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Molise more than any other region has kept its authentic charm intact: in its small territory it contains picturesque villages set in spectacular and uncontaminated landscapes, where hills, sea and the Apennine ridge alternate.

This is the context in which it fits capracotta which, from its 1421 meters high, is confirmed as one of the highest villages in the wholeApennines: the village, part of the "High Mountain Community of Upper Molise“, Is surrounded by dense coniferous forests, streams, waterfalls, pastures and nature reserves.

Very curious is its name which has given rise to many theories about the origin of the village: from Italian kapp-kott ie high rocky place al Castra Cocta Latin which referred to the presence of a military camp up to the most probable Lombard tradition of sacrificing a goat to the god of thunder, Thor, on the place where they would later erect the village.

What to see and what to do in Capracotta

Capracotta is certainly a renowned ski resort to be experienced only in winter, together with Campitello Matese, but it is much more. In summer in fact Capracotta and the surrounding area are transformed, revealing an explosion of colors and life that everyone can touch with their hands through hiking and mountain biking, on paths literally immersed in the most uncontaminated nature and in the thick of green woods.

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It is a very popular destination for those inhabitants of southern Italy who are looking for a mountain place where to spend their summer holidays, away from the summer heat and thus enjoying a cool and pleasant climate.

The same walks through the streets of the village are interesting: the two main streets, Via Carfagna e Via Roma, are a real feast for the eyes with the two-tone mosaic flooring, handcrafted lamps made from tree trunks and old chairs reused as picturesque planters.

The seventeenth century dominates the entire historic center Church of Santa Maria in Cielo Assunta, which is accessed by a staircase that leads straight to the churchyard, similar to a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the village and the Molise Apennines.

Much more sober is the Church of San Giovanni Battista, really pretty with its white facade and the little bell on top that makes its gentle tolls ring every hour.

Heading instead towards the Town Hall of Capracotta, you can visit the underground Museum of Peasant Civilization and Old Trades: among period objects, photos and ancient tools, we take a step back in time and learn more about the ancient peasant civilization of Capracotta.

Moving outside the walls of the historic center you will find the Baronial Palace, dating back to 1546 and the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto, built by the shepherds themselves to ask Our Lady to protect their families when they went away for transhumance.

An unmissable stop is the Garden of the Apennine Flora, just over 1 km from the center of Capracotta: it is one of the highest botanical gardens in Italy, being about 1500 meters high. This beautiful area of ​​9 hectares mainly preserves medicinal plants, spontaneous and endemic plants of the Central Southern Apennines, marsh and meadow species. Each plant, inserted in its own habitat (from swamps, beech woods, bushes to cliffs and prairies), has a descriptive tag for visitors. No one is excluded from the enjoyment of this little gem, not even the blind and the visually impaired, for whom the special Path of the Senses has been prepared.

Excursions from Capracotta

During a holiday in Capracotta in the summer, one cannot fail to take advantage of the surrounding path network which is 130 km long and which allows you to visit naturalistic jewels of rare beauty. The paths cross pastures, fir trees, clearings and beech woods, always with the peaks of the Majella and Mainarde Massif in the background: the landscapes and atmospheres are very reminiscent of the typical Alpine and Southern ones. Tyrol, giving the opportunity to spend a cool holiday in an intimate and relaxing bucolic setting.

One of the most beautiful paths to follow in summer from Capracotta is the n. 310 which starts from the heart of the village, Via Roma and, crossing meadows dotted with wild plum, rowan and dog rose, reaches the Church of S. Lucia. Continue in the heart of a forest of mountain maples, beeches and black pines, up to a stone cottage, beyond which you take path no. 310B up to the goal, that is the cross located on top of the Mount Campo at 1746 meters in height.

Verrino waterfalls

A holiday in Capracotta in the summer cannot fail to include a visit to the Verrino River Park, beautiful with his Verrino waterfalls and those of the pissing. To reach it, just take the path n. 331, skirt the Malcorpo and Spogna springs, descend to the slopes of Monte Cavallerizzo and then cross the Verrino river until you reach the park.

Il Verrino it is little more than a stream that originates in the territory of Capracotta at an altitude of 1250 meters, then flows into the Trigno river. The first part of its course is the most beautiful to see because it is particularly tortuous, with the bubbling waters that flow between poplars, white willows, black alders, reeds, gorse and beautiful ferns. Where the Verrino crosses a high cliff, the Verrino waterfalls which, like a silver ribbon, throw themselves between high rocky walls lapped by vegetation in a pool of fresh and crystalline water.
Along the course of the Verrino river, the remains of the twentieth-century hydroelectric power station and those of an old Copper Foundry can be seen.

Il path n.313 instead it allows you to reach the beautiful Gentile meadow, passing through the wind farm, Fonte Sambuco and the historic Casotto di Nunnarosa: it is worth stopping by because here the Fiadino brothers were shot by the Germans during the Second World War for having given refuge to two allied soldiers. From Vallone delle Incotte you arrive at the verdant Prato Gentile, the realm of cross-country skiing in winter.

Summer holidays in Capracotta

Those who love nature and want to spend a relaxing holiday, good food and walks, will not fail to have fun in Capracotta.

THEaccommodation offer it is complete and meets the needs of all tourists, from families to the youngest: there are hotels, holiday homes and B & Bs in the heart of the village or further away from the center, usually close to those that become very well-trodden ski slopes in winter. There is no shortage of pet-friendly accommodations that allow you to enjoy your holiday even with your four-legged friends, who can also enjoy this splendid natural environment.

To visit the territory of Capracotta and its surroundings it would serve at least one week, especially if you are a trekking enthusiast and want to calmly walk the most beautiful paths that start right from the village of Capracotta.

Il climate, which in summer offers pleasant temperatures that generally do not exceed 25 °, then also allows the most strenuous hikes, remaining substantially cool even in midsummer days.

Do not forget that between June and September many festivals and fairs take place, starting from High Altitude Music Concert which takes place in August at the Coppo della Madonna, a sort of natural amphitheater surrounded by woods that can be reached along the path n.332.

Also in August the Festival of the Pezzata, an event that attracts visitors from all over the region and which takes place on the verdant Prato Gentile. This festival is dedicated to the typical dish of Capracotta, which has its origins in the transhumance during which those sheep that were injured along the way were killed and cooked.

The Pezzata, that is a boiled meat of sheep with potatoes and tomatoes, is just one of the traditional dishes of typically mountain cuisine of Capracotta: lamb with mint, Fiadoni similar to ravioli stuffed with cheese, mountain herbs, mushrooms "flesh escapes”Which are collected on the meadows of Monteforte and the Precious White Truffle, very present in this Molise area.

Capracotta summer holidays

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