Husky Trekking

Husky Trekking

Husky trekking is a discipline that belongs to the sleddog family. Dog sledding (sled + dog) is the sport that is practiced with a sled pulled by Nordic dogs (Siberian husky). The impossibility of practicing this sport in the absence of snow led to the birth of the Husky trekking (or dog trekking).

This specialty consists in making excursions by equipping yourself with a special belt where the leash that will keep us tied to the guide dog will be attached in front. The dog will be tied in front of us and he will be the one to anticipate us in the path we have chosen.

The peculiarity of this sport lies in the fact that, unlike traditional trekking, it is closely related to the dog placed in front of us. It will be our task to give directions to the dog on the way and to regulate the pace of the excursion.

The practice of Husky trekking may seem trivial (you are almost dragged by the dog) but in truth it requires skill in handling the guide dog and in being able to keep up.

Who can practice it

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This is not a sport that is recommended for small children as it requires knowing how to tame the dog which usually walks quickly and with considerable "pull".

It is a complete sport for children and adults who want to be in contact with animals and nature. In addition to the possibility of visiting new places with particular excursions, an excellent relationship will be established with the dog that during the walk will learn to adapt to our pace by helping us in the most difficult sections of the excursion, it will be our great adventure friend.

When to practice it

It is a very flexible sport as it can be practiced from spring to autumn, the only requirement is the lack of snow and ice on the path taken, contrary to what happens for dog sledding.

Where to practice it

Dog trekking can be practiced in any mountain location where there is a dog sledding club. The most important dog sledding centers are located in Tarvisio (Friuli), Ponte di Legno and Livigno (Lombardy) and in the Cansiglio plain (Veneto). Each dog sledding club provides the dogs and the necessary instruction to go out on an excursion, and there are always guides present who accompany guests on the route.

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