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Berchtesgaden is a small village located on the border with Austria in the south-east of Germany, at the foot of Mount Watsman and bathed by the Berchtesgadener Ache stream. A point of reference for tourists from all over the world who love holidays in the mountains and excursions into uncontaminated nature. The country has over 7 thousand inhabitants but around 99.000 people live in the surrounding area which is called Berchtesgadenland and brings together all the villages that fall within the district. For those who love to experience moments of peace and adventure in uncontaminated greenery while walking with a backpack on their shoulders, this is the right place. In summer it transforms into a vast green expanse with breathtaking landscapes and spa facilities that supply the greatest mountain resource: water.

Berchtesgaden gives its name to the entire natural territory of Germany in Bavaria and in this area lies the lake Königssee. The resort is located just 35 km from Salzburg or about half an hour by car and is set in the midst of spectacular alpine views near the most famous and renowned spa resort in the area. This area of ​​Bavaria is very popular in the summer for the hiking trails and mountain bike trails that run up the mountain. The town was founded in 1102 when it was chosen for the construction of a monastery dedicated to St. Peter and John the Baptist. Over time, the town became enriched thanks to the salt mines which allowed the economic development of the town and which are still places of considerable tourist interest today. The village is famous for the construction of the Eagle's Nest by Adolf Hitler in 1936, a refuge located in a panoramic position that at the time was used for diplomatic meetings while today it is a pleasant and characteristic refuge in which to stop and enjoy the local food and wine specialties.

Berchtergaden is dominated by the Alps in a postcard landscape in which Lake Königssee and Mount Watzmann stand out. Nowhere like in this locality can you feel the power of the mountains that intersect with the beauty of nature. The Berchtesgaden National Park is the only one in the Alps. The location of the village and its proximity to Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, offer visitors a great variety of activities and attractions of ecological, sporting and cultural interest. .

The organization of the place that boasts an excellent transport service that connects the various locations, allows tourists to experience the various cultural or excursion destinations in a simple and rapid way. Those who stay for at least a weekend also have the right to use public transport for free. Alternatively, you can have fun sailing on the Königssee lake with electric boats or by canoe, windsurfing, sailing or other means that allow you not only to move easily but also to have fun with the various water sports disciplines.

What to do and see in Berchtesgaden

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The main symbol of Berchtsgaden is Mount Watsmann, an imposing mountain whose peak reaches 2.700 meters. To reach the top it takes about 3 days and is very demanding, reserved for the most experienced and trained hikers and climbers. At the foot of the mountain, however, there is a path to make excursions in a less strenuous way, a long walk with comfortable trekking shoes through the natural park. Alternatively, you can follow a longer route following the signs that lead to the Watsmannhaus, a very characteristic and welcoming Bavarian refuge located halfway, very nice to see and experience as well as being a good place to buy typical products and taste the specialties. of the place breathing deeply the pure mountain air.

The absolute protagonist in the area is Mount Watsmann, kingdom of skiers in winter, in the summer it becomes a true paradise for hikers. The routes are many and intended for different types of walkers and trekkers who will find the fun they are looking for in this place. The chairlift allows you to climb the mountain and then face the descent in the rich vegetation of the place, generally the route takes 2 hours. The departure of the cable car is located at the Königssee lake.

Lake Königssee is another gem of the area, located in the Berchtsgaden National Park and one of the most crystal clear lakes in Germany. Here in the summer months you can swim even if the water remains cold, an excellent place for canoe, kayak or boat trips, to have fun with windsurfing or diving. On the lake you can also use the electric boats that leave from the pedestrian area and reach two suggestive places. The first is the small church of St. Bartholoma which overlooks the waters of the lake, from here there are several paths that climb up Mount Watsmann. The second place that can be reached by electric boats is the point located north of the lake which is surrounded by mountains and from where you can take a walk towards a second jewel, a small mountain body of water: the Obersee. A place where absolute peace reigns and with a particular charm also given by the thousand shades of the water ranging from turquoise to light green. Right in the middle of the lake is a cabin that often appears in photos and postcards of Berchtesgaden. To reach the first destination it takes about 30/35 minutes while the boat takes less than an hour to reach the end of the lake.

In the initial part of the lake, an area full of restaurants and houses, a path begins that climbs into the woods and then descends to the lake shore from where it is possible to reach a suggestive waterfall and some small secluded beaches in 25 minutes on foot. Continuing on the same path that starts to climb, you arrive at Grünstein in two hours, this is a mountain where trekking lovers can have great satisfaction. Also here is a quaint chalet where you can enjoy the excellent Bavarian food.

To visit the mines of Salzbergwerk which are part of the history of the place. In the picturesque village of Berchtesgaden, there are salt mines that date back over 5 centuries and are still active. To visit them you have to buy an entrance ticket and wear a special protective suit, then the groups of visitors are transported by train into the depths of the mine through a very narrow and low tunnel, a path less than 700 meters long. Once you arrive in the cave you can enjoy a suggestive show also thanks to the purple and blue light diffused in the environment. In the subsoil the temperature is low and humid, you have to wear suitable clothing, the walls shine thanks to the salt that covers them, creating spectacular chromatic effects. We then continue towards the salt lake Spiegelsee, the lake of mirrors. There are many other natural attractions, a path that will leave an indelible memory in the memory of travelers.

Berchtesgaden also allows you to stay in complete relaxation by taking advantage of the immersed in the mountains. A place to enjoy the well-being given by the mountain thermal waters, healing saline waters. Under the cave there are both indoor and outdoor pools as well as an area dedicated to naturists.

Do not miss a visit to the Wimbachklamm gorge a few kilometers from Berchtersgaden, a rocky area from which many waterfalls flow into the river. Rossfeldstrasse, on the other hand, is a panoramic road that crosses the mountains and reaches Salzburg.

Holidays in Berchtesgaden

Holidays in Bavaria are always spectacular but Berchtesgaden, in particular, offers particular emotions. For those looking for a sporting holiday, the activities that can be carried out are: climbing, cycling, paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, paragliding, gliding, mountaineering but also land sports such as tennis , table tennis, volleyball, golf and much more.

The accommodation facilities are varied and of different kinds: hotels, landlords, B & Bs or apartments to rent for the entire holiday of several days or even just for a weekend. The typical Bavarian chalets offer different solutions for overnight stays as well as some shelters with multiple bedrooms often with bunk beds for tourists who like to wake up in the wild nature of the mountains.

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