Bad Gastein in the summer

Bad Gastein

Spending summer holidays in the mountains is a choice shared by many people who love both dedicating themselves to sporting activities and being relaxed surrounded by greenery and freshness. One of the most popular mountain resorts is Bad Gastein, in Austria.

The village of Bad Gastein is a small village located in Austria, more specifically in the Gastein Valley region in the Salzburger Land.

The Gastein Valley offers all its visitors the opportunity to be visited and appreciated throughout the year, where numerous sports experiences are complemented by excursions suitable for everyone.

Here, you can find peaks that even exceed 3000 meters in height. The valley is deep and in summer you can enjoy a breathtaking view while admiring the blue of the sky that blends perfectly with the intense green of the valley.

The altitude of Bad Gastein is approximately 1002 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the famous Tauern mountains, much appreciated by those who practice winter sports. Thanks to the endless possibilities for practicing the outdoors, summer is one of the privileged times in which to visit Bad Gastein. For this reason, the offer of hotels and accommodation facilities is decidedly wide and allows to meet the tastes and needs of tourists. For example, you can find refined and elegant hotels, but also apartments for those who want to maintain a certain independence.

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There is no shortage, for all those who have a more adventurous and solitary soul, chalets surrounded by nature reachable with a path on foot.

There are many possibilities to practice sports: from those who prefer mountain biking to the numerous excursions that can be practiced based on their training, giving everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves at 360 ° in the nature and beauty of the place.

What to do and what to see

Bad Gastein is the perfect location to discover alpine nature but also to immerse yourself in the local culture and relax at the dedicated facilities.

Given its wide versatility and breadth of attractions, it is ideal for a stay with the whole family.

First of all, speaking of the various summer activities to do in this Austrian town, it is good to mention sports such as mountain biking, golf, horse riding as well as all the excursions that can be practiced on foot.

Those who love cycling can opt for the cycle path that winds along the entire path of the valley. Suitable for the whole family, along the route you can see some stopping points such as the Klammstein Fortress and the Gastein City Museum.

If you are unable to bring your own vehicle from home, the town allows visitors to rent mountain bikes or e-bikes.

Throughout the journey there are numerous refreshment points to stop, rest and eat.

For those who love trekking there are about 600 km of hiking trails suitable for the different needs of visitors. These paths allow you to immerse yourself in full respect of nature, discovering unspoiled landscapes, local fauna with marmots and birds of prey and observing the alpine lakes.

About 100 itineraries are made available to the more sporty and not, which are divided between those practicable in half a day, with little incline, but also the more strenuous ones that require training and technique.

For those on the move with the children, i are ideal themed routes that allow you to learn about the sagas on dragons and mountain spirits, or discover the stone sculptures located along the main river of the country.

The themed trails are an excellent opportunity to combine the love for nature and movement with the curiosity to know more about the culture and traditions of the place. The magical world of stone pine, the mycological path, the geomantic path, the energetic places of nature and many more are the themed routes not to be missed if you decide to go to Bad Gastein.

Finally, still speaking of excursions, there is the possibility of undertaking the Salzburg alpine pasture road which combines life in close contact with nature with a love for food and tradition. It includes about 31 stages for 350 km. Obviously it is not to be covered in its entirety but you can decide to start from Bad Gastein and visit the huts indicated on the map issued by the tourist office.

Another possibility is that of discover Bad Gastein on horseback: this activity is perfect for the whole family and also to introduce children to this wonderful sport.

even the archery course it gives the possibility to let the little ones appreciate sports other than the more well-known ones.

In addition to this, all those who love water will be satisfied because in this Austrian village there is no shortage of opportunities to be immersed in the bathing lake. There is also an outdoor swimming pool with slides and games for children and the thermal baths in the rock, located at 1100 meters, right next to the cable car.

You can also climb, fish, take a carriage ride around the country and look for gold with the whole family. In particular, this latter activity was born since the first gold deposits were discovered here about 2000 years ago.

Mountain Thermal Baths

Gastein is referred to as the Salzburger Thermal Baths Valley. The valley can rely on thermal waters which for hundreds of years have been an important resource for treatments and relaxation.

Thanks to this precious resource, fantastic people were born wellness hotel that make relaxation the fulcrum of their tourist offer. In these magnificent wellness hotels, spread throughout the territory, they are the starting point for mountain tours on foot or by mountain bike, and the evening destination for rest and relaxation, allowing yourself to be pampered by wellness treatments.

Bathing lakes of thermal water

In the Bad Hofgastein spa complex, known as Alpentherme, they are located 2 fantastic bathing lakes of thermal water, up to 4 meters deep.

Every day 150 m³ of thermal water gushing from the Hohe Tauern mountain range feeds the lakes of 1300 and 370 square meters.

These are bodies of water with a magnificent view of the surrounding peaks and are suitable for both swimming, relaxation or yoga.

The ponds are purified with a biological and innovative system to maintain hygiene, all without the use of chemicals: ideal for people who are allergic or sensitive to chlorine, and who care about the health of their skin.

Holidays in Bad Gastein

Bad Gatein is certainly a country that offers many possibilities for tourists and visitors. It is in fact highly versatile, with many and different attractions throughout the summer period from June to the end of September.

There is no shortage of hotels and apartments where you can stay. The country is ideal for spending a holiday of even a week or more but it is not bad to stop for a few days, if passing through. As for the locations where you can spend the night, there are different possibilities.

If you choose a hotel in the heart of the historic center, you are certainly at an advantage because in the evening you can walk quietly through the streets, participating in folkloristic and cultural events.
The pedestrian area of ​​the center is in fact full of events almost every summer evening, full of typical shops and attractions for visitors.

You can also find apartments, holiday homes and chalets for those who love to immerse themselves completely in nature and want to be surrounded only by peace and silence.

Finally, as regards the typical cuisine of the area and the gastronomic offers, it should be emphasized how one tastes here typically Austrian and German cuisine, with some European contamination.

It should be borne in mind that in these Austrian locations it is a good idea to dine earlier than in Italy so if you choose a traditional restaurant and not a tourist one, it is advisable to book dinner also for 18, 18 and 30.

The proposals of the dishes take into account soups, sausages, sauerkraut, wurstel, potatoes and lots of meat often served with typical sauces. In addition to this, a good mug of fresh beer can never be missing.

Summer holidays Bad Gastein

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