The most beautiful waterfalls of the Dolomites to visit in summer

The most beautiful waterfalls of the Dolomites to visit in summer

The mountain does not only mean snow and winter, even during the summer it is possible to enjoy truly suggestive landscapes and atmospheres and anyone can plan a holiday period or a simple trip: adults, people of a certain age, young enthusiasts and families with children. .

Among the most beautiful things to admire and that always leave you breathless, there are certainly the waterfalls of the Dolomites. The sound of water, amidst unspoiled nature, is something incredible and one that cannot be given up, especially if you are looking for relaxation and serenity.

Scwonderful natural wines for anyone who admires them and they are a panacea for the mind as well as for the eyes.

To get to most of the waterfalls in the Dolomites, excursions can be organized, even in the day, with a low degree of difficulty and usually starting from pretty villages to visit.

Everyone can also have fun discovering the many species of plants and flowers that can be encountered along the way and, in particular in some areas, you can also spot wild animals such as ibex.

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In short, fairytale landscapes that must be visited at all costs, especially on summer days when, right next to the falls, a relaxing atmosphere is created and pleasant also thanks to the cooler temperatures compared to the typical heat of the period.

Let's see which are the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in the Dolomites to visit in summer.

Travignolo gorge

Gorge and suspension bridge over the Travignolo Paneveggio Natural Park

Located in the heart of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park is a waterfall set in a natural canyon, known as Travignolo gorge.

Travignolo is the stream that crosses the canyon creating the waterfalls that can be observed from the suspension bridge that crosses it. From this adventurous bridge you can admire the waterfalls that flow along very high rock walls dominated by the fir trees of the park.

This place is immersed in the paneveggio forest and connected with a series of magnificent paths also suitable for families with children.

Val San Nicolò waterfalls

Cabin at the waterfall in Val San Nicolò

Impressive waterfalls from the gigantic flow of water are not to be expected, however the Val San Nicolò waterfalls are located in a wonderful place immersed in a small but fascinating valley.

Val San Nicolò is a side valley of the large Val di Fassa, in Trentino.

From the beginning of the valley, go up towards the Baita alle Cascate, a small restaurant refuge located right at the foot of the falls.

Above the waterfalls are the peaks of the Dolomites belonging to the Marmolada group, a magnificent place full of contrasts between the green of the valleys and the Dolomia stone.

A place accessible to all but very popular in July and August, also you cannot go up into the valley by your own means, you have to go up on foot with a 30-minute walk or by paying public transport.

Val Gardena waterfall

waterfall in val gardena

It is located in Santa Cristina Val Gardena and can be easily admired from the town center.

It offers its maximum splendor in spring and autumn, when the water flow is greater and the water jumps stand out in all their disruption.

Even if it can be observed from a distance there is a path that leads near the water jump.

The Soffia waterfall in the Mis Valley

Among the Belluno Dolomites, in a mysterious and fascinating landscape, is the the Soffia waterfall, which can be reached at the end of the visit to Cadini of Brenton.

The environmental context is spectacular, made up of rugged rock walls, caves, ponds and incredible colors ranging from emerald green to turquoise.

To get to the Soffia waterfall, you have to take the SP2 provincial road, at the end of Lake Mis, and then reach a path that starts not far from the visitor center and that can be walked by everyone with great ease.

The Fanes Waterfall in Cortina D'Ampezzo

This is the waterfall that is considered the highest of all the Dolomites: 90 meters high, during which the water makes three swirling jumps before diving into the Rio Travenanzes and with lush vegetation that makes the scenery truly unique.

The starting point to get to the Fanes waterfalls is the entrance to the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. After leaving the car, immediately after Fiames, you must continue along a small asphalted road, crossing the Fanes stream and then following the signs until you reach a first observation point.

Tied to a steel cable, you can descend following a steep channel until you reach the large waterfall, which can be reached with two different paths: following the Via Ferrata Lucio Delaiti, with which you cross a small bridge over the stream or, keeping the right of the waterfall, along the Via Ferrata Giovanni Barbara.

By choosing this second solution, it is good to be careful because, passing directly under the waterfall, the rock is wet and slippery.

Comelle waterfall

It is possible to organize a relaxing walk for admire the Comelle waterfall.

Very easy to reach, you have to start from the town of Gares, part of the municipality of Canale d'Agordo, in the province of Belluno, and from which the name of the valley of the same name derives ('Val Gares').

Gares is located about 1300 meters high and is a pleasant village from which a pleasant path starts, with wooden steps that support the hiker in the less easy points, and where there are the trail signs of the CAI feelings, that is the useful flags. white and red drawn on the rocks.

It is a circular route with a difference in height of about 170 meters so it is not very difficult. The start is at an altitude of 1380 m (Gares) and you arrive at an altitude of 1500 at the height of the waterfall.

La walk to reach the Comelle waterfall it is not particularly tiring and is also suitable for families with children who, especially in the summer, can also have fun picking wild strawberries scattered here and there.

During the journey, we recommend the use of trekking shoes also because, if it is possible to reach the middle part of the waterfall without any particular inconvenience, to get to the highest part you will have a little difference in altitude and the fatigue will begin to feel.

Pissandro waterfall

From the Nebbiù hamlet of Pieve di Cadore, in the province of Belluno, you can reach the beautiful Pissandro waterfall in about an hour's walk.

Starting from the square of the church of San Bartolomeo, you must continue along the road that leads to the old church. Once you have crossed the bridge, you have to go towards 'Le Vaschette', two small bodies of water that were built, during the Second World War, with hand grenades.

At this point you must follow the course of the stream and, at the end of the road, cross the bridge of Mandre and then take the path on the left that leads to the waterfall.

Walking for another 15 minutes, on the right, you will find a small cave called "the anguana cave" and, continuing a little longer, you can admire the Pissandro waterfall, with all the beauty of its water jump. 30 meters.

The area, in addition to being very beautiful from a naturalistic point of view, also allows you to visit numerous monuments including the house that, in Pieve di Cadore, was the birthplace of the Renaissance painter Tiziano Vecellio (known simply as Tiziano) and the church of San Bartolomeo, from which the path to the waterfalls starts but very interesting from an artistic point of view because in it it is possible to find the fusion of the Romanesque style with the Gothic and the Renaissance.

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Pile waterfall

From Calalzo di Cadore, in the province of Belluno, you can reach the suggestive Cascata delle Pile.
Calalzo di Cadore is located on the western shores of the artificial lake of Centro Cadore and is also known for the archaeological site of Lagole.

From the town, the route begins by climbing to the Capanna degli Alpini Refuge and then from there on to the Galassi Refuge. Following the stream, you can easily reach the waterfall.

The first part of the route is really easy and, especially in the summer, it is always exposed to the sun.
From the Galassi Refuge, however, the path has some points made slippery by humidity so it is advisable to be careful, especially if you have children in tow.

From the mouth of the gorge, near the waterfall, you can walk a path between the rocks: adults and children can have fun climbing, being careful not to slip.

The Pile Waterfall is really very beautiful, surrounded by rocky walls and rich vegetation: the final view is truly priceless and the excursion necessary to get there, even passing through a small canyon, is to be done without any doubt.

A fairytale place to relax to the sound of the waterfall, in a truly regenerating atmosphere especially for cooler temperatures and able to offer pleasant relief.

The sense of peace that you can feel here is appreciated even more after an excursion which, in the first part, could have been a bit tiring due to the heat.

For those who do not want to walk all the way from the village of Calalzo, they can also reach the Capanna degli Alpini area by car, bearing in mind, however, that it is a dirt road and sometimes gravel.

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