Disentis Sedrun in summer

Disentis Sedrun

Il Canton of Grisons it is the only one, among those in Switzerland, where three languages ​​are spoken: above all, however, it is an area that attracts tourists from all over the world for its scenic beauty, where there is an alternation of lush valleys, turquoise lakes, glaciers and villages fairy-tale looking. Don't forget that the legendary Bernina train, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, moves right in the Canton of Grisons.

This is the frame that forms the backdrop to tourist resort of Disentis-Sedrun: these are actually two small almost bordering Alpine villages which together make up a very popular area in winter, both being part of two ski areas. But it is in summer that this area releases a different energy, more lively and sparkling, with nature showing its greenest face, to be experienced through excursions and walks for adults and children.

Discovering Sedrun and Disentis

Disentis-Sedrun is a beautiful tourist region that revolves around the Lake Toma which, located at 2345m. in height, it is essentially the place where the Rhine river originates, just below the Oberalp Pass.

Those who choose Disentis and Sedrun to spend a holiday in the height of summer will be able to find relaxation and fun among excursions and sports activities to be carried out outdoors, between golf, mountain biking and running.

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In this regard, in the month of July the event takes place in this location Rheinquelle Trail: it is a race that attracts thousands of runners from all over the world, called to run between Sedrun and the Oberalp Pass among incredible views (there are two routes available, of different lengths).

The village of sedrun it is actually a fraction of Tujetsh and rises to 1450 m. high, in the heart of Surselva, i.e. the point where the Canton of Uri and the Canton of Grisons meet.
In Sedrun the La Truaisch Museum, located inside a typical 19th century stone house. Inside there is a rich collection of minerals, as well as the reconstruction of a spinning and weaving room: there are many objects that refer to linen processing, trade and agriculture. The pottery from the Deragisch Von Bugnei collection is also present here.

At l 'wellness oasis of Bogn Sedrun instead you can relax in the saunas, Roman bath, Kneipp path and solarium, thus pampering your body and mind. There is no shortage of swimming pool, massage beds and channels that simulate the course of a natural stream.

Also Disentis, called Mustér in Romansh, is located in the Surselva area at 1130 m. tall: Theodor de Casteberg, a well-known playwright passionate about the Romansh language, was born in this small village in the Canton of Grisons.

The main attraction of Disentis is undoubtedly its Benedictine abbey founded way back in 720: before achieving its independence in 1074, for a certain period of time it belonged, by royal will of Henry II, to the bishop's church of Bressanone. Today the Disnetis Abbey represents one of the most important spiritual and scholastic centers in all of Switzerland and in particular in the Rhine Valley. The school is mentioned in a document dating back to 1258, while the rest of the baroque buildings that surround it were built between the 600th and 700th centuries.

The Abbey also consists of a restaurant, a bakery, a farm and a small museum, complete with liturgical objects, a collection of minerals and crystals. The museum also helps to understand a lot about the history of the Abbey which, given its geographical position at the foot of the Lukmanier Pass, was the subject of numerous battles during the Middle Ages. Certainly its construction gave more impetus to the development of the area.

Every day the monks welcome visitors, during holy masses or in simple hours of prayer, making the friendliness and kindness of the people who live in this lush territory available to visitors.

As for Sedrun, also i landscapes in Disentis they invite pleasant walks between alpine herbs, roses and blueberry bushes, while the little ones can also visit the llamas. The latter will then have fun with Gold Gusti, an expert gold prospector who found the large gold nugget renamed Desertina Nugget in Switzerland.

At the TCS campsite all visitors can take part in courses during which, equipped with rubber boots, shovel and sieve, they will be able to sift through waterways hoping to find even just a few specks of gold.

What to do and what to see

There are so many and varied excursions that you can do in the Disentid-Sedrun holiday region and one of them leads straight to source of the Rhine River. The starting point in this case is the Oberalp Pass and the destination coincides with a construction that very few would expect to find at 2046 m. in height, rather than by the sea. Here there is in fact a small dark red lighthouse, built in the exact point of correspondence between the source of the Rhone river and its mouth near the city of Rotterdam.

Coming down from the source of the Rhine, you come across a 9 hole golf course, complete with a driving range surrounded by peaks that exceed 3000 m. in height.

The connecting excursion is very exciting and particular Sedrun, Disnetis and Weg, taking place along a railway route. We start from Sedrun station and proceed towards Bugnei, passing over a monumental viaduct approximately 120 m long. with nine arches, a grandiose engineering work built in 1926. You walk towards Mompé Tujetsch with a view that sweeps over Piz Cazirauns, Piz Muraun and Piz Caschleglia, the entire Surselva territory and Disentis with its imposing monastery. The excursion continues descending towards Segnas, characterized by the presence of typical buildings walser. You walk towards Cuoz and Acla from Fontauna, then reach Disentis station: the train will take hikers back to Sedrun.

A summer holiday in Disentis-Sedrun cannot fail to include the panoramic excursion along the Gotthard tunnel: the route is approximately 57 km long and connects Erstfeld to Bristen, passing through the Waldiberg viewpoint and for Schawandi, with one funivia which then leads back to the valley. You walk towards Sedrun crossing the Etzli Valley and the Val Stream, with the stream saving it and, in the background, theAlpe Casehlé and the Oberalpstock. We proceed towards the Lukmanier through small villages, a stretch of forest and the picturesque wooden bridge of Mutschnengia, up to Alpe Sagn Gagl. The path takes the hiker to overcome the Passo del Sole and Passo di Predelp at 2452 m., passing along the Strada Alta Levantina you arrive at Bodio, passing through Ticino villages and hills dotted with small churches.

Unmissable then Lake Toma, a beautiful lake surrounded by a protected area at 2344 m. high: you can reach it from the Oberalp Pass, walking among daisies, Alpine roses and fragrant gentians, with Piz Badus always in the background.

From Disentis-Sedrun you can also reach the village of Flüelen, located on the famous Lake Lucerne and on the banks of the Reuss River. It stands in the heart of an area closely linked to the legendary exploits of the skilled archer Giglielmo Tell. Walking through its streets you can see noteworthy historic buildings including the Church of San Giorgio and San Nicolao and the Rudenz Castle, of which today only a tower remains. Steamboats then depart from Flüen to discover the beauty of Lake Lucerne, also reaching the beautiful city of Lucerne.

From Disentis and Sedrun you can also reach Andermatt, , in the Canton of Uri, traveling aboard the Gotthard postal coach, on the Glacier Express that connects St. Mortiz to Zermatt or visit the Schöllenen Gorge, crossed by the legendary Devil's Bridge.

Holidays in Disentis-Sedrun

Beyond the two villages, the territory surrounding them is vast and very rich from a naturalistic point of view. It is no coincidence that the favorite activities to do in summer are excursions, routes that take you to places that are also quite pleasant and certainly not reachable in a few minutes.

It is therefore necessary to have all the time available to get to know the area thoroughly, also from the point of view culinary: many love to have picnics in the mountains, on green pastures in the presence of imposing peaks.

Yet in the tourist region of Disentis and Sedrun there is no shortage of restaurants where you can taste, in complete calm, the typical cuisine of Surselva: among the dishes to be absolutely savored, in mountain refuges or in the mountain inns of the two villages, there are the say, fondue, squeegee, maluns, capuns sursivans typical of Disentis and the birchmuesli, a breakfast dish invented in the 900s by a Swiss doctor.

Summer holidays Disentis Sedrun

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