Having exploded in France as a mountain sport for young people, downhill has spread like wildfire in Italy, both in the Alps and in the Apennines, effectively relaunching summer tourism. It is a young sport that allows you to have fun in the mountains with the thrill of adrenaline, the steep mountain slopes blend perfectly with mountain biking.
During the summer, bikers from all over Europe reach the ski resorts of the Alps to ascend with the ski lifts and then launch themselves on the downhill slopes that lead down to the valley through meadows and woods in a succession of nature and adrenaline.

How to practice it, How much does it cost?

"You throw yourself down the mountain along steep tracks down to the valley" is how you could describe the Downhill to those who do not know what it is, certainly the video below gives a better idea:

The ingredients of this sport are few but very expensive, especially if you decide to practice it continuously. The mountain bikes used have particular structures with high-tech shock absorbers developed specifically for this discipline. The durable frame, disc brakes, quality forks and shock absorbers take the price of a DH bike to high levels. However, to remedy this problem, just rent the equipment (including protections) directly in the mountain resorts, the higher cost compared to renting a pair of skis or snowboards but within everyone's reach if you want to spend an alternative day.

Where is it practiced?

The areas where you can practice downhill in Italy are many and are scattered throughout the territory, from the Alps to the Apennines. Valle d'Aosta led the way but after a very short time DH tracks took hold everywhere. Among the most famous locations are Pila (Valle d'Aosta), Bardonecchia (Piedmont), Livigno (Lombardy), Val di Sole (Trentino), Plan de Corones (Alto Adige), Cortina (Veneto) as well as the locations of Apennines such as Sestola and Cimone Valleys.
Obviously not all localities offer the same sporting offer, the tracks vary greatly both by the conformity of the territory and by the professionals who take care of and prepare the tracks, greatly influencing the final experience of the biker. The places that first developed this discipline are often also those that offer the largest number of tracks, also ideal for different levels of experience.

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A magnet for young people

Reflexes, coolness, agility and a modicum make this discipline the most loved by young people. Downhill has been able to bring the mountain back among the destinations of young people even during the summer season and has allowed many areas to revive summer tourism thanks to the reopening of the ski lifts necessary to bring the bikes up to the top.

Sports also for children

Although it may seem a dangerous sport, Downhill can also be practiced by children / teenagers. In some locations there are tracks dedicated to the start-up of young people with tracks designed specifically for these needs, moreover the instructors guide step by step with teachings in complete safety.

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