Segantini hut

La Segantini hut is a magnificent mountain hut located at 2200 meters above sea level at the foot of the Pale di San Martino. Near the hut there is a small pond where the peaks of the Pale di San Martino are reflected

Baita Segantini is a mountain refuge restaurant destination for many hikers and many photographers who go up to photograph the magnificent panorama offered by this point at the foot of the Pale di San Martino.

baita segantini in summer

How to reach Baita Segantini

Baita Segantini can be reached from various points. The first is Passo Rolle where there is a large car park where you can park your car, from here a dirt road climbs up to the Capanna Cervino refuge, just follow the signs. Arriving at the Cervino hut 2084m above sea level, continue on foot, always following the signs for the Segantini hut, just follow the dirt road that continues.

paths from the cervino hut to the segantini hut

The same road that starts from Passo Rolle is It can also be traveled by car but only after 19pm while during the day there is an absolute ban on driving by car.

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Another very popular trek for to reach the Segantini hut is to go up from the malga venegia. It is a very beautiful hike because the Pale di San Martino continually stand out along the path. With a leisurely pace, you go up from an altitude of 1800 meters up to 2290m ​​of the Seganini hut in about 2 and a half hours.

The Segantini hut can also be reached from other points by following the paths and forest roads. It can be reached from Malga Juribello or Malga Rolle. All the routes are well marked with the sat tables.

Segantini hut excursions

To reach the Segantini hut you can take different routes with more or less demanding excursions, among all the most popular is the tour of the malghe.

Il tour of the malghe it is a circular itinerary that starts and returns to Val Venegia passing through Malga Juribello, Rifugio Capanna Cervino, Baita Segantini, Malga Venegiota and Malga Venegia.

It is an itinerary that takes up a whole day if approached calmly and with all the breaks at the various huts, it allows you to visit the magnificent huts immersed in the Paneveggio natural park located at the foot of the Pale di San Martino.

venegia valley

The excursion can start from parking area of ​​pian dei casoni or from the car park of malga venegia, follow the signs for malga juribello. After the first uphill stretch, the plateau of the Malga Juribello pasture opens up with a view of Lagorai and Pale di San Martino.

From here, follow the signs for Rifugio Capanna Cervino and the climb continues in a less demanding way along the white road surrounded by meadows at high altitude.

Once you arrive at the Capanna Cervino Refuge you can stop for a break or for lunch, from here follow the signs to go up to Baita Segantini along the path or along the forest road which leads to the cabin in a few bends.

Baita Segantini represents the main stage of the tour and is the highest point in terms of altitude 2291m, here the panorama opens on the Pale di San Martino which are reflected on the lake creating a fairytale scenario. The large space allows you to stop and sunbathe, have a picnic or simply enjoy the magnificent landscape.

The Segantini hut is open during the summer season and you can stop for lunch or for a simple snack.

Segantini hut at sunset

To continue the tour of the malghe, go down towards the Val Venegia, after the first hairpin bends a plateau opens up with meadows interspersed with scree that descends from the Pale di San Martino.

You then arrive at malga Venegiota 1824m above sea level where you can end the day in tranquility surrounded by greenery. From there, go down towards Malga Venegia and return to the parking lot.

venegiota hut

Where to stay to visit Baita Segantini

Those who want to stay near Baita Segantini can opt for a stay in a refuge or hotel.

The closest refuge to Baita Segantini (about 15min on foot) is Capanna Cervino Refuge at 2100m above sea level, it is an alpine refuge so the stay takes place in common rooms.

A Passo role instead there are several hotels where you can stay in private rooms and with half board or full board formula. Passo Rolle is a 30-minute walk from the Segantini hut and is certainly the most comfortable solution.

Those who think of Baita Segantini as one of the many stops in the surroundings can opt for a stay in Predazzo or San Martino of Castrozza.

Places to stay to visit Baita Segantini

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