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Chamois is a small town located in the Valle d'Aosta region. It is located at 1818 meters above sea level and has been recognized as one of the Pearls of the Alps. The peaks of the mountains that surround it reach 2500 meters and it is crossed by the stream of the same name.

Chamois borders to the south with the municipality of La Magdaleine, to the north with the municipality of Valtournenche, to the east with the municipality of Ayas and to the west with the municipality of Antey-Saint-Andrè. It's about a small village populated by very few inhabitants and it is a place where it seems that time has stopped.

Concern in the shadow of the Matterhorn mountain in which peace and silence reign, whose landscape is boundless and uncontaminated. Indeed, since 1950, there has been a severe ban which makes this place unique: cars cannot circulate.

Chamois is the only village in Italy whose streets are not characterized by asphalt ed it can only be reached by cable car, on foot or with small airplanes thanks to the first airport of our country.

Since the use of cars is therefore prohibited, tourists will be able to take the road that from Châtillon goes towards Valtournenche/Breuil Cervinia and only after traveling 12 km will they arrive in Antey-Saint-Andrè, a hamlet of Buisson. Once you reach this point you can park your car in completely free parking spaces and go in the direction of the cable car which, with a 700 meter "drop" will lead to Chamois in just a few minutes.

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What to do and what to see in Chamois

Chamois offers various places of interest to visit, as well as to admire and enjoy the panoramas characterized by peace and tranquillity. Let's see together what to visit:

  • Lod Lake. The lake is located above the town of Corgnolaz, 2000 meters above sea level. The evocative and relaxing place can be reached by chairlift;
  • Sanctuary of San Domenico Savio. It is located at 2535 meters above sea level precisely on the Clavalité hill (near the border with the municipality of Valtournenche). The sanctuary is the destination of a pilgrimage that takes place on the first Sunday of August in which the inhabitants of the two villages gather.

There are several possibilities to reach the village of Chamois: through the Seingles path, for lovers of Trekking and Sky Walking. The Seingles path is a magnificent mule track that connects the hamlet of Corgnolaz to Buisson crossing 93 hairpin bends. During the journey it will be possible to admire the beauty of Monte Emilius and the waterfalls of the Chamois stream.

For those who love the walks in the middle of nature, but don't feel like tackling the series of switchbacks, they can opt for the path that takes the name of Energy Path. It connects the hamlet of Corgnolaz with the village of La Magdaleine and is accessible and practicable by everyone both on foot and by bicycle. After the church of La Magdaleine there is a path, the beginning of the route towards Chamois.

You will then find yourself in front of a beautiful mountain pasture with a fountain made entirely of wood where you can cool off. From here the route continues parallel to Ru Veuillen until it reaches Alpe di Capetou. Once you reach this splendid place, beyond the stream, you can get lost in the midst of nature and the scent of resin and cyclamen, observing the typical colors of the forest.

Another great and beautiful experience to do with your family or in the company of friends is The Great Balcony of the Matterhorn, a walk that reaches the village of Suis and then reaches the hamlet of Corgnolaz, beyond the stream.


In addition to being the means of transport that connects Chamois with Buisson, the cable car is another great experience to do as it offers breathtaking landscapes that will be difficult to forget.

The cable car departs from Buisson, a fraction of Antey-Saint-Andrè, and then reaches Corgnolaz. During the route you will be able to admire the characteristic landscapes and a wonderful view from the top of the town of Antey-Saint-Andrè.

What makes the latter famous is the mullioned bell tower belonging to the Church of Sant'Andrea and the ru du pain perdu, or the old aqueduct that dates back to the XNUMXth century. It had the task of transporting the water of the Marmore torrent downstream.

Once you reach the top, the marvel will be unique: in fact, you will be able to admire the beauty and majesty of Monte Cervino. Turning your gaze to the left, especially in the summer months (May and July), you can be fascinated by a golden color that characterizes the barley fields, which are especially luxuriant during the sowing period.

Walks in Chamois

What characterizes the village of Chamois are the narrow streets, the houses that reflect the tradition in wood and stone and the well-kept gardens that make it a village linked to the customs of the village.

Every tourist will be fascinated by this background which makes the inhabitants proud of the country they inhabit. In summer, the walks that allow you to be in close contact with nature among the colors and scents of Valtournenche are magnificent. One of the most beautiful is the walk along the Rus des Novalles route.


Why choose to spend your summer holiday in Chamois? The answer is simple. It is a small village inhabited by few inhabitants, quiet and completely immersed in nature.

Also, it's a great opportunity to really unplug after a whole year spent between frenzy and stress. Here, you will be able to appreciate the true sense of nature, silence and rest as no motorized means of transport are allowed.

The cable car will take tourists to the city of Buisson in Chamois in a short time and once they arrive at the place it will seem to live in another reality.

Chamois is a small town in the Aosta Valley, but it has numerous accommodation facilities that will be able to guarantee you all the services and comforts you need.

Furthermore, in each of them it is possible to stay for long or short periods according to your needs. Hotels, Bed&Breakfasts, shelters and apartments are available for you to spend a wonderful summer holiday in Chamois.

Chamois summer holidays

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