Rutor waterfalls

Rutor waterfalls

Le Rutor waterfalls they are located in La Thuile in the Aosta Valley and arise from the Rutor Glacier 3486m.

The melting of the snow and ice feed a series of waterfalls that descend from the glacier towards the woods, creating a series of natural jumps and canyons with a wild charm. Once in the valley, the waters form a stream that crosses the town of La Thuile.

The Rutor waterfalls have a number of particular characteristics that can hardly be found in other alpine waterfalls: Water color:

Intense blue color

The falls are mainly fed by meltwater, this unlike rainwater is rich in mineral and this gives it an intense blue color and a "dense" appearance. The water is less crystalline due to the mineral salts but with a more vivid color. A show that can only be partially understood if you don't visit it.

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Imposing waterfalls

These are very large waterfalls with spectacular water jumps. The range of these falls is impressive and their noise can already be heard from a great distance. The large amount of water hitting the rocks nebulizes the surrounding air, creating magnificent rainbows that are always present.


compared to many other alpine waterfalls, the cascate del rutor are born and live in a completely wild environment where man has not yet intervened massively. This gives an additional charm, the excursions that lead to their discovery seem almost adventures in places in the Amazon.

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