Church in Valmalenco in summer

Chiesa in Valmalenco

Chiesa in Valmalenco it is located in the province of Sondrio, from which it is only 24 km away and, if in winter it brightens the days of tourists thanks to the 60 km of slopes part of the Palù Ski Area, in summer it becomes the hub of mountaineering but above all of hiking in the area .

In fact, let's not forget that Chiesa in Valmalenco is located a stone's throw from the marvelous Orobie Valtellinesi Park, whose thick deciduous woods are populated by a very lively fauna made up of birds of prey, ibex, chamois, roe deer and deer.

Summer in Chiesa in Valmalenco

Chiesa in Valmalenco is a charming Lombard municipality in the province of Sondrio, located at the exact confluence of the Lanterna and Mallero rivers: it is also located where the valley located at the foot of Monte Disgrazia 3678 m high. it separates from the Val Lanterna, which extends up to Pizzo Bernina (4050 m high).

Chiesa in Valmalenco rises in the heart of Valmalenco, a beautiful side valley of the well-known Valtellina and is crossed by the Mallero torrent: all around soar spectacular peaks, part of the Western Rhaetian Alps, the Bernina Alps, the Bernina Massif, the Scalino Group and the Val Bregaglia Mountains.

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Valmalenco is one password which origins are still dubious today: there are theories that refer to the Celtic mal en ga which literally means “head squeezed by the water”, while others bring to light dark legends that tell of a so-called valley of evil located in the shadow of terrifying mountains.

In reality, the landscape of Chiesa in Valmalenco, especially in summer, is truly enchanting and luxuriant, where the clarity of the alpine lakes, the green of the pastures and forests stand out, but also the blinding white of the glaciers at high altitudes. There is no shortage of historical sites in Chiesa in Valmalenco and its surroundings, in particular those quarries where it was extracted Soapstone (variant of the serpentine) even mentioned in the work Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder.

In the crisp and healthy mountain air of Valmalenco you cannot avoid practicing sports such as the fishery in the basins of Alpe Gera and Campo Moro. In the Scerscen torrent it can instead be done canyoning, within the Gola Up route in Lanzada, while those who love the free climbing it can reach the cliffs of Val Poschiavina, Campo Moro, Torrione Porro or those of the Sentinella della Vergine.

In Chiesa in Valmalenco, excursions in the summer are a must, not only on foot, but also by mountain bike or horse riding. About that, Alpine Horse Riding for example, it stands at the entrance to the Parco delle Orobie and organizes trips on the itinerary between Albosaggia and San Bernardo, crossing a mule track immersed in deciduous woods. The alternative is the itinerary that connects Albosaggia and Lake Casera, where you can ride with Monte Disgrazia and Pizzo Bernina in the background.

Lovers of the two wheels can cycle at the Palu Bike Park or on the cycle path Rusca trail which, in 32 km, connects Chiesa in Valmalenco to Sondrio. This is a really pleasant route to take, pedaling through terraced vineyards and skirting the course of the Mallero: the Rusca Path also allows you to reach the Muretto Pass which in the past connected the Engadine to the Valtellina, in a certainly more demanding stretch.

In Chiesa in Valmalenco, summer is pleasant to experience and never too hot, making it pleasant to discover small villages such as the hamlet of primrose located at 1300 m. of height. Here arises the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace dating back to the XNUMXth century, whose bell tower stands out practically throughout the valley. In addition to this place of worship, to which miracles and miraculous graces are also attributed, the beautiful Parish of Saints James and Philip, whose oldest nucleus, wanted by the Captains of Sondrio, dates back to the XNUMXth century.

In the Sasso district, on the other hand, there is the bucolic Serleveggio pine forest, which can be reached by taking the road that starts from the historic Grand Hotel Malenco: it seems to find oneself in an enchanted forest, among the moss that covers every rock, streams dominated by small wooden bridges, stone fountains and benches, in a atmosphere that refers to those magical lands populated by gnomes and fairies.

In Caspoggio, on the other hand, there is the La Foppa Farm, where it is possible to familiarize yourself with the alpacas, which have settled here for more than 10 years: these docile animals often accompany tourists on walks in the pastures, while their wool is worked in an absolutely ecological way to produce gloves, scarves, hats and sweaters of excellent quality.

Among the unmissable places during a summer holiday in Chiesa in Valmalenco is the Mineralogical Museum of Bagnada: it is located in nearby Lanzada and still bears witness to the strong bond between man and nature. Here talc, quartz and pyrite were extracted, the workings of which are perfectly evoked inside the galleries that can be visited, with the dripping of water which makes the experience even more exciting, for young and old.

In addition to the galleries, you can visit the Mining Museum with lots of objects from the past daily life of the area and the Mineralogical Museum, which preserves a rich collection of minerals extracted in the Valmalenco.

Those who decide to spend a holiday in Chiesa in Valmalenco cannot fail to visit the nearby town of Sondrio, with its historic buildings such as the Palazzo Sertoli with its Baroque Salone dei Balli, the XNUMXth century Palazzo Pretorio (seat of the Valtellinese Museum of History and Art) and Villa Quadrio.

Do not miss the Camera Picta, frescoed with scenes from Orlando Furioso, inside Castel Masegra, but above all Castel Grumello: it is a twin castle, i.e. formed by two buildings connected by a sort of wall masonry.

One of the most characteristic places in Sondrio is the popular district, in particular Via Scarpatetti, where you can see ancient stone balconies, votive aedicules such as that of the Madonna dell'uva, cobbled courtyards and intimate stone arches.

What to do and what to see

Summer is the perfect season to organize excursions far and wide across the territory, to discover more or less known corners and the Palu lake it is one of them. It rises to 1921 m. high and is one of the most enchanting lake mirrors in all of Lombardy, in whose crystalline bathing waters Monte Disgrazia and the Valmalenco Alps are reflected, in particular the Sasso Nero.

It can be reached by chairlift, with the Snow Eagle which leaves from Chiesa in Valmalenco, or on foot, on a path that can be easily followed even by the little ones. It starts from the Barchi refuge, passes by the Motta refuge and the nearby panoramic terrace with a view of the valley and the Orobie mountains, and then continues among blueberry bushes and typically alpine flora up to the lake. A path allows you to circumnavigate the natural basin, on whose banks you can stop for a picnic in the shade of the coniferous forest.

A stone's throw from Chiesa in Valmalenco is the splendid Scerscen Valley, located at the foot of the Bernina Group, Sasso Nero, Monte delle Forbici, Vedretta di Caspoggio and the Scerscen Glaciers.

Visiting the valley you have the opportunity to visit the Cemetery of the Alpini, indicated by a sober plaque and dedicated to those who were swept away by an avalanche on their way to the Marinelli Refuge crossing the glacier. Also not to be missed are the Shershen Caves, karst cavities that arouse great mineralogical and geological interest in experts: among all, the most accessible to visitors is the Grotta del Veronica, 150 m long.

From Franscia, a small fraction of Lanzada, you can instead reach the monumental Campo Moro basin: to get there you have to pass hairpin bends, long and dark tunnels and the shelters of Campo Moro in a route that has Alpe Gera in the background. This reservoir consists of two so-called gravity dams, with a large rocky outcrop dividing them: with a spectacular drop of 1000 m. the waters flow, through ducts and tunnels, into the Lanzada plant.

To feed the Campo Moro basin is the Gera dam, which collects the waters that flow from the glaciers of Scerscen di Fellaria. The dam can be reached starting from the Bignami refuge, on a path that passes through Alpe Gebrè at 2051 m. of height.

Among the most beautiful excursions to do in Chiesa in Valmalenco is the one that leads from Alpe Largone to the Mufulè lake, surrounded by firs, larches and mountain pines. Pizzo Scalino dominates the lake, which can be reached by following paths 350 and 349 which allow you to pass through the Campo Moro dams.

From Chiareggio instead, through the path n.323, you can get there at Alpe Ventina: go along the course of the Mallero torrent, up to the Ventina and Gerli-Poggio refuges located on the pasture at about 2000 m. of height. Two other interesting routes start from Alpe Ventina: the Vittorio Sella Glaciological Trail at Ventina and the Path of the Millennial Larch, which allows hikers to reach 2100 m. high, where stands a larch that seems to date back to at least 1007.

In Valmalenco there are other excursions to do, such as the one towards the Barchi Refuge at 20268 m. in height, towards the Alpe Camoscio and the nearby Rifugio Cristina or the Path Rome. The latter, in 54 km, crosses Val Codera, Val Masino and obviously Valmalenco: you walk in the shadow of Monte Disgrazia, Cima di Castello, Cima di Zocca and Badile and can be completed in 5 stages.

Furthermore, don't forget that Chiesa in Valmalenco is located a stone's throw from the legendary Valmalenco high route: it is a high-altitude excursion which, during the entire 110 km, almost always takes place at around 2000 m. high, between refuges, soapstone quarries, huts and spontaneous flora. The Alta Via della Valmalenco touches some of the most scenic points of the valley, from the Conca di Chiareggio to the Valle dello Scerscen, up to Lake Palù and Campo Moro.


Chiesa in Valmalenco and more generally Valmalenco in the summer become a real universe to discover, among lakes, pastures, mountain passes and towns.

In a longer period of time, you can treat yourself to a walk through the shops of the inhabited centers to buy some artifact made of soapstone, today decorated by the craftsmen, by hand and in a truly excellent way.

In two weeks, rather than always having a frugal lunch or dinner so as not to waste precious time, it is possible to stop in one of the many refuges in the valley and discover the tasty local cuisine.

Not to be missed are the pizzoccheri, the polenta taragna, the salmon trout, the sloppy stuffed with melted cheese, cheeses (such as Bitto and Valtellina Casera) but also cured meats, such as bresaola, goat ham called "violin" and salted meat from Malenca.

Every tourist who chooses to spend the summer in Chiesa in Valmalenco will have every type of accommodation available accommodation, from luxury hotels to B&Bs up to small family-run hotels and holiday homes, whether they are immersed in nature or in the center of villages or towns such as Sondrio.

You can also sleep in a refuge, where at night the clear skies of the Valmalenco offer one of the most incredible views of the Milky Way, with the omnipresent profile of the Western Rhaetian Alps.

Why visit Chiesa in Valmalenco

Why choose Chiesa in Valmalenco as your next mountain holiday destination?

  • Strategic geographical position: Chiesa in Valmalenco is only 24 km from Sondrio, located where the Lanterna and Mallero rivers meet, and is surrounded by spectacular peaks such as the Western Rhaetian Alps, the Bernina Alps, the Bernina Massif, the Scalino Group and the of the Val Bregaglia.
  • Enchanting natural beauty: The summer landscape of Chiesa in Valmalenco is luxuriant, with the clarity of alpine lakes, the green of pastures and forests, and the blinding white of the glaciers at high altitudes.
  • Wealth of fauna: The Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi, located nearby, is populated by a very lively fauna made up of birds of prey, ibex, chamois, roe deer and deer.
  • Opportunities for hiking and mountaineering: Chiesa in Valmalenco offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and mountaineering during the summer, with a wide range of routes available for all abilities.
  • Various sports activities: Between fishing in the basins of Alpe Gera and Campo Moro, canyoning in the Scerscen stream, free climbing on the cliffs of Val Poschiavina, Campo Moro, Torrione Porro and Sentinella della Vergine, there is no risk of getting bored.
  • Possibility of excursions on horseback and mountain bike: Equitazione Alpina organizes horse rides through deciduous woods, and the Palù Bike Park offers opportunities for mountain cycling.
  • Rich historical and cultural heritage: Chiesa in Valmalenco boasts numerous historical sites, such as the soapstone quarries mentioned in the work Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder, and places of worship such as the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie and the Parish of Saints Giacomo and Filippo.

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