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di Cadore

Located in the northernmost area of ​​Veneto, di Cadore it is a very popular holiday resort, near Comelico, Cortina and Alta Pusteria. Surrounded by luxurious vegetation composed of dense woods and the most beautiful Dolomite landscape in Italy, this location shows in the background the three peaks of Lavaredo, Sorapiss, Monte Popera, the Marmole mountain range, i Cadini of Misurina and the Monte Cristalo.

Immersed therefore among the most fascinating peaks of the The Dolomites, considered a World Heritage Site for years, this town offers exciting natural glimpses to live and meditate on.

Auronzo is divided into three small hamlets, Villanova, Villagrande and Villapiccola, with a past dating back to Roman times, as shown by some archaeological finds. The story tells us of a very serious fire that struck the city destroying it, in the mid-XNUMXth century, following which Auronzo it was completely rebuilt with its typical stone buildings, which replaced the older wooden buildings.

If someone thinks that the mountains are more suitable for winter, perhaps they have never visited Auronzo, a riot of emotions that take shape and color in summer, transforming into a magical place where you can find clean air, days at the lake for a cool bath, high altitude excursions, cultural events and many other opportunities for fun, even in the evening.

An opportunity to spend the summer holidays among the beauties of a predominant nature, lots of physical activity for the more dynamic and various opportunities for fun for the little ones, all accompanied by an exclusive food and wine tradition of this area. Spend the summer holidays in di Cadore, means finding numerous accommodation facilities including hotels, b & bs, shelters and apartments for rent, perfect for a weekend, a short vacation or for longer periods.

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What to see in Auronzo di Cadore: lots of nature and activities for everyone

di Cadore it is a real mountain town where you can spend excellent holidays in the company of your family, with old friends or for a romantic getaway. It is a center full of activities to carry out, but also perfect for moments of relaxation and well-being, especially in summer.

Among the different things to see, there is certainly the so-called pearl of the Dolomites, it is the Misurina lake where every summer comes alive with hikers and trekking lovers, who get lost in the breathtaking views of the lake and in the imposing Mount Sorapiss, characterized by a jagged rock typical of the Dolomites.

Moreover, many tourists are attracted by the legend of the lake, in which it is said that King Sorapiss, saddened by the death of his beloved daughter Misurina, who fell by mistake into a deep ravine, shed so many tears that he filled the basin where he is now. the lake. A place full of charm, therefore, which in summer allows sport fishing for fans of the genre, while in winter it freezes, also allowing you to walk on it.

Il center of Auronzo, on the other hand, it is a small neoclassical gem, where majestic churches and some very elegant buildings emerge. Near the small Church of Santa Caterina, near the lake, the local authorities often prepare numerous events and in summer they organize really suggestive canoe trips suitable for the most dynamic and for families with children. For the little ones, on the other hand, an appointment that cannot be given up is a visit to the Palazzo Corte Mezzo Museum, where a life-size dinosaur has been reconstructed with a path that tells the origins and geological developments of the Dolomites, with a space consecrated to the First World War. An opportunity to dive into a piece of Italian history making the new generations participate as well.

In August, in particular, on the first Sunday, the Camignada poi siè refuge 'is organized, an amateur race of 30 kilometers that starts from the city center to reach the Misurina lake, crossing six alpine refuges where you can stop for refreshment, in moments of greatest effort.

If you love high altitudes, it is definitely worth organizing a visit to the Mount Acute at an altitude of 1585 meters, for a walk on one of the two chairlifts that come alive in winter for the most passionate skiers. But not only that, reaching the Misurina ski area, you can enjoy an exclusive panorama from the Tre Cime ai Cadini to Monte Sorapiss and the Tofane, to get lost among the high peaks of the mountains and restore body and spirit. A way to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life in the city, to rediscover that inner balance that only nature can give.

There is no doubt that the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are one of the most explosive natural beauties of this region, an imposing and majestic glimpse of the Grande Cima which measures 3000 meters above sea level, the Cima Ovest with 2973 meters and the Cima Piccola a little less high . A place to meditate on the wonders of this land, spending your time between mountain biking or walking trails. An opportunity to visit the open-air museum of Monte Piana, in which there are paths and trenches of the battles that took place during the terrible First World War.

For lake lovers, Auronzo hosts the artificial lake of Santa Caterina, also called Auronzo lake, with an extension of almost 50 kilometers, it lends itself to the practice of numerous activities such as walks with pedal boats, canoes and rowing boats. Its history dates back to the early 1900s, a period in which work began to erect the dam that was to block the Ansiei River, which began in 1930 and ended two years later.

A system to channel the water and power the important hydroelectric plant downstream. A 55-meter dam, fascinating to look at for its grandeur, which was later taken under concession by the electricity management companies, and then passed to Enel.

Moreover, those who love mountain paths and pleasant walks can take the numerous pedestrian paths that allow you to observe glimpses of the lake from different angles, with stretches of water that take on the same shades of the Dolomite peaks.

Holidays in Auronzo di Cadore

Spend your own summer holidays in Auronzo di Cadore it is a truly exciting experience and even the choice of accommodation is able to satisfy the most disparate needs. Despite being a small center, in fact, the city offers differentiated and very comfortable solutions, from the five-star hotel for the most demanding to the numerous b & bs that allow you to stay overnight leaving the freedom to visit the beauties of the place and to make some delicious stops in the restaurants of the place. In the center of the city there are opportunities for room rentals, which guarantee proximity to the main attractions and maximum cleanliness.

For this reason Auronzo di Cadore is an ideal location for short weekends end to be dedicated to hiking or to the lake or to spend the entire holiday period. As already indicated above, in fact, there is no shortage of activities to do, events to participate in and some good restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of the tradition and the excellent local wine.

There is also a wide choice of shelters and holiday homes, accommodation facilities suitable for families with children, because they are equipped with spaces to let children play freely without any restrictions. The refuge, for many, is a more suitable solution in winter yet there are many tourists who in recent years have been favoring this solution; an opportunity to feel free to experience the mountains and to cook at home without any restrictions. Whatever accommodation you decide to choose, it is always surrounded by the abundant greenery that characterizes the city, with rustic and typically mountain structures, characteristic of these places. For those who love to indulge themselves regardless of expense, there are apartments with swimming pool and an unforgettable view of the Dolomites, to spend unforgettable days, away from the usual tourist routes.

di Cadore it is undoubtedly a very popular tourist destination, an alternative to inflated and excessively expensive tourist routes such as Cortina. Spending a holiday in this locality, in fact, allows you to visit the most beautiful places in the Veneto Dolomites at low cost and with first choice services, savoring the essence of places not yet attacked by mass tourism.

Summer holidays Auronzo di Cadore

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