Cavalese waterfall

Cavalese waterfall

La waterfall of cavalese it is probably one of the most beautiful in the whole of Trentino and it is the one that most of all represents the idea of ​​a perfect waterfall. It is located in Val di Fiemme, very close to the center of the town of Cavalese.

Aesthetically perfect, it descends from the stream that originates in the lagorai and falls forming a crater of very clear and fresh water which then descends to connect to the avisio river.

Fresh air thanks to the waterfall

It is a nice place to visit where to find refreshment on hot summer days, the falling water flow spreads fresh water spray absolutely natural and clean.
This lowers the temperature near this waterfall by a few degrees, creating a magnificent pleasant microclimate.


The waterfall is also a beautiful place for a simple walk, thanks to the new path it allows you to get very close to the waterfall and to pass over it observing the water fall directly from above.

Cavalese waterfall

Tour of the Cavalese waterfall

Il tour of the Cavalese waterfall is the recently renovated path that allows you to start from the base of the waterfall and get to the top where it is born.
You can decide to do it clockwise or anti-clockwise, go up following the clear signs towards the path that leads into the woods and gently zigzag up.
After 10 minutes of walking you will arrive at a wooden fence which leads to a bridge that passes right over the waterfall.
Those who suffer from vertigo might be impressed because they find themselves right above the point where the calm stream tumbles down to form the Cavalese waterfall.
From the bridge you can admire the void towards the waterfall and the view towards the town of Cavalese.

The tour of the waterfall continues descending towards the wood and returning to the parking lot, concluding the route.

The tour of the cavalese waterfall is suitable for everyone, even children, as even the stretch that passes over thanks to the bridge is insecurity, the safety nets allow you to admire the spectacle from above without any danger.

The whole tour takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Other excursions

The Cavalese waterfall is also the starting point for many more or less demanding excursions.
Within 1 hour of walking you can reach the Malga Salanzada, a wonderful mountain pasture surrounded by greenery with a view of the cavalese mountains.
Malga Salanzada is also a restaurant where you can taste the typical dishes of the Trentino tradition made with products at km0.

Another hike, but much more demanding, leads up to Val Moena. A splendid minor valley that develops at the foot of the Lagorai. A real authentic paradise, foreign to mass tourism where uncontaminated nature reigns supreme.

Refreshment points

Near the waterfall there is a bar with several outdoor tables where you can stop in peace.

How to reach us

The Cavalese waterfall can be reached by car from the main road that crosses the Val di Fiemme. A bridge connects the main road with the waterfall location


At the waterfall there is a large free parking lot where you can leave your car, the waterfall is located right next to the parking lot.

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