, which winds along the Carnic Crest, passing at the base of the Popéra chain, the western limit of Val Comelico, crosses the villages of Danta, Santo Stefano di Cadore and Sappada, reaching the slopes of the mountain Coglians in upper Carnia.
The route does not have particularly demanding or aided sections and is entirely marked with the characteristic symbol of the D + Trail 5.6 running shoe.

1st day - from Camping Park Sappada to the Sorgenti del Piave refuge
Leave the Sappada Camping Park in the direction of Cima Sappada, continue on the CAI trail marker n.320; then along the wooded road, trail signs n.230 and 229, you reach the casera Tugliasi, descend to Forni Avoltri and continue towards Rigolato along the state road. Now begins the climb that leads directly to the village of Collina and then on the mountain path for CAI trail n.144 to the Lambertenghi refuge, located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Volaia at the foot of the majestic walls of Mount Coglians. Here begins the long "Carnic crossing ”, Which along path 403 leads to the Giramondo pass; continue on path 142a, 142 and 140, until you reach the Sesis pass, located at the foot of the massif of Mount Peralba. Only the last descent remains, which, after the CheckPoint at the Calvi refuge, leads directly to the Sorgenti del Piave refuge, where it is possible to admire the source of the Piave river.

2nd day - from the Sorgenti del Piave refuge to the Rinfreddo refuge
You go downhill and then uphill along the comfortable path n.137, which takes you back to the original path of the "Carnic crossing", here in descent you will soon reach the Chivion malga, where you enter the characteristic and spectacular "tour of the malghe" , path 170. Continue the descent to the Ciadon junction, where you turn right onto trail marker n.167 for casera Londo, and then onto path n.169 to the Vissada plains.
Here, along path n.165, you reach the panoramic Monte Zovo, with a view over the entire Comelico valley, where the original "totem" is located, a point that allows the collection of one of the 7 "passing pearls" necessary to complete the series of the D + Trail 5.6 Running. Now go down to the town of Costa and then to the hamlet of Sega Digon. It starts again uphill on the mule track, up to the villages of Candide and Casamazzagno and on path n.148 Mount Spina, where the homonymous ridge begins, a watershed between the Val Padola and the Val Digon, which ends on the slopes of Mount Quaternà, ancient extinct volcano; then along trail n.149 you go down to the Rinfreddo refuge, where the second overnight stay will take place.

Day 3 - from the Rinfreddo refuge to the Camping Park Sappada
Continue in the direction of casera Coltrondo, and then to the Malga di Nemes, and along path n.131 you go down to the Monte Croce Comelico pass. On path n.124 you first pass through Cima Collesei and then descend under the walls of the Creston Popéra and then go up a steep gully that leads to the Berti refuge.
Here begins the more technical part of the route which, through the path n.152 and 153, leads through various ups and downs to the Rocca di Campo fork, passing through the Camosci fork, the Piovan bivouac and the Rocca dei Bagni fork. Then go down to the Aiàrnola dairy and on trail marker n.164 you will reach the area of ​​the meadows of Monte Zovo and Pra Gràn. Here, along the marked path, you reach the Ai Lares farmhouse, located on the SP 532 of the S.Antonio pass and then towards Danta you will reach the characteristic peat bogs.
After crossing the town, take an easy mule track that descends until you reach the town of Santo Stefano di Cadore. Follow the path up to Campolongo di Cadore, go up towards Val Frison until the end of the town, where a steep mule track starts on the left, path n.313, which soon leads to the Digola pass, nestled between the Terza Piccola and the Media. Here you continue along an easy wooded road that leads to the village of Sappada, which you cross on an asphalted road south of the town up to the sports hall, and then continue on the path in the woods to the Camping Park.

For more information you can visit the Official site of the D + TRAIL 5.6 DOLOMITI TRAIL

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