Dolomites, the best areas to go on a summer vacation

Dolomites, the best areas to go on a summer vacation

The Dolomites are considered the most fascinating mountainous area in Italy and among the most beautiful in the world. A summer vacation in these areas is coveted for many, every summer the Dolomites know how to attract thousands of tourists from all over Italy and from the most varied areas of the world.

Yet it is not easy to decide in which places, villages or valleys to spend the holidays. The difficulty lies above all in the understand the differences between one area and another as most tend to promote themselves only on the basis of the landscapes offered.

Here we have decided to present the places on the basis of the tourist offer by analyzing the characteristics of each area.

Holidays with children

Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi lake in summer

A huge sweet plateau overlooking some of the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. The Alpe di Siusi is one of the best areas for families with children.

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Chalet in the Dolomites

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A network with hundreds of kilometers where you can walk or mountain bike, well-kept trails and numerous refuges and huts where you can stop for a snack with a view of the Dolomites.

The Siusi plateau is located at about 2000 meters above sea level and is closed to traffic, making it a paradise where smog does not exist and the only smells are the scent of hay and mountain flowers.

On colder days, the villages in the valley below with the magnificent villages of Siusi or Castelrotto, some of the most characteristic South Tyrolean villages, are also worth a visit.

The Alpe di Siusi is not one of the cheapest destinations but if you book well in advance you can find opportunities for all budgets.

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Val di Fiemme

Panorama on Malga Juribello

A valley in the heart of Trentino which has created a tailor-made tourist proposal for families with children. The large territory, a gentle valley and the large forests of the Paneveggio Natural Park make Val di Fiemme an ideal place to take children on holiday and let them discover nature.

In the valley there is a beautiful and very long cycle path that leads to Val di Fassa, passing through large meadows and woods, crossing the villages of the valley.

The Paneveggio Natural Park is an opportunity to take children to discover unspoiled nature, with educational paths immersed in the woods that from the town of Bellamonte leads to the slopes of the Pale di San Martino, passing through streams of crystalline water, waterfalls, Tibetan bridges. and alpine lakes.

In Val di Fiemme there are also playgrounds and educational parks dedicated to children, the first is called Cermislandia and can be reached from the cable car that leaves from the center of Cavalese.

The other is the Giro d'Ali playground, which can be reached by cableway that starts from the Bellamonte ski area and also "La MontagnAnimata" in the Latemar mountains that can be reached via the cableway that starts from predazzo.

These 3 play areas for children are ideal for parents who want to entertain children safely and at the same time relax in the adjacent shelters.

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Val Pusteria

A wide and sunny valley with many places that are easy to reach and ideal for children, this is Val Pusteria.

Located on the border with Austria, it is a magnificent South Tyrolean valley with a valley altitude of between 800 and 1000 meters and then rising above 2500m with the high altitude itineraries.

To make it an ideal destination for families with children are the wide green expanses with numerous easy paths and cycle paths suitable for everyone, the semi-flat terrain also makes it particularly easy to walk with a stroller.

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Cheap holidays

It is not easy to find cheap villages and valleys where you can spend your holidays in the Dolomites. Especially in recent years, the price of summer holidays in the Dolomites has risen a lot, reaching prices that are sometimes not accessible to all families.

However some areas remain more accessible than others and can become a good option for those unwilling or unable to spend a fortune.

Obviously it should be considered that the lower price is given by concrete factors such as the absence of some services, the most inaccessible territory or the greater distance from the most beautiful and famous Dolomite peaks.

If you are willing to compromise in order to save, it must still be said that this does not take away the charm of these areas. The disadvantages listed above can be an extra gear to spend the holidays away from mass tourism and rediscover authentic places.

Rocca Pietore

rocca pietore summer

This is the town at the foot of the highest mountain and the last great glacier of the Dolomites, its majesty the Marmolada.

Despite its fantastic location, Rocca Pietore (Veneto) is one of the cheapest destinations for those who want to visit the Dolomites.

The reason lies precisely in its position, being on the slopes of the gigantic Marmolada wall, its climate is cooler and less sunny than in other areas of the Dolomites.

Even on the hottest summer days here the temperatures hardly exceed 20 degrees. Rocca Pietore, however, is a magnificent, truly authentic village in the Dolomites, which offers various hiking trails.

In the nearby town of Malga Ciapela there is the main cableway which leads directly to the Marmolada glacier reaching an altitude of 3200m above sea level. Also from Malga Ciapela you can go up to discover the Pass and Lake Fedaia or towards the Padon Refuge, here you will find a magnificent terrace overlooking the Marmolada Glacier.

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Val Zoldana

zoldana valley

Val Zoldana is another valley of the Venetian Dolomites, little known but very fascinating. A valley that has rediscovered summer tourism only in recent years but which offers great opportunities for its development.

It is not suitable for those looking for luxury hotels or perfect services but it is magnificent for those looking for breathtaking landscapes in the Dolomites.

It is nestled between some of the most impressive and fascinating peaks of the Dolomites such as Monte Pelmo and Monte Civetta, both of which exceed 3000 meters.

It is a magnificent valley for those who love nature and long excursions to discover the Dolomites, there are many itineraries and can satisfy all hiking needs.

Its conformation is also ideal for those looking for shelter from the heat of the cities, here the temperatures are optimal even in the height of summer making the holiday a real opportunity for refreshment.

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Vanoi Valley

Vanoi valley in summer

It is not possible to consider it a valley of the Dolomites because it is not located on the slopes of the great peaks, however some of its landscapes are still a frame for the Dolomite peaks that can be seen from afar.

The Vanoi Valley was for a long time a mistreated valley in tourism in Trentino, but today it has been able to reassert itself as a low cost and slow destination.

Among the most popular spots is Lake Calaita, its waters reflect the Dolomite peaks and offers a postcard landscape.

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Glamor and Luxury Holidays

Over the years some valleys and some villages of the Dolomites have developed their tourist offer focusing on the luxury offer, becoming reference points for glamorous holidays chosen above all by VIPs and people with significant financial resources.

Alta Badia

lake sompunt alta badia

Once it was just one of the various valleys of the Dolomites, today it is one of the most important destinations for luxury holidays in the Dolomites.

Val Badia has staked everything on luxury and high quality services for tourism. There are numerous luxury hotels and apartments, starred restaurants and exclusive shelters where the poor traditional dishes have given way to food and wines for the pockets of a few.

Today Val Badia is one of the most popular places for VIPs who spend their holidays in the Dolomites in luxury resorts, often reaching their destination by helicopter.

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val gardena summer

Those who arrive in Ortisei for the first time have the feeling of being in front of a spectacular wedding town. The order and beauty of the historic center of Ortisei is almost surreal, it looks like a town out of a fairytale with Alpine-style houses alternating with historic buildings with amazing paintings and flowers at every corner.

Over time, Val Gardena, of which Ortisei is part, has focused on high-spending tourism by investing significantly in luxury accommodation facilities.

Here you will find some of the most luxurious alpine hotels in the entire Alps, starred restaurants and glamorous clubs are many.

The average level of the hotel offer in Ortisei is very high and therefore also the prices are on average important.

For those looking for a high quality holiday with all the best services, modern ski lifts and luxury shelters then Val Gardena and Ortisei are the perfect choice.

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Cortina d'Ampezzo

Valley of Cortina d'Ampezzo

Always considered the main destination for VIP tourism, even today Cortina d'Ampezzo remains one of the main destinations for luxury tourism in the Alps and in particular in the Dolomites.

In recent years Cortina had been largely overtaken by Alta Badia and Val Gardena in the list of favorite destinations for high spenders but with its candidacy for the Winter Olympics it has gained new momentum.

Corso Italia, the luxury boutiques and the 5-star superior hotels make it the ideal destination for those who love luxury and excesses.

There are some mountain huts that can be reached for exclusive dinners with a view of the Ampezzo valley and the starlit Dolomites, but it is advisable to book well in advance because it will be very difficult to find a place.

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Holidays in nature

Even if all the Dolomite areas are a real paradise in nature, there are some that have been able to better preserve their territory by limiting the impact of man.

The absence or the presence of ski lifts, the presence of itineraries immersed in nature, and a tourist offer that aims at discovering the territory rather than having fun as an end in itself.

Holidays in these places offer a different experience than others, direct and pure contact with nature recharges the spirit and becomes the result of reflection on what nature can give us.

Val di Funes

Val di Funes

Val di Funes is one of the few South Tyrolean valleys that have decided to limit the number of ski lifts and concentrate their tourist offer by proposing itineraries that lead to the discovery of mountain huts and huts.

It is mass tourism but slow, where long walks in the woods are the focus of the holiday. The destination of tourists is not the shopping centers but the mountain huts and the huts today transformed into splendid shelters where you can taste the typical products of the area.

In Val di Funes you can visit the Odle, a magnificent mountain group that has its own great charm as the Dolomite peaks rise towards the sky rising from the green valleys.

The huts and mountain huts are treated in full South Tyrolean style, a maniacal care with great taste that give a typical alpine holiday.

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Val Comelico

comelico in summer

Veneto valley that borders on South Tyrol and shares some of the peaks of the Dolomites.

It is certainly an area of ​​the Dolomites where one can still find characteristic itineraries, immersed in the authentic nature of the Dolomites.

In Val Comelico the meadows alternate with steep slopes with woods where the fir trees seem to cling to the ground, and again peaks with numerous via ferrata ideal for those who love to discover the Dolomites by touching the living rock.

A holiday in Val Comelico is also an opportunity to discover the territory of Sappada, another magnificent Alpine town that has managed to preserve its historical charm. Here there is a still intact historic center with the typical alpine wood and stone huts of the past.

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What to see and what to do in the Dolomites

In this article we have mainly talked about the valleys, places and countries where to spend the holidays but the Dolomites are also ideal for short trips or weekends in the mountains.

To find out which are the most fascinating places to visit we have written a dedicated article that will take you discovering the Dream Dolomites, all those places in the Dolomites to visit at least once in a lifetime!

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